Egg donation + IVF program

Egg donation + IVF program

Children are the happiness and meaning of life for most families. More than 48 million couples on the globe are deprived of it due to reproductive health problems. But thanks to ART programs, in particular IVF (in vitro fertilisation), many people сould to strain to their heart the dearest creature. The in vitro procedure may be performed with either own or donated egg.

Egg donation  – specifity of the concept

Egg donation is prescribed when the patient has  impaired ovarian function  for any reason, and it is impossible to obtain fully matured good oocytes. In this case, future parents choose a donor according to phenotype and personal wishes.

Further, the future donor and recipient pass the hormone therapy. The first, in order to be able to select several oocytes. And the second - so that its cycle matches the donor one and the endometrium is prepared for implantation of a viable embryo. If cryopreserved germ cells are involved, then they are thawed as needed by the recipient. After transvaginal puncture, donor oocytes are fertilized by the sperm of the future dad / donor “in vitro”. After five to six days of cultivation, a  healthy quality embryo is transplanted into the  the mother’s uterus.          

Stages of the donation process

Only two steps separate the mother-to-be from the desired pregnancy:

  1. The choice of the most suitable candidate for egg donation.
  2. IVF course until the happy moment when the test shows two lines.

The clinic of  prof. Feskov has a rich and constantly updated database of candidates of different phenotypes with photos and descriptions of physiological features. Depending on the package of services, you can even meet and personally talk to the girl you like!

Donor requirements:

  • age limits from  20 to 35 years;
  • the presence of at least one child;
  • physical and mental health.

The clinic of prof. Feskov guarantees healthy genetics in a child born through donation. Therefore, our specialists carry out :

  • a thorough medical examination of the donor, diagnosis of the hormonal profile, ultrasound, infection tests, etc .;
  • regular tests for smoking, taking drugs, precursors;
  • standard or advanced research on genetic diseases (depending on package).

After choosing a donor, the usual IVF program follows. All embryos that are transferred are healthy by default and have been screened for PGD  and NGS. In our experience, with normal health, a woman under 49 years old is quite able to go through all stages of the bearing of a child and  to give birth safely.

Additional services in egg donation

As part of the oocyte donation program, clinic of prof. Feskov has developed «all-inclusive» packages of services. From moderate in cost, with warranty to 12 weeks of pregnancy, to Comfort and VIP, with unlimited IVF courses and guarantees for the birth of a 100% healthy baby.

And international programs allow to carry out most of the procedure in the country of residence, even without coming to Ukraine!

We provide full legal and juridicial support for the process, respect anonymity at all stages of the procedure. In the case of a visit to the clinic, all the bothers of transfer, accommodation, food, household and other issues are controlled and carried out by our specialists.

This guarantees absolute success in our challenging but inspiring work!

Feskov human reproduction group provides the service of selection and preparation of an individual egg donor for participation in your IVF program.

The IVF program with a donor egg is a purely technological procedure. It consists of two simple steps: selecting the desired candidate for egg donation and the IVF program until the onset of pregnancy.

Choosing an egg donor

We suggest you to select an egg donor from an extensive dynamic candidate database. It includes at the moment more than 500 candidates, while the database is constantly updated, including new candidates.

You have the opportunity to choose an egg donor by a photo with the description of girls' phenotype and physiological parameters. We also provide personal acquaintance with the chosen candidate  for our clients: communication with the girl will help make a consсious choice. (This option depends on your service package)

In our database you will find healthy and beautiful girls who are ready to help you to become parents. A lot of them study at universities, so it speaks of their high intelligence.

It is very important to ensure healthy genetics for a child. We know this and necessarily carry out a number of preliminary examinations:

  • Complete medical diagnostics and examination of an egg donor.
  • Tests for smoking, drugs and precursors, which are repeated all the time, while the girls are in our database.
  • Screening of egg donors for genetic diseases before participating in the program (screening for common genetic diseases or genome analysis for all clinically relevant genetic diseases depending on the package you choose).


In order not to harm the girls, stimulation of donors is conducted no more than 6 times!

We monitor how many children were born from your chosen donor and take into account their region of residence to exclude the possibility of closely related marriages in the future.

The standard phenotype of an egg donor in our database is a woman of the European race. But there are other options for your choice, for example, Asian and African-American phenotypes.

If you are not financially ready to take a package with the donor "special phenotype", then within 2 weeks - 1 month our service department gives you a mix-phenotype - a mixed phenotype relative to yours, i.e. a donor girl, whose father or mother is a representative of the Asian / African-American / Hindu race. (Available in VIP / Comfort package with payment of an additional option)

The packages of the VIP advanced class include examination of donors for all clinically significant monogenic diseases which modern science knows (phenylketonuria, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, spinal muscular atrophy and other 310 diseases).

