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Prices for surrogate motherhood in Europe

  1. 🩺 Prices for surrogate motherhood in different countries of Europe

Even today, in the age of new medical technologies and innovative methods, the cases when the reproductive system of a woman refuses to fulfill her function of bearing a child are quite common, and the most modern methods of treatment prove to be powerless. The solution for the situation in this case can be surrogate motherhood. But this service is not available in all countries of Europe.

In Sweden, France, Norway, Germany and Austria, the use of surrogate mother services is prohibited. In Russia, Poland, Georgia and Ukraine it is allowed at the official level. And in other European countries surrogate motherhood is used with restrictions or not regulated by law. The cost of surrogate motherhood in different countries is also quite different.

Prices for surrogate motherhood in different countries of Europe

United Kingdom. There are restrictions in the country, according to which you can not use the service on a commercial basis, but surrogate mothers are compensated for costs. The cost of such compensation is 12 000-15 000 pounds sterling.

Denmark. Surrogate mother's services are expensive. If you use your own female eggs, then the price of surrogate motherhood is from $ 50,000, if you also need to use an oocyte donor, then it is from $ 60,000. At the same time, legal services are paid separately, and no one gives a guarantee of the success of the event.

The Netherlands. It prohibits advertising surrogate motherhood, there is a huge number of medical restrictions, and the price is calculated by complex schemes. Usually this service costs from 54 000 dollars, and there are also no guarantees. And this despite the fact that surrogate mothers are usually offered by representatives of the most disadvantaged groups of the population, for example, women who recently migrated to the country and do not have the opportunity to settle down normally.

Greece. In this country, surrogate motherhood is quite cheap - from $ 20,000, but the legislation does not regulate the use of this reproductive technology. This not only creates a number of inconveniences, but also deprives confidence that parents can easily take their child.

Belgium. Also belongs to countries where there is no law on surrogate motherhood, and no one can legally guarantee you the success of the event. Nevertheless, the prices for the use of this reproductive technology are here from 54,000 euros.

Russia. In this country, this reproductive service is legal. For a surrogate mother you  spend $ 45,000-60,000.

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Georgia. Another European country where surrogate motherhood is officially permitted. The cost of this service here is from 35 000 euros, but its quality often leaves much to be desired. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of this mountain region - the mentality of the inhabitants, which makes the relation to this kind of reproductive services very ambiguous.

Ukraine. Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is permitted by law and is clearly regulated. The cost of using this reproductive method is from 28 500 euros.

Even a superficial examination of proposals for surrogate motherhood is enough to notice that against the background of other countries of Europe, Ukraine occupies the most advantageous positions. If you compare prices, check the legislative base and the quality of the services offered, it turns out that in Ukraine surrogate motherhood is cheap. If you understand the matter thoroughly, it becomes clear that Ukraine is the best option for those who decided to surrogate motherhood.

First, in Ukraine, together with surrogate motherhood, a full package of services is offered, taking into account all possible medical nuances.

Secondly, women who are into the base of surrogate mothers in Ukraine are not at the bottom of the social ladder, they are sufficiently educated and disciplined to comply with all the necessary requirements for bearing a child. They went through a strict check on the state of physical and mental health, soberly think and correctly assess their role in the procedure.

Thirdly, the services include full legal support of the procedure. In Ukraine, there is a developed  multi-level system for protecting the rights of genetic parents, which allows  to become parents lawfully, quickly and without unnecessary worries, and feel protected from any unexpected situations.

There are many advantages of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine, which make this service very attractive for Europeans. And this is confirmed by great demand. Many couples come to Ukraine to overcome the barriers that have arisen because of problems with reproductive health, and finally realize their dream of becoming parents. And they succeed!


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