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The best thanks for us and the quality mark for our clinic are healthy kids and happy parents!
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Our professionalism is based on in-depth knowledge in reproductive medicine, responsible approach and love to our work.

The first achievements of the Clinic took place long ago in 1995 — this means 25 years of successful practice and development. So we want to thank those who came to us during these many years of existence of the Clinic, having entrusted us the most important – birth of their child. We thank our family couples from different countries, parents of more than three thousands babies which were born with the help Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

These are indescribable feelings to see grown children who came into the world thanks to ourspecialists. Children of our first clients already study in the most prestigious higher education establishments, win and make progress, and some of them already prepare themselves to become parents. We often see our clients in the streets and parks of the city. And frequently they are walking with baby carriage, or already are holding small hand of their child. A sonorous laugh of children on playgrounds, first steps of infants, first word “mother” and tears of happiness in the eyes of our clients are the best award for work of FHRG team.

The assisted reproductive technologies at the Clinic are honed to perfection, and at times it is difficult to distinguish them from magic. Stability of birth of healthy children is confirmed by statistics: no child was born with Down syndrome (as well as other chromosomal pathologies) for last 5 years. Work of our specialists is focused on solution of the most complex tasks and legal processes. We turned into reality the most specific wishes and whims of our demanding clients of different ethnicity from all continents: from search for model donor, personal communication with donor, choice of child’s sex (boy or girl), and to our pride — creation of genetically ideal child. During 2.5 years if existence of the “Human Genomics” service, there were born 32 “Perfect Humans”.

An integral part of our services is provided by our full legal support. Each case is individual, but experience of FHRG lawyers is based on cooperation with 52 countries of the world. Each third couple chooses birth of their child in Europe, and each ninth couple – in America. Being fully satisfied by our services, our clients fly to their native home without any difficulties. They leave Ukraine already with official passport or other document of the child, irrespective of the particular country’s name.

We are grateful to all our clients for their openness, feedback and opinions on our work! We respectfully treat the people who are ready to speak of surrogate motherhood, to share their history and example, giving hope to other couples.

Vladislav Feskov

When it comes to the deeply personal and life-changing journey of surrogacy, choosing the right partner is paramount. Surrogacy agency reviews play a pivotal role in guiding intended parents toward making informed decisions on their surrogacy journey. Feskov Human Reproduction Group emerges as a name synonymous with trust, professionalism, and compassionate care in the world of assisted reproduction

Feskov Human Reproduction Group reviews prove has garnered an impeccable reputation for delivering excellence in the realm of assisted reproduction. These accolades are not just limited to the clinic's state-of-the-art facilities or cutting-edge technology; they extend to the heart and soul of the organization – its dedicated team of professionals.

Reading through Feskov Human Reproduction Group center for surrogate parenting reviews, one finds a common thread – a message of hope. Intended parents from around the world share their heartwarming stories of finally realizing their dreams of parenthood with the help of this clinic.

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