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By choosing the website www.mother-surrogate.com as an information resource, you thereby express your consent to comply with all the rules and clauses of the Agreement described below.


Terms of use

Terminology used in the agreement

Website - all electronic documents that are located on the domain mother-surrogate.com. The main page of the Website is located at https://www.mother-surrogate.com/.

User is a person visiting the Website in order to get acquainted with the information that is posted on this resource.

Administration is the company Feskov human reproduction group that is the owner of the Website, owns the domain name of the Website, and administers the Website.

Content - all texts, images, videos and other materials posted on the Website, including information that the User has posted on the Website.

1. General clauses

1.1. This Agreement constitutes the official legal agreement between the Website www.mother-surrogate.com and the User. It details the possibilities for using the Website and services www.mother-surrogate.com.

1.2. The information on the Website is presented for informational purposes only and shows the possibility of using certain reproductive technologies in the territory of Ukraine or another country where our clinic can be represented. All activities of the clinic are carried out strictly in the legal field of Ukraine, the countries participating in the program and the place where it is carried out.

1.3. All materials and services of the Website comply with the current legislation of Ukraine. Using the Website as an information source, the User also undertakes to act within the law and not to commit unlawful acts.

2. Administration has the right

2.1. To change the design and content of the Website, add new services, change the software and other parameters that are related to the Website;

2.2. To change the Content at will, add and delete materials, as well as restrict or prohibit the User to use those or other materials or services of the Website.

2.3. If necessary, to change the Agreement. In this case, the changes will be valid after the updated Agreement will be posted on the Website.

3. Administration Liability Restriction

3.1. The Administration is not responsible for the information posted on the Website, although it does everything possible to ensure that only verified and up-to-date information is posted on the Website.

3.2. The Administration does not bear any responsibility to the User or other persons, in cases when they use and incorrectly interpret the information contained on the Website.

3.3. In case of claims from third parties to the User, in any way related to the use of information from the Website, the User must resolve the issue and respond to the claims independently, without involving the Administration.

3.4. Links to extraneous Internet sites may be placed on the Website. The administration disclaims responsibility for the content of these resources and does not bear any responsibility for the use of materials posted on these third-party websites.

4. User has the right

4.1. To use any Content, that is freely available on the Website for review, and the information obtained for personal purposes, as well as the available services of the Website.

4.2. The user can reproduce any information presented on the website in whole or in part, in any text, graphic or video format only with the permission of the Website Administration. By copying the data, you agree with this requirement and bear full responsibility in case of its violation.

4.3. To contact the Website Administration if there are any questions regarding the information posted on the Website.

5. User Obligations

5.1. The user should not take actions that can be considered as violating Ukrainian laws.

5.2. Reproduction of any information is allowed only after obtaining permission. When reprinting and posting Content on other resources, the User undertakes to make links to the Website, as well as to quote any text fragments in accordance with the right to intellectual property.

5.3. After reading the information on the Website, the User independently makes decisions related to the received data, interprets them and accordingly agrees that the Administration is not responsible for his decisions.

5.4. Comments that the User has the right to leave on the Website should not contain insults and other manifestations of aggression and violate the laws of Ukraine.

5.5. User agrees that the Administration does not have any obligations to the User in connection with any possible or resulting losses or damages associated with any content of the Website.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1. The user authorizes the Website to receive and process personal data that he voluntarily provides when using the Website.

6.2. The website administration does not process special personal data that is communicated directly to doctors. All information of this kind remains undisclosed as part of maintaining medical confidentiality.

6.3. The administration takes all possible measures to preserve the information received from the Users as confidential and does not transfer it to third parties, except for special situations specified in the legislation.

7. Other conditions

7.1. Disputes that may arise between the User and the Administration are resolved under this Agreement and in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

7.2. The user can ask questions, leave requests and write reviews to the Administration, using the special form of the website “Send us a message” or contact the Administration through other means of communication indicated on the Website.

7.3. The Administration has the right not to give answers to anonymous or incorrect questions, to questions that are not related to the subject of the Website.

7.4. The structure of services in the package is adapted to the participation of heterosexual couples and "individual parent(s)". In other cases, the conditions of the programme are chosen individually, respecting the legislation in force in the host country.

7.5. If the User does not fully agree with any clause of this contract, they are obliged to leave the site immediately.


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