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About changes in surrogate motherhood in Ukraine:

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In connection with frequently asked questions from our clients we inform you
Currently in Ukraine:

The activities of official surrogate motherhood clinics are approved and welcomed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We are such a clinic.

Our prof. Feskov A.M. clinic has the highest reliability and enjoys trust precisely among foreign citizens.
All children born as a result of surrogate motherhood programs went home with their genetic parents without hindrance.

The standard practice of leaving Ukraine with a baby is to visit the consulate to obtain a travel document or passport. In addition to the standard practice of leaving Ukraine, we successfully carry out repeatedly tested methods:

If you have any questions about participating in surrogate motherhood programs, you can ask your questions to our lawyers, in the contact form, or by contacting directly.

The Feskov Human Reporoduction Group provides the following services for surrogate motherhood / assisted reproductive technologies:

  • guaranteed result of IVF programs
  • unlimited programs IVF + ICSI / IVF + ICSI / IVF + PGD (NGS / Karyomapping)
  • individual selection of an egg donor with the selection of a donor according to your phenotype
  • the donor database for all races / nationalities
  • examination of embryo for all anomalies (only healthy embryos are transferable)
  • creating a perfect generation of healthy offspring
  • determination of the sex of the embryo on a turn-key basis / creation of the child of the sex chosen by you under the guaranteed conditions
  • determination of genetic mutations on the embryo
  • ensuring communication with a surrogate mother (at your request)
  • observance of full anonymity of genetic parents
  • pregnancy management / management of the pregnancy with informing about  the condition of the fetus and the surrogate mother
  • childbirth in a private maternity home with coverage of all risks of a newborn child
  • childbirth in Kharkov economy class
  • childbirth in Kiev with a full range of perinatal services and covering all risks
  • provision of guest services while staying in Ukraine: Accommodation / meals / transfer / interpreting services / comfort during the process
  • full legal support. Multi-level system for protecting the rights of genetic parents.
  • legal settlement of the process of legalization of the rights on the child before receiving a passport
  • service of pediatricians and baby-sitters


The Feskov Human Reporoduction Group is primarily a modern and high-quality approach to the issues of surrogate motherhood, as well as a proven team of professionals. This is how we differ from other agencies of surrogate motherhood. We are one of the oldest surrogacy clinics in Ukraine. Therefore, based on the large accumulated experience and knowing the desires and interests of our customers, we offer the optimal sets of services in our packages. We combine high quality and loyalty of prices. These service packages have been repeatedly tested by our customers and, we are sure, will help you finally get the result you expect.

It is important to understand that in every task there are many subtleties. A customer can not know all the details and issues. We solve all the complexities and free our customers from them. Thanks to our experience, you get only an effective and high-quality result.

Guaranteed packages include all the necessary service in order to easily give birth to a child, you just need to come to Ukraine - everything else is our task.
(*If you are in Russia, it is not obligatory for you to come to Ukraine) / if you do not have time to come to Ukraine, our managers will organize a guaranteed remote program with the labor of a surrogate mother in any part of the world.)

We draw your attention to the fact that you have the freedom to choose services and our coordinators are ready to provide any services at your request.


Reliability, guarantee, comfort and loyal prices.