5 - Surrogate motherhood for single

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Modern men and women in the era of tremendous opportunities can afford to live a life of pleasure, building a successful career, business and realizing their dreams. It is absolutely logical to clarify the question “What about the baby?”

A characteristic feature of the 21st century is the rejection of such traditional notions of the family like marriage, marriage certificate, etc. Often with age, people come to their main dream: procreation.

The Surrogacy Center of professor Feskov A. M. provides the possibility of the IVF with a surrogate mother and egg donor for people who are not officially married.

With us you can find happiness of the parenthood with our unique services:

Services of a surrogate mother who can travel to any clinic in the world for embryo transfer

* You can select a candidate to be the surrogate mother from the surrogate mother database of our Center

* According to Ukrainian legislation, the necessary condition for the transfer of the embryo to the surrogate mother is a marriage certificate. If you do not have such a document, we can provide you with a surrogate mother for transferring the embryo who can travel to any clinic in the world, where there is no such legal restrictions.

You can get acquainted with candidates to be surrogate mothers via Skype; and after the appropriate medical preparation, your chosen surrogate mother will travel to the country where your embryos will be transferred. We will organize the labor of the surrogate mother in any country in the world.

Participation of the egg donor from our Center in your program

* You can select the egg donor from the egg donor database of our Center.

Also, we offer a unique service of personal acquaintance with the donor.

Once you have selected a donor, we perform the IVF program with your sperm. The resulting embryos are frozen are transported to another country, where surrogacy is allowed for couples who are not officially married. We organize the labor of the surrogate mother in any country of the world.

We will help you to realize your dream in the clinics of the countries where surrogacy is allowed for couples who are not officially married:

  • Russia;
  • USA;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Georgia.

And in other countries, according to your wishes.

Contact our Center, and you will find out how we will do it for you!

Phone numbers: +380 57 760 48 29

Skype: surrogacy_feskov


Our advantages
  • The experience of the center of surrogacy of professor Feskov A.M. is more than 12 years;
  • The unique list of services;
  • Large base of surrogate mothers and egg donors;
  • All procedures are carried out within the current legislation;
  • Medical procedures are performed by highly skilled specialists in the field of human reproduction;
  • Absence of turn for participation in the program. You begin the program of surrogacy right after you leave the application on the website;
  • A possibility of the remote choice of a surrogate mother (the egg donor if required);
  • Personal acquaintance with the surrogate mother and egg donor, if desired;
  • Informational support of the program;
  • Legal support of surrogacy program completely from the beginning before departure of parents with the child to home (registration of all necessary documents for the newborn)