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Privacy and Cookie Policy

The website www.mother-surrogate.com uses cookies and other similar technologies. This is necessary to save information about the User, for example, about the language in which he prefers to read texts, and in the future to offer the User the most convenient interaction with the Website.

This agreement describes the features of the use of cookies and the rules of the Website relating to the personal information of the User.

User's consent to the use of cookies

Using www.mother-surrogate.com (Website) and the messaging services located on it, you (the User) thereby agree to our use of cookies.

Cookies will be downloaded to your device when you open the pages of the Website. With their help, the correct operation of the resource will be ensured, and also we will obtain data that will make the user’s visit to the Website more comfortable.

If you are against the Website using similar technological methods and downloading cookies to your device, you should change the settings of your own browser to track and delete such files.

What are cookies and other similar technologies

Cookies are special files that are saved to your computer or phone when you open any page of our Website. With their help, we can see exactly how you use our Website and services, as well as which settings are optimal for you.

Cookie files may be necessary and functional. The necessary cookies help us make sure that the User opens the various pages of the Website correctly. With the help of functional cookies, the Website gets the opportunity to “recognize” the User, if he has previously visited the Website, and to remember the settings that were in the past period of his stay on the website.

“Session” cookies arrive on your device at the moment you enter the Website, but when you exit the website and close the browser, they are deleted by themselves.

Persistent cookies remain on your computer or phone after you leave the website and close your browser.

“Own” cookies may be placed on your device by the Website Administration or third parties in order to collect information for specific analytics, for example, to find out what your operating system or browser is.

How our Website uses cookies

The use of such technologies helps to track the actions of the User - see what pages he visited and for how long, analyze the information in order to improve the operation of the Website. Cookies also help to identify errors in the Website.

Cookies help to ensure the security of the Website and allow to protect it from attacks of viruses and spam.

How to manage cookies

You have the option to disable cookie storage on your device. To do this, change the settings in the browser and discard some or all of these files.

With a special setting of your computer or phone, they can always warn you that such files are sent to your device, so that you decide whether to allow them to be placed on the device or not, or your system can immediately block them.

However, in this case, you may get incorrect display of pages or incomplete access to information posted on the Website.

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