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It’s hard to imagine what it’s like now for those who, with the beginning of spring, planned to let the happiness of parenthood into their lives through reproductive medicine. Many countries where surrogacy is allowed may not be available in the coming months. But if your time to build a family has arrived right now - let no restrictions bother you!

The Feskov Human Reproduction Group has developed special remote surrogacy programs for the quarantine period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All you need to become parents is three specific steps.

First step: You come to the clinic of our partners in your country of residence in order to examine the quality of your sperm and freeze samples. Then, sperm samples are sent to Ukraine.

The second step: in the clinic of Professor Feskov we achieve the pregnancy of a surrogate mother with the help of an egg donor and your sperm.

The third step: a surrogate mother gives birth in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Portugal, Greece or Ukraine (the choice of country depends on the individual situation of each patient)

And after the due time, you arrive in your chosen country at the time of the birth of the long-awaited child.

This is also a great opportunity not to postpone parenthood for those who already have frozen embryos in the clinic of their country.

We are ready to carry out the program with the transportation and transfer of embryos to the uterus of surrogate mother in Ukraine, and she will be able to come to you for childbirth.

Types of remote surrogacy programs of Feskov Human Reproduction Group

Remote programs are possible if there are already frozen embryos in your country, or you can freeze sperm samples for transportation.

Embryos and sperm are transported to the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

Balance Guarantee Remote surrogacy program 35000 euros

What is included in the program:

  • transportation of embryos (up to 3) and sperm transportation

If we use embryos:

  • transfer of your embryos into the uterus of surrogate mother
  • in case of a negative attempt, the transfer to a donation with surcharge
  • If we use sperm:
  • we carry out 1 donor stimulation
  • transfer of obtained embryos to the uterus of surrogate mother
  • in case of a negative attempt, the next program with a surcharge

Also included in the package:

  • guarantee up to 12 weeks
  • childbirth in Ukraine

VIP Guarantee Remote Surrogacy Program - 65000 euros

What is included in the program:

  • transportation of any quantity of your embryos and sperm transportation
  • gender selection of the future child
  • transfer of embryos to the uterus of surrogate mother
  • guarantee until a surrogate mother gives birth
  • childbirth in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria and Greece

We are sympathetic to the current situation, and therefore created new packages. The VIP Guarantee Remote and Balance Guarantee Remote packages are valid for the quarantine period of your country. At the end of the quarantine, you need to switch to the VIP Guarantee  and Balance Guarantee packages on standard conditions that will give you more chances for guaranteed parenthood.

Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to help you with whatever you need.

Each remote program is individual, but there are several general points:

  1. Medical and legal consultations before the signing of the contract are free of charge.
  2. Medical examinations (blood and sperm tests) should be done at FHRG partner clinics.
  3. According to the terms of the VIP Guarantee Remote package, the Center for Human Reproduction of Professor A. Feskov guarantees the birth of a healthy baby with sex determination. In case of a miscarriage, regardless of the duration of the pregnancy / death of the child before childbirth, the entire program will be carried out at our expense until the future parents have a child.
  4. Countries of birth of children in the EU: Czech Republic, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Netherlands. The country is determined according to the individual situation.
  5. Legal support depends on the country of residence of the parents. From registration of birth certificate to issuance of all necessary documents for departure with the baby home.

If you are citizens of one of these countries, where a surrogate mother gives birth (by our offer), it will give you an additional advantage! The main final part of the program will be held at your home and under your control. After birth, the child receives a birth certificate, our partner lawyers will assist in obtaining the citizenship of the country of the parents and in arranging a simplified adoption procedure for the recognition of the genetic mother, the spouse, as the legal mother of the newborn. If you wish, you can involve your specialist.

In these difficult circumstances, our offer is unique: no border closures will prevent you from embarking on the way to long-awaited parenthood!

We’re actually offering you the miracle of becoming the real parents of a real, healthy child even when it seems impossible.




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