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Program with remote participation of a surrogate mother and egg donor

Innovative methods of reproductive medicine are aimed at enabling people who cannot have children on their own to feel what it is like to be a father or mother of their own baby.

To help infertile people become parents more convenient and profitable, reproductologists, embryologists and lawyers of the Clinic of  prof. Feskov A.M. created a unique package that includes remote surrogate mother services and egg donation.

Specificities of the remote program

The remote participation package involves the implementation of the package without the arrival of genetic parents in Ukraine. However, they receive the following benefits:

  • time saving (future parents can do their daily business or work if they are very busy)
  • money saving (no need to spend money on visas, tickets, travel, accommodation in Ukraine, etc.);
  • lack of stress (you can safely pass an examination at the place of residence with our partners);
  • comfortable and familiar living conditions;
  • if in the country of residence there are difficulties with the legalization of a child born in Ukraine, to simplify the procedure and for comfort of parents, the clinic provides a one-time visit to another country.

While the parents live an ordinary life in their country, the clinic’s specialists are working to ensure that all stages of the program are successful, and spouses only have pleasant moments of parenthood.

The process of sperm cryopreservation - stages

To carry out a remote program with the services of a surrogate mother and / or donor, the clinic requires the presence of genetic material from parents. For this, sperm cryopreservation and its transportation to Ukraine are used.

The essence of the procedure is to instantly and deeply freeze the cells with liquid nitrogen to a low temperature . Thanks to this technology, the material can subsequently be thawed and used for its intended purpose, without deterioration of its initial quality.

So, consider the stages of the procedure:

  • Analytical. Before cryopreservation of genetic material, you need to undergo a medical examination at the human reproduction clinic of our international partners (doctor's consultations, smears, tests for infections, including HIV, hepatitis, herpes, etc.).
  • Research. After receiving the ejaculate, it needs to be examined for fertility. For this, methods for selecting healthy sperm cells (PICSI, IMSI) are used. A spermogram is performed that demonstrates the quality and quantity of sperm. In case of problems, preliminary treatment with an andrologist is included in the package. And also, a cryotest is done to see how sperm reacts to freezing and thawing.
  • Cryopreservation procedure.
  • Sperm transportation to Ukraine by our couriers for IVF.
  • The selection of candidates for the role of a surrogate mother. Future parents select from our extensive database a woman who will bear and give birth to a baby for them. The clinic will provide acquaintance and communication with the selected candidate through a video conference or Skype.
  • Choice of egg donor, if necessary. The database contains information about girls of any phenotype, so you can choose the perfect donor. Personal communication via virtual communications is also provided.

Further, the implementation of the program will go, in accordance with the selected package.

Required documents

In order to comply with all legal formalities for the further legalization of a newborn, various documents are required:

  • agreement with surrogate mother;
  • donation agreement;
  • contract with IVF clinic;
  • agreement for childbearing and childbirth .

Our lawyers prepare all the papers and send them by e-mail in electronic form for review. Originals are mailed to the address of the actual residence.

If desired, future parents can use the new service of our clinic - “Surrogate mother’s trip for childbirth” to any desired country / city.

The clinic of Prof. Feskov A.M., on the way to the birth of your child, takes all legal, consulting, medical, organizational chores. And also provides the most comfortable and efficient implementation of the selected program!

     Program with remote participation of a surrogate mother and egg donor  (includes the possibility of no actual arrival of genetic parents to Ukraine)

     Our Surrogacy and Donation Center of professor Feskov offers the new unique “Surrogacy + oocyte donation” service without actual arrival of genetic parents to Ukraine.

     Sperm cryopreparation stages: 

    1. You need to refer to the clinic of reproductive medicine according to the place of residence for semen cryopreservation.
    2. Our couriers will help you to transport cryopreserved semen to Ukraine.
    3. If you need an egg donor, you can view our egg donor database and select the candidate (go to “egg donor database”), we will also give you the opportunity to see and get acquainted with the egg donor via Skype or video conference.
    4. For the selection of a candidate to be the surrogate mother, you need to familiarize yourself with our surrogate mother database and select the candidate you like (go to “surrogate mother database”); we will also give you an opportunity to see and get acquainted with the surrogate mother via Skype or video conference.
    5. All the necessary documents: a contract between you and the surrogate mother, a contract for the provision of the egg donor, a contract between you and the IVF program clinic, and a contract “On childbearing” can be prepared by e-mail, and we will send you the originals to your home address.
    6. Further implementation of your program will take place in the usual manner. 

    Our Surrogacy Center also offers a new additional service, “The travel of the surrogate mother to give birth” to your country/your city.

    All informational, organizational, medical, and legal processes are provided by our Center.

    Our team of professionals works around-the-clock on the realization of your dream. Please contact us and get a result: the birth of the long-awaited baby!



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