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People of different races around the world are beautiful in their individuality. When representatives of two races create a family, children with conspicuous attractive appearance are born, and the world becomes even more multivarious. If there are problems with childbirth, there is no reason for despair. Feskov Human Reproduction Group has provided a reliable solution.

Different race egg donor

From the point of view of molecular genetics, the mixing of genes of different races has strong points since mutations that are characteristic of a particular nationality or human environment are leveled. However, if in such a family there is a problem of infertility, a delicate individual solution to the problem is required.

This involves IVF programs using eggs or sperm from an Asian, African American, Indian, Scandinavian phenotype donor.

In IVF programs using donor material, the unborn child has the genetic material of one of the parents and that of the donor. You must understand that he/she is not a photocopy of people, and making your exact replica will be unrealistic. But we at FHRG can select a donor as close to your phenotype as possible. If you have a dark skin color, dark eyes and curly hair - we will find in our database a completely healthy donor with the same characteristics.

To ensure that your child is born healthy, we use preimplantation genetic diagnostics, which we perform with the use of the most effective method called NGS (next-generation sequencing): this allows you to choose an embryo without chromosomal and genetic abnormalities and also choose the sex of the unborn baby. The result of an international egg donor program is a healthy son or daughter who looks like you.

We carefully select donors that are as phenotypically similar to the future mother as possible in order to preserve all her inherent features: skin shade, eye shape, hair color. The born child will have external features characteristic of his/her parents.

How do we find international donors?

Kiev and Kharkov are the cities of Ukraine where many national groups live. This is primarily due to the large number of higher education institutions of international scale in which foreign students receive a qualified education. The cost of training is low in comparison with other European universities (from EUR 1500 per year), and the quality of education is high. Therefore, many citizens of Africa, India, Asia and other developing corners of the Earth come here. This allows us to find the best donors. At a minimum, young people who study at educational institutes plan to obtain a higher education. This is a definite plus in the donor questionnaire and a favorable genetic basis for your unborn child.

At the same time, our physicians, embryologists are lecturers at medical, scientific, biological and technical universities of Kharkov. Therefore, students very like our clinic and feel a confidence and respect to what we do.

All donors prefer anonymity, but since our clients are mainly from Western Europe and North America, we find a compromise and provide the possibility of video communication with the donor and even personal acquaintance.

All these services are provided in packages where we work at the level of human genomics, since anything will not tell about the donor better than DNA analysis.

We respect your desire to repeat your individuality in the maximum level, therefore, we are aware of our responsibility to provide a donor with a certain appearance.

Finding Asian donor

If the expectant mother has an Asian phenotype, then we will focus on finding a donor with a similar phenotype. External signs that matter to our specialists will be as follows: short or medium height, rounded face with high cheekbones, dark hair and dark eye color, Mongoloid eye shape, light to light brown skin shade.

Even if our client has a rare phenotype characteristic of the Philippines or Vietnam population, we will provide a donor with the necessary external signs since we already had successful cases.

Finding African donor

If the future mother is African American, we will find a donor who has the necessary external features, for example, those with skin from light yellowish-brown to dark color with an ashy shade, dark eyes, stiff hair of a dark color, full lips, and non-wide cheekbones.

During performing the choice, other important details will be taken into account: if the client is from Central Africa, the donor will be selected from the same region in order to preserve the characteristic external features.

Finding Indian donor

Finding a donor for a future mother from India is a task that may be solved. Our database has donors with any skin tone typical of Indians: from light (and even pale) to saturated dark. Almond-shaped dark eyes and dark hair also belong to the characteristic features of the Indian race. And, in particular, the height of the donor shall be close to the height of the client.

Our database has female Indian donors from the northern and southern regions, so choosing the right candidate is not a problem.

We like our work for the opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of human races, to distinguish the characteristics of each ethnic group - this is not an easy task, but it is interesting for this reason.

We want the diversity of our customers to lead the world of different children beautiful in their diversity. For this, we enthusiastically seek and find the best donors from around the world. We have one main goal, for which we are doing a great job - the birth of a healthy child in each family that has come to us.

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