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Transportation of frozen eggs

    The egg freezing technology by vitrification (ultra-rapid freezing) method allows freezing eggs and storing them in liquid nitrogen for the infinite amount of time.

    To obtain eggs, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group performs the stimulation of ovulation of the genetic mother or egg donor, and then the eggs are freezed by vitrification method.

    11,800 children were born from cryopreserved eggs in the Feskov Human Reproduction Group. It's not just a freezing technology, it's a technology that gives a new life

    What opportunities cryopreserved eggs give: 

    1. Using cryopreserved eggs is cheaper than the services of an individual egg donor.
    2. If you have a genetic mother and want to have the ovulation stimulation in the IVF clinic in the place of your permanent residence, you can do it, and we will help you to transport your ready cryopreserved egg to our clinic to get embryos and transfer them into the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother.
    3. You can start your program immediately without waiting for preparation and stimulation of the egg donor. Your task is only to collect the sperm, which will be used immediately to fertilize eggs. You can collect sperm in our Clinic or we can transport it to our clinic.

    After you start to work with us, you can get a detailed report on the previous programs with the participation of the particular egg donor. 

     Genetic testing of the donor:

     The recommended purchase quantity of eggs depends on the biological data of your semen: 

    You have children, your semen analysis is without pathological changes, DNA fragmentation is less than 20%, HBA result is more than 90%, FISH result is normal

    Up to 3 eggs

    You have children, you semen parameters are reduced, DNA fragmentation of less than 20%, HBA result is more than 70%, FISH result is normal

    Up to 6-9 eggs

    You have no children yet, there are pathological changes in semen analysis

    9-20 eggs

    Severe pathological changes in semen analysis

    Our andrologist will prepare you for the program


    The Feskov Human Reproduction Group owns its success to cryopreservation technologies. We carry out this technology for cancer patients (oncofertility) and for women who want to postpone pregnancy (social freezing). 

    We will help you, and you will successfully become a father! 

    You can choose your egg donor here


    You can get detailed information about the service from the manager by filling out the form on the website.

    Or in another way convenient for you 

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