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VIP Guarantee Birth in Belgium

Unlimited quantity of IVF + PGD attempts up to childbirth. The package includes birth of child in French-speaking country with simplified legalization. 70 000€
  • 1

    Simplified legal solution

  • 2

    Birth of healthy child

  • 3

    Legal support

  • 4

    It is recommended for French-speaking couples

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Analytical step
  • Male partner examination before IVF
  • Andrological examination: FISH, DNA-fragmentation, HBA-test
  • Cryopreservation of semen + storage up to baby birth
  • Egg donor (s) selection and preparation
  • Staying in VIP room of clinic / hotel VIP level, meals
Selection of a healthy embryo + embryo transfer
  • Unlimited number of IVF programs with egg donor up to pregnancy obtaining
  • IVF+ICSI program + embryos cryopreservation
  • PICSI,IMSI (special methods for spermatozoa selection)
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics full genome screening by NGS
  • Surrogate mother(s) matching, providing for preparation for embryo transfer
  • Unlimited quantity of embryo transfers only healthy embryos
Medical monitoring of pregnancy + delivery in Belgium
  • Pregnancy management, transfer and living expenses for surrogate mother
  • Pregnancy care in Ukraine until 6th month
  • Insurance for surrogate mother (on 12th weeks of pregnancy)
  • Pregnancy care after 6th month and delivery in Belgium
  • Full compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy
  • Providing new IVF+PGD (NGS) program with surrogate mother services and egg donation in case of pregnancy termination in all terms
Documents registration
  • Legal support (registration of documents for newborn child)
  • Guest services, translation, transportation
Total amount:
70 000€
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  • 01

    Final decision for acceptance of man to program is making by IVF doctor of CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov»;

  • 02

    Medical examinations must be perform in CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» only

  • 03

    Payments according to individual schedule. No additional payments.

  • 04

    According to conditions of package, CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» provides Service of guarantee live birth of healthy child ; in cases of Miscarriage independently on term of pregnancy / child death before delivery / child death during delivery, whole program will be done until Customer will have baby.
    Management of multiple pregnancy (twins) is covered by the contract conditions, obtained after transfer of one embryo.

  • 01

    No later than 7 banking days from the moment of signing the Contract

    10 000 €
  • 02

    Within 7 banking days before the start of IVF program

    30 000 €
  • 03

    On 12th week of gestation (embryo term)

    20 000 €
  • 04

    On 32th week of pregnancy (embryo term)

    10 000 €
Total amount:
70 000€

Surrogate mother in Belgium: guaranteed programmes for French speakers

Reproduction services in Belgium are traditionally of interest to residents of France, Monaco, Luxembourg and other French-speaking countries where surrogacy is prohibited by law. This is quite understandable, given that the question of the price of surrogacy does not in principle arise in Belgium, the service is only allowed on a non-profit basis. It seems that the opportunity to save on the surrogate mother's fee, to speak to doctors in a known language and the territorial proximity should become decisive factors for people experiencing maternity problems. But there are hidden nuances that can result in the loss of a lot of money and the total collapse of the dream of becoming parents in Belgium. Let's talk about them in more detail.

The price of a surrogate mother in Belgium

As already mentioned, in Belgium, a surrogate mother can only provide services on a non-profit basis. But the prospective parents will have to pay the current costs of food, medical services, purchase of special clothing for the surrogate mother and others.

Moreover, reproductive clinics do not work with surrogate mothers throughout Belgium: only four clinics in Brussels and Liège offer such services. The cost of an IVF programme and a pregnancy management programme for the surrogate mother will be about 54,000 euros.

At the same time, there is no guarantee that a healthy child will be born as a result of the programme : if IVF has not led to a pregnancy since the first attempt or if the pregnancy has been terminated, the repeated programmes will have to be paid for again.

There is another point worth considering for prospective parents who cooperate with the surrogate mother: the legislation is not elaborated. This means that if the surrogate mother decides to keep the child, the court will be probably on her side. The surrogate mother's clients will be left without the child they have been waiting for.

With all this described, is there a way to become parents in Belgium? Yes, participation in guaranteed programmes.

Since 2014, Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers a guaranteed programme "Delivery in Belgium", ideal for French speakers. The guarantee is unequivocal: the future parents pay for the result - the clinic provides it. As a result, Feskov Human Reproduction Group understands the birth of a healthy child without chromosomal disorders.

That is, the future parents pay a fixed cost, and the clinic offers the opportunity to choose a surrogate mother and an egg donor (if necessary), carries out as many IVF protocols as necessary to achieve pregnancy, in case of termination of pregnancy at any gestational age or death of the child during delivery without additional payments carries out a repeat programme. The service is considered to be provided after the birth of a healthy child.

In addition, Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides legal support (execution of documents for the newborn for a simplified adoption procedure) and guest service (accommodation in a comfortable hotel on the eve of the delivery of a surrogate mother. These services are included in the price of the programme.

No one will separate you from the long-awaited child: since the medical programme is carried out in Ukraine, in accordance with the provisions of the Ukrainian Civil and Family Codes, the surrogate mother has no right to the child she is carrying. The delivery of the surrogate mother in Belgium does not contradict this fact in any way.

Please familiarize yourself with the stages of the program and the guarantees of the clinic on this page: if you have any questions, the site manager will be happy to tell you more about the program.

This information is presented for informational purposes and shows the possibilities of using this or that reproductive technology in the territory of Ukraine or another country where our clinic can be represented.

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