rewiews Lara

I went to the clinic about surrogate motherhood. Before deciding, I was thinking a lot, doubting. I do not regret! At last we have our long-awaited baby! I appreciate the work of the clinic, it is perfect, both legal, and medical parts. I hope my testimonial will help someone who is in the same situation as we were before, to make the right choice.

rewiews Anna

Hello dear clients of this wonderful clinic. My husband and me were examined in a lot of clinics with our problem. But only here we got help. Both the medical staff and Feskov A.M. himself - they are not only attentive, but also real professionals in their field. Concerning prices of the clinic, I can say - they are like everywhere, only there are more guarantees and certainty that you will get help, it's not for nothing that it is considered international. I wish everyone good luck, and prosperity for the clinic!

rewiews Ana y José
Ana y José

We are a Spanish couple that despite our desire and enthusiasm we could not be parents. Looking for information we found the clinic of Vladyslav and decided to contact him. From the first moment he attended us with a lot of professionalism, informing us of all the available options, besides giving us back our hopes. And today I can tell you that we are already 3 in the family. Thank all the team, especially Tatyana who has spent so many moments with us. Thanks from the heart since you have fulfilled our dream. We are happy with our little ones!!!

rewiews Fernando

I am very happy cause your team turned our dreams into reality. My babies are very healthy and beautiful same as advertisement babies. Great genetic! Also, there were no complications with an arriving in Argentina with my kids. Thanks a lot for your professionalism!

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