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DELUXE Birth-in-Netherlands

Guaranteed birth of child in Netherlands. Legal obtaining of Netherlands birth certificate with simplified way for baby legalization in Netherlands; works for Couples, single man, single woman 90 000€
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    Full Legal support

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    Birth of healthy child

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    Cover of all risks

  • 13

    Gender determination

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    The ideal legal and stress-free solution for citizens of Holland, Liechtenstein, Belgium and the European Union

Analytical step
  • Examination of male partner before IVF; andrological treatment (ind.)
  • Andrological examination, sperm tests: FISH, DNA-fragmentation, HBA-test
  • Cryopreservation of semen + storage up to baby birth
  • Detection of clinically significant mutations in genome of male partner (CarrierMap, Whole Exome Sequencing/VUS, assessing of detected findings) by indication
  • Detection of clinically significant mutations in genome of female partner / egg donor (CarrierMap, Whole Exome Sequencing/VUS, assessing of detected findings) by indication
  • Special phenotype egg donor (s) selection and preparation (egg donor phenotype according to individual features of Customer; selection of egg donor (s) by photo; short video with confirmation of egg donor phenotype); DNA-sample of egg donor providing;
  • Staying in VIP room of clinic / hotel VIP level, meal during program
  • Elaboration of individual legal support plan, legal documents preparation
Pregnancy achievement by IVF: selection of a healthy embryo (s) + embryo transfer(s)
  • Unlimited number of IVF+ICSI programs + embryos biopsie&cryopreservation
  • PICSI,IMSI (special methods for spermatozoa selection)
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics full genome screening by high resolution-NGS (whole chromosome set + gender determination of embryo); unlimited number of embryos;
  • Surrogate mother (s) selection and preparation (psychological, medical, documental)
  • Internal logistic services for created embryos (operational mode for unmarried int.par.)
  • Unlimited quantity of embryo transfers (only healthy embryos) with ordered gender (quantity of embryos and gender determination according composition of program)
Medical monitoring of pregnancy + delivery in United Kingdom of Netherlands
  • Pregnancy management (medical observation, advanced care regimen for
    surrogate mother, transfer and living expenses for surrogate mother
  • Pregnancy care in Ukraine until 6th - 8th month of pregnancy
  • Insurance for surrogate mother (on 12th weeks of pregnancy)
  • Pregnancy care after 6th- 8th month and delivery in the Netherlands
  • Providing new IVF treatment in case of pregnancy termination in all terms for stable conditions without additional payments
  • Baby birth in Perinatal center, baby-care medical services, baby health risks coverage
  • Partial compensation for surrogate mother participation, including compensation during the pregnancy. Pre-birth  Legal documents preparation, legal services providing
Documents registration birth certificate + passport / travel documents
  • Legal support (registration of documents for newborn child in civil
    registry office “Gemeente”; BSN registering for non-residents of Netherlands)
  • Included cooperation with embassy / legal support after leaving from the Netherlands
  • Cooperation with surrogate mother for baby legalization in residence country
  • Translation, apostil provision, additional documents preparation and logistics
  • Post-birth client-support services: Accommodation providing, housewife; personal coordinator for program purposes
  • Guest services, translation, transportation during whole program
  • Baby-sitter and pediatrics services  (by indications, for contract execution necessities)
Total amount:
90 000€
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  • 01

    Final decision for acceptance of man to program is made by IVF doctor of CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov»

  • 02

    Medical examinations must be perform in CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» only

  • 03

    The following are subject to individual composition of a program’s plan: Gender determination / special phenotype egg donor (African, Asian, indian, latin american) / advanced fertility conditions treatment / twins (multifetal pregnancy creation)/advanced legal support / cord blood (stemm cells, umbilical blood) cryopreservation and storage

  • 04

    According to conditions of package, CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» provides service of guarantee live birth of healthy child with exact sex (gender) selection, balanced chromosomes set, screened for all possible inherited conditions from genetic parents (cancer predisposition, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, endocrinological pathologies, neurological, single gene disorders, etc); in cases of miscarriage independently on term of pregnancy / child death before delivery / child death during delivery, all program will be done until couple will have baby. Management of multiple pregnancy (twins) is covered by the contract conditions. Gender selection is available for medical reasons

  • 05

    Payments according to individual schedule. No additional payments.

