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COMFORT Guarantee Birth in USA

Unlimited quantity of IVF attempts, including PGD, up to childbirth. Limited cover of risks. 89 000€
  • 1

    SSN & USA Passport for child

  • 2

    Unlimited quantity of IVF attempts

  • 3

    Guaranteed pregnancy

  • 4

    Legal support

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Analytical step
  • Medical assessment of couple / man before start IVF
  • Andrological  assessment
  • Sperm cryopreservation for IVF
  • Egg donor (s) choosing (for egg donation program)
  • Staying in hotel, food supplement
Selection of a healthy embryo + embryo transfer
  • Quantity of attempts with own oocytes provided according indvidual medical treatment plan / enough for pregnancy achieving
  • Unlimited number of ovarian stimulations of egg donor with usage r-FSH (in case of conversion to egg donation)
  • IVF+ICSI program, embryos biopsy + cryopreservation
  • PICSI+IMSI (in-vitro  selection of best quality spermatozoa's)
  • Healthy embryo selection (PGD: full genome screening by NGS)
  • Surrogate mother(s) providing
  • Unlimited quantity of embryo transfers only healthy embryos (according to individual plan for embryos creation)
Medical care of pregnancy + baby birth in USA
  • Pregnancy support and medical in Ukraine, travel and living costs for surrogate mother
  • Pregnancy support and medical care and labor in USA
  • Financial compensation for surrogate mother, covered all payments from embryo transfer up to contract execution is complete
  • IVF treatment in case of pregnancy terminated in terms before 28th week without additional payment
Legal support in USA
  • Registration of documents for newborn child (birth certificate, passport)
  • Support services for genetic parents in USA up to take home baby
Total amount:
89 000€
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  • 01

    Conclusion for participation in program performs by IVF doctor of clinic

  • 02

    According to conditions of package, CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» provides service of guarantee live birth of healthy child; insured coverage level according to Comfort Guarantee package is 28th week (embryo term) of pregnancy

  • 03

    Payments according to prescribed scheme

  • 04

    Possible additional payments:
    In case of pregnancy termination after 28th week (embryo term) or baby death, new IVF attempt is provided after compensation of amount 25 000 $
    Twins pregnancy is paid additional amount of 15 000 $ on 28th week of pregnancy (embryo term)
    Accommodation for intended parents during staying in USA

  • 01

    No later than 7 banking days from the moment of signing the present Contract

    19 000 €
  • 02

    Within 7 banking days before the start of IVF program

    30 000 €
  • 03

    During period between 12th and 13th weeks of gestation (embryonic period)

    20 000 €
  • 04

    On 32th week of pregnancy (embryo term)

    20 000 €
Total amount:
89 000€

Surrogate mother in the USA: how much does it cost and if she worth it

In the mass consciousness of people around the world, the United States is associated with unique high technologies, the highest level of customer service and professionalism. Including these ideas apply to the field of reproductive technologies with the involvement of a surrogate mother in the United States. However, ideas are not enough for people who dream of a child and have almost lost hope for parental happiness. Therefore, this article contains objective data that allow us to make a decision on the advisability of cooperation with a surrogate mother in this country.

Surrogacy is not allowed in all states of the United States, but where it is legal, the legislative framework is clearly worked out. The law protects the interests of the child's parents, strictly limiting the rights of a surrogate mother to the extent that it is impossible to contest the contract signed by her. However, there is still a risk of partial recognition of parental rights for a surrogate mother in the event of partial surrogate motherhood (when the surrogate's egg is fertilized with the sperm of the biological father.Used in exceptional cases). In this case, it is advisable to enlist the support of a good lawyer specializing in reproductive law.

Surrogate mother price in the USA

As for the price of a surrogate mother, it starts from 40 thousand dollars. In addition to the fee (which will have to be paid even if the pregnancy is terminated), future parents will have to cover the expenses of the surrogate mother for special clothing, medical research, transportation and other expenses. That is, it is worth adding a few thousand dollars to the amount of the fee in advance.

The cost of the entire medical program with the participation of a surrogate mother and an oocyte donor (if necessary) starts from 110 thousand dollars. At the same time, there are no guarantees of a successful childbirth: in case of several unsuccessful IVF or abortion, parents will have to pay for repeated cycles of procedures. Also, if the pregnancy of the surrogate mother went well, but the childbirth turned out to be complicated, the cost of the medical program increases greatly. Only caesarean section adds about $ 3,000 to the bill, not to mention the many medications and services provided by doctors.

How to become parents in the USA at Ukrainian prices

In conditions of a limited budget, should we risk losing money and not being happy parents? Or does it make sense to look for alternatives? We believe that at least it is worth knowing about the alternatives, so we suggest paying attention to the guaranteed program of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group "Childbirth in the USA". The main advantage of the program is the guaranteed birth of a healthy child. At the same time, the price is fixed, future parents pay an amount slightly exceeding the fee of a surrogate mother in the United States, and they no longer worry about anything while waiting for their baby to be born. The medical part of the program is carried out in a clinic in Ukraine, and on the eve of childbirth the surrogate mother flies to the USA, to the clinic of our partners. If IVF does not lead to pregnancy or the pregnancy is terminated, we will carry out the entire repeated cycle at our own expense until the guaranteed result is provided. No additional payments to us or the surrogate mother, no expenses for living in the United States while awaiting the birth of a child or hiring lawyers - the entire range of medical, guest and legal services is included in the cost of the program. We guarantee the birth of a healthy child: using the PGD and NGS methods, we select embryos without chromosomal abnormalities. The parents-to-be will be waiting for their child in a comfortable hotel with three meals a day, and our lawyers specializing in reproductive law will quickly draw up all the necessary documents to travel with the child to your home country. Thus, for the price of a surrogate mother in the United States, you can be guaranteed to become the parents of a healthy child.

Ask our manager on the website for detailed information about the program - we will be happy to tell you more about everything.

Due to the high popularity of the service, we recommend that you check the availability of packages with our managers in advance.

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