IVF program + PGD (NGS) with participation of a surrogate mother + egg donation
48 998€
VIP surrogate mother

VIP surrogate mother

Analytical part:

  • Examination of the couple before the program
  • Andrological examination, semen analysis: FISH, DNA fragmentation, HBA-test
  • Cryopreservation of semen
  • Selection and preparation of an egg donor(s)
  • Selection and preparation of a surrogate mother
  • Surrogate mother compensation for the transfer of embryos for participation in the program
  • Accommodation in VIP apartments of the clinic/hotel, meals, transfer, translator/interpreter

Medical services:

  • Unlimited number of IVF + ICSI attempts
  • Cryopreservation of embryos with storage up to baby birth
  • PICSI, IMSI (special methods for selecting spermatozoa)
  • Healthy embryos selection : Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of the embryo with high resolution – NGS
  • With determination of sex of embryos 
  • Unlimited number of transfers of healthy embryos

Medical supervision of pregnancy and baby birth:

  • Supervision of pregnancy and extensive supervision of the surrogate mother
  • Baby birth in Kiev  and accommodation in a luxury apartment for genetical parens
  • Surrogate mother insurance (at 12 weeks of pregnancy)
  • Full remuneration for the surrogate mother

Legal support:

  • Registration of documents for a newborn baby. In birth certificate of Ukrainian sample intended patents are indicated as official mother and father. Further advanced legal support up to obtaining passport / travel documents for baby in consulate department of yours government residence.
  • All further additional legal support for regulating legal aspects of registration of passport for baby. Assistance for legal support services in providing documents from Ukrainian part.


Частота наступления беременности после переноса эмбриона

Статистика прогрессирования течения беременности до рождения ребенка

The total cost of the package: 48 998 Euro

According to the conditions of the package VIP Guarantee, the Center for Human Reproduction "Prof. Feskov Clinic" provides the services of guaranteed birth of a genetically healthy child (with a balanced set of chromosomes) of a known sex. If the pregnancy is interrupted at any time or in the process of delivery, the clinic undertakes to perform the program anew without additional fees..

Services which are included in the price of the package:

