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Why I Chose «Surrogate Motherhood Center of professor Feskov»

  1. 🩺 Services provided by surrogacy clinics
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There are so many variables involved in creating a surrogate pregnancy that a comfortable relationship and the effectiveness of treatment determine the success of the entire event.

For over a quarter of a century, the company Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides reproductive services, including guaranteed surrogacy programs for patients from all over the world.

Services provided by surrogacy clinics


Usually, couples who have fertility issues already work with an infertility clinic before embarking on the surrogate process. When conventional fertility treatments fail, this clinic becomes surrogate for them.

Reproductive medicine clinics help prospective parents diagnose their fertility problems by offering cure treatments such as IVF. When people decide to give up these methods that are unsuccessful for them, the clinic contributes to the completion of the surrogacy process.

A serious clinic will provide medical assistance at all stages of the event:

  1. Medical examination. Any surrogate mother must undergo a thorough examination to make sure she is physically ready for the upcoming role. This may include tests, examinations, ultrasounds, etc. Some healthcare providers even offer psychological testing for a surrogate mother. It is likely that the parents-to-be have already been diagnosed before the creation of embryos, if they cooperate with this clinic on fertility treatments. In any case, the examination is necessary to be sure that their genetic material (eggs, sperm) meets all the requirements for creating embryos.
  2. Preparation and implementation of IVF. This includes all stages and manipulations, from preparing the mother for the removal of eggs, synchronizing her cycle with the surrogate cycle to IVF and the successful transfer of a healthy embryo to the surrogate's uterus.
  3. Reproductive actions, consisting of the selection of the best sperm, genetic screening of the embryo, cryopreservation, sex determination and other delicate manipulations that require special equipment and specialists.
  4. Determination and management of the resulting surrogate pregnancy, as well as the delivery of the surrogate mother.

Most gestational surrogate pregnancies follow a similar medical regimen. However, sometimes it differs depending on the need for egg, sperm or embryo donation. As well as from previous medical procedures of the parents or surrogate mother.

Some reproductive clinics go even further and offer a full range of services for the comfort of patients from the beginning to the end of the process (transfer, accommodation, meals, etc.).

Criteria for finding a suitable clinic


When choosing a surrogacy clinic, you need to consider the following criteria:

  1. Location. Typically, the intended parents and surrogate will collaborate and arrange appointments with the same clinic. Parents will work on preparing for IVF, follicular puncture to retrieve oocytes, creating embryos using their own or donor's germ cells. At the same time, the surrogate mother will prepare for the embryo transfer by taking appropriate hormonal drugs. She will often have to travel to the clinic for manipulations, analyzes, observation, until a successful pregnancy occurs. When living in a rural area, will it be convenient for everyone to get to the city clinic? Does the institution have branches closer to the place of residence of the parties? These questions are very important at the very beginning of the surrogate journey.
  2. Cost of services. Usually, surrogates are reimbursed for medical expenses. But, for future parents, this is an actual moment that requires planning. Also, it is important - does the clinic accept insurance? Plus, does she have guaranteed packages for IVF, donations, surrogate process for different requests? So that people do not pay for what they do not need. And they could choose an individual plan that suits the situation.
  3. Success indicators. Statistical data for review can always be obtained from the staff of the medical institution. Also, you can read reviews from former patients on the Internet, most often on thematic sites. However, the numbers do not always accurately reflect the real success rates. There are too many factors influencing this.
  4. The range of services offered. Not all reproductive clinics offer the same range of services. Examination, cryopreservation, chromosome research, IVF, donor banks, pregnancy determination are the most popular manipulations that are desirable in a reliable reproduction center. And additional services, such as transfer or accommodation, will only be a plus.

In any case, it is impossible to focus on only one or several criteria when choosing. It is advisable to make the most correct decision, to consider everything in a complex.

Benefits of Professor Feskov Surrogacy Center


Feskov Human Reproduction Group, Ukraine has been helping people to become happy parents for 25 years. Advantages of cooperation with the Center:

  • the use of advanced safe technologies in genetics and reproduction, which make it possible to give birth to a healthy child in any form of infertility;
  • a team of real professionals who effectively combine practical work with scientific research aimed at a positive result;
  • guaranteed reproductive programs with 100% results and a fixed price (even remote ones!), risk coverage;
  • verified databases of donors of genetic material, surrogate mothers, the possibility of personal communication;
  • international branches, cooperation with partners around the world;
  • a full range of services (medical, legal, economic ones, logistics, transport and others) for the convenience of patients;
  • no intermediaries;
  • individual approach, cordial attitude, understanding, care for each patient.

In addition, the successful position of Ukraine allows you to easily reach the professionals of the Center from any corner of the world. And the legislation is absolutely loyal to surrogacy and protects prospective parents at all stages of the process. The achievements of Feskov Human Reproduction Group are comparable in terms of success with leading clinics in the USA and Europe, but the prices for reproductive services are much lower. Which is important with significant expenses of future parents.

Turning to Professor Feskov surrogacy center, you get a full range of services, a fixed price, guarantees of success, professionalism and a comfortable home atmosphere until the birth of your own son or daughter!


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