In Comfort packages we provide donors who are examined for the most common genetic diseases in our region or for specific groups of genes based on the ethnicity of the egg donor.

Achievement of pregnancy

The IVF program until the onset of pregnancy is the second stage of the program.

In Ukraine there are no clear age restrictions for the egg donation program. And in our clinics we deal with couples of all ages. However, we rely on common sense in our work and first of all we take into account the interests of the future child. There is a formal rule: to accept women not older than 49 years for embryo transfer. However, each situation is considered individually based on marital status, the willingness of relatives and friends to take care of the child if needed. It is necessary first of all that the parameters of the woman's health indicate that she can bear the child.

The IVF program as a method of treating infertility yields tremendous results today, but does not give 100% guarantee of the first transfer of embryos. It is very important to choose the right day for the transfer of embryos according to the parameters of the dynamics of their development. It is necessary to transfer the embryo in such a way that the woman's endometrium is ready for this and "coincided" with the day of embryo development.

Within this program you can choose the packages:

  • Low-cost. Gives the chance to realize the dream of becoming pregnant. The program works until 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Comfort. The package includes unlimited number of healthy embryos transfers into the uterine cavity until the onset of pregnancy and observation of pregnancy until the 12th week.
  • VIP. Guaranteed pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.
  • Note that embryos are healthy and investigatedby PGD NGS.


Feskov human reproduction group works with partners around the world. Therefore, all the preliminary training you can do at home. A woman can carry out all the current procedures for the preparation of the endometrium, and come to Ukraine already for the transfer of embryos.

We carry out the transfer only of healthy embryos and guarantee the result. We work until the onset of pregnancy.

Our company provides accommodation and meals, depending on the package of services that you select, as well as conducts a set of examinations, sufficient for the onset of pregnancy. We solve all logistics problems, we take care of all everyday and economic issues. All you need to do is to come for the program in a good mood with the determination to achieve results.

Our logistician will prepare the best transfer for you taking into account your time and finances.


It is recommended:

  • Arrival for 4 working days.
  • Program start for a woman - 18-22 day of the cycle.
  • Program start for a man - 3-5 days of sexual abstinence.


You want to use our services, but you do not have the opportunity to come? Especially for you we have developed international programs!


International programs*

  • We will carry out a preliminary examination for you in our partner clinics right in your country and conduct remote preparation for embryo transfer.
  • A man can give sperm for fertilization of an egg in a medical clinic at his place of residence, and we will help to transport it to our clinic.
  • The embryo will be created in Ukraine with the help of the egg of the donor chosen by you.
  • After that we transport the embryo to you into your city and "on the spot" we will carry out the transfer into the uterine cavity.


Thus, you get a completely high-tech program in your country, without leaving your comfort zone. You just need to follow our instructions.

During the program you will be informed about each step of the program, which will make the procedure very comfortable for you.

(*) International programs are only guarantee programs. Our embryologist works with you, and only our doctor performs all medical manipulations. Transport logistics is carried out by our clinic.

You can get detailed information about the program from the manager responsible for managing programs:

Skype: surrogacy_feskov

Our advantages
  • Why should you choose us?
  • We have been in the field of reproductive medicine since 1995, since that time we have completed hundreds of successful IVF programs, which allows us to legally guarantee 100% of the birth of a healthy child;
  • We specialize in human genomics and PGD diagnostics, which allows us to choose a healthy embryo, prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases and choose the sex of the unborn child at your request;
  • The system of our services is built on complete confidentiality. We have developed and use a reliable personal information protection system for each patient;
  • We have our own base of mothers and egg donors of the European, Asian, African phenotype that allows you to choose your ideal donor;
  • Why you should choose Ukraine
  • Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine has a legal basis
  • The cost of surrogate motherhood services is significantly lower than in Europe or the USA
  • Ukraine borders with many European countries
  • Reproductive functions of Ukrainian women are well developed
  • Highly developed sanitary culture of the Ukrainian population
Stages of the program
  • Write us a letter;
  • Koordinatorm Plan with details of your visit;
  • Getting to know our team, primary care consultation, necessary inspections
  • Selection of donor eggs
  • Signing the contract for the preparation of the egg donor;
  • Survey egg donor to the program;
  • Signing the contract with the medical center to carry out IVF;
  • Step IVF;
  • IVF results.
Required documents

To begin the process of surrogacy you will need the following documents:

  • marriage certificate;
  • medical report about the impossibility of carrying a pregnancy;
  • medical documentation (certificates, survey results where available).

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