VIP surrogate mother

What does surrogate motherhood of VIP level at the Feskov Human Reproduction Group mean?

Every surrogacy program is a multi-layered package of services that includes medical processes, the selection of a surrogate mother and an donor if necessary, the processing of documents, the organization of flights, guest services, organizational services and much more.

We can't remove any main stage of the surrogacy program, but we can add additional services that will bring benefits and privileges to a couple of future parents.

Further we will talk about the program with a VIP surrogate mother

How does VIP surrogacy work

The goal of each VIP surrogacy program is the birth of a healthy child in each family that has contacted us.

The choice of a suitable package of services is based on your wishes and your place of residence.

We have already prepared surrogate mothers who are ready to start the program with you at the right time.

You can choose a VIP surrogate mother and even get to know several of them remotely.

Coming to us, you will already have a personal meeting with a surrogate mother who will carry a pregnancy for you.

The medical part of the program is carried out by a qualified team with 25 years of experience in reproductive medicine.

The organizational part is the responsibility of a team of managers who have conducted thousands of programs for couples from around the world.

Competent legal support as an integral part of the surrogacy program will not only comfortably go through the stages of the formation of contracts, but also facilitate the process of obtaining documents for a newborn and register in your country of residence.

For some couples, just one visit to the central clinic of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group is enough. And then they soon become happy parents.

VIP Surrogacy process

It starts with a traditional approach to our manager. By filling out the form on the website and telling your story, you can start your surrogacy journey together with us.

The main stages of the surrogacy process:

In addition to the standard stages of the surrogacy program, VIP surrogacy programs include additional options that provide unique opportunities to future parents:

And other advantages that you will know from our managers.

VIP Surrogacy service price

At first glance, the price of a VIP level surrogacy program may seem high.

But if you compare the volume of services that is included, the opportunities that Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides for future parents, the guaranteed result in the form of a healthy child born, then in total this will exceed the financial costs.

Learn more about the cost on the pricing page.

You can get detailed information about the service from the manager by filling out the form on the website.

Or in another way convenient for you

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Skype: surrogacy_feskov


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