  • 01

    No later than 14 banking days from the moment of signing the present Contract

    15 000 €
  • 02

    Within 7 banking days before the start of IVF program

    30 000 €
  • 03

    During period between 12th and 13th weeks of gestation (embryo term)

    15 000 €
  • 06

    During period between 24th and 25th weeks of gestation (embryo term)

    15 000 €
  • 07

    During period between 32th and 33th weeks of gestation (embryo term)

    15 000 €
Total amount:
90 000€

International surrogacy program with childbirth in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Netherlands (Holland) is one of the three Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). In addition to being a prestigious country with a high standard of living, the Netherlands has been recognized as one of the best healthcare systems on the European continent. The Netherlands is considered the safest country for childbirth, despite the use of non-standard methods of perinatal care and obstetrics. The postpartum care institution is well developed, and women are provided with personal assistance at home, which may be covered by health insurance. So what could be better than giving birth to a baby in this prosperous state?

surrogate mother Netherlands price

Many married couples who cannot naturally have a child logically think about the possibility of surrogacy in the Netherlands. This comprehensive guide will take you through the journey of surrogacy in Netherlands, covering essential aspects such as surrogacy cost in Netherlands, is surrogacy legal in the Netherlands, and how to find the right surrogate mother in Netherlands. We'll also explore related options like egg donation in the Netherlands and the cost of surrogacy.

Surrogacy in the Netherlands - legislative moments

The Netherlands is not on the list of countries that are popular in the surrogate direction. This is facilitated by the lack of clearly spelled out legislative acts. And also the fact that surrogacy in the Netherlands is allowed only on an altruistic basis.

Surrogacy in the Netherlands is available to future mothers with serious health problems for whom pregnancy would be potentially life-threatening or otherwise inadvisable. Taking into account medical risks and success statistics, the age limit is 40 years for egg donors and 45 years for surrogate mothers.

Is surrogacy legal in the Netherlands? Surrogacy in the Netherlands is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Future parents may have a private agreement with someone they know, such as a relative or friend. They are not allowed to publicly declare that they are looking for a surrogate mother. This also includes social media posts.
  • A surrogate mother in the Netherlands may be reimbursed for her expenses.

One of the key considerations for those embarking on the surrogacy journey is the surrogate mother Netherlands price. Surrogacy involves various expenses, including medical, legal, and compensation for the surrogate. Understanding the cost of surrogacy in the Netherlands is essential for prospective parents as they plan and budget for this life-changing experience. Selecting the right surrogate mother in the Netherlands is a crucial step in your surrogacy journey. Finding a compassionate and qualified surrogate who aligns with your expectations is paramount. Many intended parents seek the expertise of surrogacy agencies or clinics to connect with suitable surrogates and navigate the complex medical and legal aspects involved in surrogacy.

At the same time, advertising of surrogacy services, the search and selection of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands, information about her price are prohibited at the state level in accordance with Articles 151b and 151c of the Criminal Code. And the concluded contracts and agreements with a surrogate mother in the Netherlands, the price for services that is not charged, don't guarantee their execution due to vague wording of the surrogacy right.

In addition to surrogacy, you may also consider egg donation in the Netherlands as an option to overcome fertility challenges. Egg donation can be a viable solution for individuals or couples struggling with female infertility issues. The future parents are not happy with the non- anonymity of donation. Many people want to keep the secret of a child born as a result of surrogacy in the Netherlands. However, under the law of the Kingdom, a person who has reached the age of majority cannot be denied the right to know the truth about his conception and birth. The prohibition of anonymity also negatively affects potential donors - few people seek to disclose their identity. And this fact, in turn, directly affects the duration of waiting for a suitable donor genetic material for surrogacy programs in the Netherlands (oocytes, sperm).

