Providing egg donor candidates

1 600€

The Surrogacy Center of professor Feskov provides a service of selection and preparation of the egg donor to the IVF program and logging until the puncture is performed. 

We were able to bring to life, what our patients could only dream of even 2 years ago!

To date, our Surrogacy Center is the only one in the world, and it offers the following egg donation services: 

  • Selection of an egg donor from the database of the Surrogacy Center, where you can choose between 64 young, beautiful, and healthy egg donors who are happy to help you to become parents of a child.
  • Our Surrogacy Center offers you to select your egg donor by a photograph with the description of the phenotype and physiological parameters of women and our customers can also become acquainted with the egg donor and talk with a woman for an informed choice.
  • We will provide complete medical diagnostics and examination of the egg donor for all existing clinically important genetic diseases.
  • We will provide testing of the egg donor for immunological compatibility for HLA-typing on the three loci.
  • We will test the egg donor for tobacco, drugs, and precursors.
  • We provide cryoconserved donor eggs.
  • You can collect semen at home at any medical clinic, and we will help you to transport it in our clinic; in this case, you can start the program remotely without coming to Ukraine.

You can view the egg donor database here

You can find the price list of the Surrogacy Center of professor Feskov here 

You can learn more about each service from our coordinator: surrogacy_feskov

During the program, you will be informed about each step of the program, which will make the program very comfortable for you.

We wish you to hear from the fertility specialist: “You are going to have a baby!”

Our advantages
  • The experience of the center of surrogacy of professor Feskov A.M. is more than 12 years;
  • The unique list of services;
  • Large base of surrogate mothers and egg donors;
  • All procedures are carried out within the current legislation;
  • Medical procedures are performed by highly skilled specialists in the field of human reproduction;
  • Absence of turn for participation in the program. You begin the program of surrogacy right after you leave the application on the website;
  • A possibility of the remote choice of a surrogate mother (the egg donor if required);
  • Personal acquaintance with the surrogate mother and egg donor, if desired;
  • Informational support of the program;
  • Legal support of surrogacy program completely from the beginning before departure of parents with the child to home (registration of all necessary documents for the newborn)
Stages of the program
  • Write us a letter;
  • Koordinatorm Plan with details of your visit;
  • Getting to know our team, primary care consultation, necessary inspections
  • Selection of donor eggs
  • Signing the contract for the preparation of the egg donor;
  • Survey egg donor to the program;
  • Signing the contract with the medical center to carry out IVF;
  • Step IVF;
  • IVF results.
Required documents

To begin the process of surrogacy you will need the following documents:

  • marriage certificate;
  • medical report about the impossibility of carrying a pregnancy;
  • medical documentation (certificates, survey results where available).