Surrogate motherhood for single

Surrogate motherhood for single

The real world dictates alternative outlooks on life - more and more men and women are moving away from traditional ideas about marriage and living together. But the instinct for the extension of the genus takes its toll. And any person, regardless of gender and marital status, once thinks about a child.

Thanks to progressive technologies of ART, now even a loner can expect to leave on Earth its continuation of genus. Surrogacy with «in vitro» fertilization and egg donation is an effective solution for single people to feel what it is to be a parent.

Surrogacy for singles- specificities

In the clinic of prof. Feskov all conditions are created for single women to become mothers too. Process steps:

1. Data collection, medical examinations, tests, selection of the optimal type of treatment.

2. Selection of candidates for the role of a surrogate mother, and, if necessary, for the role of an oocyte / sperm donor.

3. The standard IVF protocol with its own or donor genetic material (eggs, sperm) and the transfer of a viable embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

 4. Pregnancy and childbirth of a surrogate mother.

The main difference between the process for family parents: for the "conception in vitro" the egg of the future mother or the sperm of the future dad is taken.  For a single parent the donor egg / sperm is used.

Clinic of  prof. Feskov has an extensive database of verified surrogate mothers and donors of any phenotype. Depending on the package with the selected treatment, a person who is about to become a parent has the right to a unique opportunity to personally get acquainted with the candidate for a donation or surrogacy.

What does the surrogacy law for singles say?

The world position in relation to the surrogacy is controversial. Therefore, the legal niceties are  quite complex and change based on local laws. The situation becomes complicated when it is not a couple who plans it, but a parent without a partner.

In the Ukrainian state, such services are officially permitted by law, but for transplantation of an embryo, a marriage certificate is required. But you can go to another country  that has a corresponding law!

The team of our clinic has developed a number of special services for the comfort of single patients who are not officially married:

  • personal acquaintance, communication in person or by skype with the candidate;
  • cryopreservation of embryos after IVF and their transportation to the desired country;
  • surrogate mother's journey to destination country for embryo transfer;
  • childbirth by a surrogate mother in a selected state.

For example, in the UK, surrogacy is allowed, but, in fact, the destiny of the baby is decided by the court anyway, and he is not on the side of singles. In Israel - it is required to be officially married. And in the US, legislation varies from state to state, so you need to study it very carefully.

In the following countries, the law allows such an ART method for women without a partner:

  •  Russia;
  •  Belarus;
  •  USA;
  •  Czech Republic;
  •  Greece;

In any case, the clinic specialists will select the option that suits everyone.

What to choose - surrogacy or adoption?

           The second option for singles is adoption. It is always welcome when someone wants to give love to an abandoned baby.

The advantages and disadvantages of both methods for comparison:

  •   Genetics. With surrogate motherhood, you can be sure of the healthy genetics of the unborn child, which the surrogate mother doesn't in any way affect. Careful selection and medical diagnosis of a candidate for surrogacy / donor, genetic screening of the embryo for hereditary diseases (PGD / NGS), examination of the baby after birth - ensures that the newborn will be completely healthy. Plus – definition of gender of the baby. During adoption, you can not be completely confident in the health and heredity of the adopted child. And adoptive parents are not genetically related to him;
  • Cost. Surrogacy entails a lot of different fees. Adoption is affordable for any person. Also, adoptive parents always have  tax, financial and other benefits;
  • Control. Surrogacy implies continuous monitoring. From the choice of a surrogate mother or donor to pregnancy and childbirth. At the same time, all procedures are completely anonymous. Adoption is a more open event that is difficult to keep secret;
  • Legal registration. Surrogate services are very detailed in legal contracts, which guarantees absolute success and protection from force majeure. With adoption, it is increasingly difficult, vague, and not guaranteed;
  •  Feeling of parenthood. The moments of conceiving, pregnancy, childbirth, the first hours of a newborn’s life are priceless. Surrogate services give the maximum feeling of parenthood and involvement in the birth of a new life. Adoption may not give it, simply because an already grown child is often adopted. At the same time, education, habitat and other, not always favorable, factors affect him.

            You can talk about the feasibility of any of these two options for a long time. But one thing is certain - surrogate motherhood makes it possible to love and take care of a biological baby without a husband or partner. The main thing is a positive attitude and confidence in success! And the clinic staff of prof. Feskov, in turn, will guide you through all the steps of the program as conveniently, safely and efficiently as possible. And very soon, you could to strain your little baby to your heart!


Modern men and women in the era of tremendous opportunities can afford to live a life of pleasure, building a successful career, business and realizing their dreams. It is absolutely logical to clarify the question “What about the baby?”

A characteristic feature of the 21st century is the rejection of such traditional notions of the family like marriage, marriage certificate, etc. Often with age, people come to their main dream: procreation.

The Surrogacy Center of professor Feskov A. M. provides the possibility of the IVF with a surrogate mother and egg donor for people who are not officially married.

With us you can find happiness of the parenthood with our unique services:

Services of a surrogate mother who can travel to any clinic in the world for embryo transfer

* You can select a candidate to be the surrogate mother from the surrogate mother database of our Center

* According to Ukrainian legislation, the necessary condition for the transfer of the embryo to the surrogate mother is a marriage certificate. If you do not have such a document, we can provide you with a surrogate mother for transferring the embryo who can travel to any clinic in the world, where there is no such legal restrictions.

You can get acquainted with candidates to be surrogate mothers via Skype; and after the appropriate medical preparation, your chosen surrogate mother will travel to the country where your embryos will be transferred. We will organize the labor of the surrogate mother in any country in the world.

Participation of the egg donor from our Center in your program

* You can select the egg donor from the egg donor database of our Center.

Also, we offer a unique service of personal acquaintance with the donor.

Once you have selected a donor, we perform the IVF program with your sperm. The resulting embryos are frozen are transported to another country, where surrogacy is allowed for couples who are not officially married. We organize the labor of the surrogate mother in any country of the world.

We will help you to realize your dream in the clinics of the countries where surrogacy is allowed for couples who are not officially married:

  • Russia;
  • USA;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Georgia.

And in other countries, according to your wishes.

Contact our Center, and you will find out how we will do it for you!

Phone numbers: +380 57 760 48 29

Skype: surrogacy_feskov


Our advantages
  • Why should you choose us?
  • We have been in the field of reproductive medicine since 1995, since that time we have completed hundreds of successful IVF programs, which allows us to legally guarantee 100% of the birth of a healthy child;
  • We specialize in human genomics and PGD diagnostics, which allows us to choose a healthy embryo, prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases and choose the sex of the unborn child at your request;
  • The system of our services is built on complete confidentiality. We have developed and use a reliable personal information protection system for each patient;
  • We have our own base of mothers and egg donors of the European, Asian, African phenotype that allows you to choose your ideal donor;
  • Why you should choose Ukraine
  • Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine has a legal basis
  • The cost of surrogate motherhood services is significantly lower than in Europe or the USA
  • Ukraine borders with many European countries
  • Reproductive functions of Ukrainian women are well developed
  • Highly developed sanitary culture of the Ukrainian population

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