  1. Individual selection by the genetic parents of the surrogate mother from the base of the candidates of the clinic. Replacement of the selected surrogate mother only in agreement with the genetic parents.
  2. Transfer of future parents from the airport, railway or car station in Kharkov or Kiev to the Center for Human Reproduction "Prof. Feskov Clinic" (VIP car). Kiev-Kharkiv transfer included.
  3. The VIP-chamber of the clinic for the period of the IVF program or a room of the high-class hotel, which is the official partner of the clinic. The number of days of stay is determined by the doctor of the Center for Human Reproduction "Prof. Feskov Clinic".
  4. Three meals a day in the clinic or breakfast, lunch  and dinner at the hotel (European cuisine). The menu is balanced to maintain high parameters of reproductive potential.
  5. The clinic provides the services of an interpreter for medical consultation, as well as for communication with surrogate mothers, discussion of organizational issues of the program.
  6. Mobile phone with a Ukrainian SIM-card for the period of visit.
  7. Individual excursion or shopping accompanied by an interpreter.
  8. Full package of medical services in the shortest possible time:
    • preliminary examination (8.1);
    •  treatment of a man if necessary (8.2);
    •  the IVF program (8.3);
    •  preimplantation genetic diagnosis by the NGS method with the determination of sex of the child (8.4);
    •  an unlimited number of transfers of healthy embryos (8.5),
    •  medical supervision of pregnancy (8.6).
    Sex selection is provided in advanced VIP GUARANTEE package “Sex selection”.
    8.1 For men: spermogram, DNA fragmentation, FISH test (13,16,18, 21, X, Y chromosomes), karyotype, HIV, RW, hepatitis B, hepatitis C.
    For a woman: karyotype, HIV, RW, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hormonal profile (progesterone, AMH, FSH, LH, Prolactin etc.), ultrasound of mammary glands, liver, thyroid.
    All medical examinations are performed only in the Center for Human Reproduction "Prof. Feskov Clinic". The final decision on the possibility of the couple to participate in the program on the condition of the VIP Guarantee package is taken by the doctor of the Center for Human Reproduction "Prof. Feskov Clinic".
    8.2 Consultation of an andrologist, as well as the list of necessary drugs for correction of spermatogenesis disorders.
    8.3 The IVF + ICSI program + special methods of sperm selection (PICSI, IMSI):
    • Number of IVF with autologus eggs selected individually sufficiently for pregnancy achieving
    • Unlimited number of attempts with egg donation
    •  Stimulation of ovulation by recombinant gonadotropins;
    • Cultivation of embryos in EmbryoScope;
    8.4 Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) by the NGS method: This method allows to determine all existing chromosome anomalies (quantitative, structural ones), including the sex of the child. High-quality embryos are subject to inspection. Only healthy embryos are transferable. Customers have opportunity to choose for embryo transfer gender of embryo from number of healthy embryos only.
    8.5 Unlimited number of transfers of embryos to the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother. The protocol for the preparation of the endometrium includes the use of the "Artificial Implantation Window" (mononuclear cells of the surrogate mother's blood that are administered intrauterinary 2 days before embryo transfer).
    8.6 Medical supervision of pregnancy includes:
    •  Control of the pregnancy course of the surrogate mother in terms of 3-40 weeks, which includes: ultrasound in terms of 3, 6, 9-12, 18-22, 24-26, 31-35, 36-39 weeks; 1st biochemical screening in the period of 9-12 weeks; 2nd biochemical and ultrasonic screening in the period of 15-20 weeks; determination of blood type, Rh factor; clinical blood test; 3rd ultrasound screening in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy; clinical urine test; blood chemistry test; blood clotting tests; blood test for HIV, RW, hepatitis B, hepatitis C; examination of the hormonal status of the surrogate mother; analysis of discharge - vaginal, throat, nose on the environment; cytology of the cervix;
    •  colposcopy; examination on the TORCH complex; electrocardiogram; scheduled examinations of the therapist, oculist, surgeon, dentist.
    •  Providing information on the health status of the surrogate mother, the fetus on planned matters during the working hours of the doctor, who supervises the pregnancy by e-mail, telephone, in a private conversation in the period of pregnancy 5-6, 9-12, 18-22, 24-26, 31-35, 36-39.
  9. Extended informed supervision of the program (it is possible for a surrogate mother to live in the apartment of the clinic and have constant supervision by medical personnel).
    • Informing about the psychological, physical condition of the SM by phone or e-mail once a week (photo of the SM in the clinic), video connection once a week (the e-mail of the customer, his phone, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp for informing is indicated in the contract);
    •  Video of ultrasound procedures;
    •  Provision of medical information, according to the contract of gestation;
    •  Communication with the doctor by Skype once a month, in the presence of an interpreter.
    •  If desired, provide a surrogate mother with a device for video communication with genetic parents.
  10. Selection of an egg donor is performed by genetic parents. The coordinator of the clinic provides an unlimited number of donors with photos. Examples of our egg donors. If you have chosen the oocyte donation option, we recommend you to select from 3 to 4 donors whom the doctor will work with. Lifetime storage of the DNA of a donor egg. If it necessary to solve the issues of the genetics of a child.
  11. DNA test for paternity (according to legal support necessity)
  12. Labor of a surrogate mother in a maternity hospital in Kiev, to speed up the procedure for submitting documents to the consulate department of your residence country. Partner labor option is available. After delivery, parents are given the opportunity to see the children before discharge.
  13. After the birth of a child, genetic parents are provided with apartments (equipped for staying with newborn baby in Kiev) for residing after the discharge from the maternity hospital up to go home with baby.
  14. Costs for multiple pregnancies and cesarean section are included in the price and are not paid additionally.
  15. Genetic parents are provided with  professional babysitter  services for baby care.
  16. Calling the pediatrician for a newborn is included in the package price.
  17. The lawyer of the clinic performs the registration of the birth certificate of the child and performs the execution of the full package of documents for submission to the consular department of your state government in Kiev
  18. The point of fulfillment of the contract is the birth of a healthy baby and transfer to its parents with subsequent registration of documents.

Payment order:

  1. 3998 евро – before the start of the program;
  2. 20 000 евро – start of the IVF program;
  3. 15 000 евро – at the 16th week of pregnancy;
  4. 10 000 евро – after childbirth.

The possibility of an individual payment schedule, in consultation with the financial manager of the Center for Human Reproduction "Prof. Feskov Clinic".

If you wish to get acquainted with the clinic, undergo an examination, you are at the decision-making stage:

  1. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the clinic and interpreter services - without payment.
  2. Examination according to the price list of the clinic (from 150 to 2000 euros).
  3. Accommodation and meals at the expense of patients

After signing the contract according to the terms of the VIP Guarantee package, the costs of analyzes and consultations, medicine for andrologic preparation, and cryopreservation of sperm, guest services (hotel + food provided by Feskov human reproduction group) are deducted from the first payment.


Our advantages
  • Why should you choose us?
  • We have been in the field of reproductive medicine since 1995, since that time we have completed hundreds of successful IVF programs, which allows us to legally guarantee 100% of the birth of a healthy child;
  • We specialize in human genomics and PGD diagnostics, which allows us to choose a healthy embryo, prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases and choose the sex of the unborn child at your request;
  • The system of our services is built on complete confidentiality. We have developed and use a reliable personal information protection system for each patient;
  • We have our own base of mothers and egg donors of the European, Asian, African phenotype that allows you to choose your ideal donor;
  • Why you should choose Ukraine
  • Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine has a legal basis
  • The cost of surrogate motherhood services is significantly lower than in Europe or the USA
  • Ukraine borders with many European countries
  • Reproductive functions of Ukrainian women are well developed
  • Highly developed sanitary culture of the Ukrainian population

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