What about medicine in the Netherlands?

Unlike other countries, in the Netherlands, pregnancy, as a result of surrogacy in the Netherlands or ordinary, is considered as a natural physiological process, and not as a disease. Therefore, pregnant women are usually seen by midwives rather than doctors. And then, registration in medical center occurs only after 3 months. Since, doctors use the principle of maximum non-interference in the physiology of a pregnant surrogate mother in the Netherlands or an ordinary woman. Examinations and screenings are done twice for the entire period. If complications arise, a woman can have an appointment with a doctor. To pass additional examinations of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands or another pregnant woman requires a medical justification.

Due to the special view of the pregnancy process, 40% of births in the Netherlands take place at home, in the presence of a midwife who consulted the woman throughout the pregnancy and a visiting nurse. However, with existing medical indications or the persistent desire of a woman, you can give birth in hospitals or special maternity hotels. Also, if something causes concern during home birth, the woman in labor is immediately transported by ambulance to the hospital, where highly qualified specialists will do everything possible to save an ordinary pregnant woman, a surrogate mother in the Netherlands and the child.

At the same time, both in clinics and in maternity hotels, a cozy home atmosphere reigns with everything necessary for a comfortable stay not only for a woman in labor and a baby, but also for a partner. If everything went well, after 3 hours the mother and child are discharged home. During the delivery process, doctors use a minimum of drugs and pain relievers, according to indications.

Another interesting aspect of obstetric aid in cases of surrogacy in the Netherlands or ordinary ones, which is not found in any other country in the world, is postnatal care for a mother with a baby. Within 7-10 days after giving birth, a free assistant is provided, who not only works as a nanny, but also does all the necessary household chores, at the same time teaching young parents how to care a newborn.

Thanks to highly developed medicine, a special positive attitude towards pregnancy, access to free medical services under a state insurance policy, the country boasts the lowest mortality rate during childbirth.

Legalization of a child

A newborn from an ordinary or surrogate mother in the Netherlands is registered at the registry office of the local municipality - Gemeente, within 72 hours from the date of birth. Based on the results of registration, parents are issued a child's birth certificate - geboorteakte, which is recognized in all European countries.

Parents from other countries wishing to register the birth of a child in their country of citizenship can do this through the appropriate embassy in the Netherlands, after receiving a Netherlands birth certificate.

Also, a birth certificate for a child from ordinary pregnancy or from a surrogate mother in the Netherlands is issued with a civil service number (BSN), which is a lifelong personal number. In 2007, it replaced the social security number. People who come to the Netherlands to live or work must also obtain this number in order to interact with social and public services at the appropriate institution - Gemeente.

The Netherlands does not provide citizenship by birth. However, a child whose mother was born in the Netherlands becomes a Netherlands citizen by law. If the father of the child is a citizen of the country, the parents must either get married on the day of his birth, or the father must recognize the child before he reaches the age of seven.

How to become a parent in the Netherlands - a unique offer for surrogacy in the Netherlands

If you're exploring the possibilities of Netherlands surrogacy, it's imperative to collaborate with experienced professionals who specialize in surrogacy journeys within the country. The Feskov Human Reproduction Group clinic is a reputable choice. With years of expertise in the field, we provide comprehensive support to intended parents throughout the surrogacy process. For the comfort of the citizens of the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, as well as the European Union, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group team has formed a real exclusive package offer that combines all the advantages of Netherlands and Ukrainian medicine, as well as international law. The international surrogacy program in the Netherlands "Childbirth in the Netherlands" implies the birth of a healthy child in the Kingdom from a surrogate mother from Ukraine, without stress and unnecessary expenses, with quick legal registration!

