VIP surrogate mother

IVF program + NGS with surrogate mother + egg donation
48 998€

The VIP surrogate mother service (a surrogate mother who has a childbirth experience in a surrogacy program)

A pregnancy, resulting from the IVF program, develops just as well as one after the natural conception. A genetic father (male) and a genetic mother (female) are responsible for the whole process.

However, a surrogacy program includes one more participant: a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother is responsible for the success of pregnancy as well as for the development of pregnancy.

The well-known fact is that being a patient you will choose to receive treatment from an experienced doctor. 

The VIP section of our database includes surrogate mother candidates with childbirth experience in assisted reproductive technology programs. 

The choice of VIP surrogate mother has a number of advantages: 
  • A surrogate mother knows all the stages of the program and follows the doctor’s prescriptions responsibly.
  • A woman, who participates in the program not for the first time, has already proved herself in the clinic, thus showing his discipline, enthusiasm, and efficient services.
  • Biologically, the main advantage is the accumulation of the endometrium implantation potential, which increases the chance of pregnancy.
  • A VIP surrogate mother is a surrogate mother, who has not undergone a caesarean section.
  • A VIP surrogate mother is usually a woman with higher education, who has a prestigious intellectual work apart from a pregnancy.
  • A VIP surrogate mother is your reliable partner and friend who will carry your dream, a healthy child, near her heart!

Free advice on the VIP surrogacy 

You can consult the coordinator of the Center, who will help you to understand the issues of the surrogacy program. We are happy to help you!