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What to do if a married couple wants to have a baby, but this does not happen due to a malfunction in the husband’s health? Indeed, according to medical statistics, up to 40% of infertility facts depend on the male factor. Or, for example, a woman without a partner wants to have a baby for herself? Then the Center for Human Reproduction of Professor A. Feskov offers the service of choosing an individual sperm donor in order to realize the dream of many people about a child.

Selection criteria

Feskov Human Reproduction Group has a rich database of proven and reliable sperm donors of any phenotype. A person has only to go to a clinic and choose one of the options:

  • selection of profiles with a photo;
  • personal communication.

Depending on the desired option, an agreement is signed on the selection and provision of an individual sperm donor. You can make a selection yourself, based on personal preferences. And you can take advantage of the result of technological progress - a special program where the data of future parents is entered. After a thorough analysis of the available information, the program will issue candidates from the database that are similar in phenotype.

The questionnaire contains full information about the man, including not only the appearance and photos, but also education, hobbies, habits and other personal characteristics. But, in special cases, future parents want personal communication in order to make sure that the person who donated their cells is adequate. Then we provide the service of remote dating, on condition of complete anonymity.

Non-anonymous or anonymous donor?

Sperm donors in our database are non-anonymous and anonymous / open and non-contact. One or another status is chosen by a man whose candidacy is approved and entered into the database.

Anonymous / non-contact is the one who left all the information about himself, except for contact information. Therefore, communication with him is impossible.

Non-anonymous / open - leaves his contact details, so you can personally get to know and communicate with him.

Which donor to choose is the business of the future parents. Some want to keep complete confidentiality and use the services of an anonymous candidate so as not to remind themselves once again of an embarrassing situation. But there are people who want to make sure personally that this is exactly the person they need.

Additional information

It is worth stopping at the moments that most worry future parents:

  • How much does it cost? At the Center for Human Reproduction of Professor A. Feskov selection of an individual donor costs 999 euros. It is possible to select up to 3 candidates. If no one matches, the money is returned.
  • Is it possible to communicate with the donor? Yes, we have such an opportunity, but only remotely and observing all confidentiality measures. In this case, it must be non-anonymous or open.
  • Any man can become a donor? No, in Ukraine there are quite specific requirements for those who wish to donate their genetic material:
    • age limits of 20-35 years;
    • have healthy normal children;
    • must be healthy physically and mentally;
    • nice external features;
    • the need to undergo a full medical examination.
  • What sperm is taken for conception, fresh or frozen? If, after the candidate’s diagnosis, everything is in order, the sperm is cryopreserved and left for 6 months in the cryobank. Since there are infections that can be determined only after six months. After defrosting, if nothing is revealed, it can be used as intended.

Specialists of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group will create all the conditions so that those who want to plunge into the world of parenthood, people, have a real family with their own baby! Online chat managers on the site will consult in more detail about the service of selecting an individual sperm donor.

  1. 🩺 "Personal acquaintance"

The Center of Donation and Surrogate Motherhood clinic of professor Feskov A.M. provides you service - the choice of sperm donor for the realization of your dream.

The selection of sperm donor can be provided from the database of our center thought 2 ways :

  • The questionnaire with a photo;
  • Service "personal acquaintance".

"Personal acquaintance"

Personal acquaintance with your individual sperm donor allows you to determine the best candidate for you.

How to do it?

1. You have to contact to the Center of Donation and Surrogate Motherhood clinic of professor Feskov A.M. any convenient way for you;

2. Conclude a contract for selection and preparation of individual sperm donor.

Our coordinators will provide you with a database of sperm donor candidates.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of potential candidates.


  • Advance payment is 999 euro;
  • The base of sperm donors will be provided for you;
  • For personal acquaintances you have to select a previously up to 3 candidates;
  • If you will not make your choice - we will refund your advance payment


The selection of sperm donor can be provided from the database of our center thought 2 ways:


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