Ukraine is one of the few countries with the most loyal laws in the field of surrogacy. The state strictly regulates the rights of all participants in the process and stands for the protection of genetic parents and a newborn. At the same time, Ukraine occupies an advantageous geographical position - literally a couple of hours by plane from any European country, unlike, for example, the USA or Canada.

Benefits of the surrogacy program in the Netherlands "Childbirth in the Netherlands":

  • full legal support at all stages of surrogacy in the Netherlands - registration of a child at the registry office of the municipality - Gemeente, obtaining a BSN number for non-residents of the Netherlands, cooperation with the embassy after leaving the Netherlands, translation, provision of an apostille;
  • guaranteed birth of a healthy baby with gender determination - unlimited number of IVF, pre-implantation genetic screening of the embryo using PGD / NGS methods, transfer of a healthy embryo to a womb of surrogate mother the Netherlands;
  • coverage of all risks – in case of the death of a child, spontaneous abortion and other force majeure, the surrogacy program in the Netherlands restarts until a successful result.

The surrogacy program in the Netherlands "Childbirth in the Netherlands" starts from the signing of legal documents with the international company FHRG. The contracts clearly spell out the points of collaboration with the surrogate mother in the Netherlands, the price for her work, the passage of stages in Ukraine, the process of childbirth of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands.

surrogate mother Netherlands

So that future parents make the most correct choice of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands, and, if necessary, a donor, we will organize a personal acquaintance and communication with the selected candidates. And also, if the spouses are busy and it is impossible to come to Ukraine, you can go through some stages remotely.

At the same time, the price of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands, medical, legal, transport, economic and related services are included in the total fixed price, without additional payments.

Regulations of the international surrogacy program in the Netherlands "Childbirth in the Netherlands"

But what stages does this program consist of? How does it work? In short, future parents should prepare for the following moments of surrogacy in the Netherlands:

  1. Measures for the examination and collection of anamnesis of a married couple.
  2. Selection and preparation of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands (psychological, medical, documentary), a donor of the desired phenotype (by photo, video, personally, DNA sample).
  3. IVF until a successful result + genetic diagnosis of the embryo PGD / NGS, gender determination.
  4. Extended care of a pregnant surrogate mother in the Netherlands up to 6-8 months in Ukraine.
  5. Extended monitoring of pregnancy of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands after 6-8 months and childbirth in the Netherlands.
  6. Birth of a child in a perinatal center in the Netherlands, childcare services, nanny, pediatrician.
  7. Legalization of a newborn: obtaining a birth certificate - geboorteakte at the registry office of the municipality - Gemeente, together with a personal civil service number BSN in 2-5 days.
  8. Registration of paternity by the child's genetic father with the help of our legal team.

The whole range of services, including prenatal care and delivery of a surrogate mother in the Netherlands, will cost 90,000 €. This unique offer for surrogacy in the Netherlands "Childbirth in the Netherlands" is an ideal medical, legal, and, moreover, stress-free solution for citizens of the Benelux countries and the European Union.

You get:

  1. Significant cost savings thanks to Ukrainian medicine and Ukrainian surrogate mother.
  2. Fast and simple European legalization of the child, without bureaucracy and paperwork.
  3. Guaranteed birth of a healthy child, according to the terms of the legal contract.

In conclusion, surrogacy in the Netherlands offers a well-regulated and promising path to parenthood for those facing infertility challenges. Understanding the legal framework, surrogate mother Netherlands price, and other important aspects is crucial. Partnering with Feskov Human Reproduction Group can greatly enhance your chances of a successful and fulfilling surrogacy journey. Don't let fertility challenges hold you back – explore surrogacy as a beautiful way to expand your family.

The Feskov Human Reproduction Group team takes care of all the troubles associated with the surrogacy program in the Netherlands "Childbirth in in Netherlands", and you just have to wait calmly and relaxed for a miracle - the birth of your own baby!

This information is presented for informational purposes and shows the possibilities of using this or that reproductive technology in the territory of Ukraine or another country where our clinic can be represented.

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