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BALANCE Guarantee Birth in Portugal

Guaranteed program IVF + PGD-NGS in Ukraine, delivery of a surrogate mother in Portugal 60 000€
  • 1

    The birth of a healthy baby

  • 2

    Legal support

  • 3

    Simplified legalization for Portugal citizen

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Analytical step
  • Examination of man before IVF
  • Sperm quality assessment
  • Cryopreservation of semen
  • Egg donor providing by clinic, informational support about provided candidate(s)
  • Staying in comfort-level, 3 times food supplement. Legal documents preparation
Selection of a healthy embryo + embryo transfer(s)
  • Unlimited number of IVF programs with egg donation
  • IVF+ICSI programs + embryos cryopreservation
  • PICSI,IMSI (special methods for spermatozoa selection)
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics full genome screening by NGS
  • Surrogate mother providing
  • Unlimited quantity of embryo transfers only healthy embryos
Medical monitoring of pregnancy + delivery in Portugal
  • Pregnancy management of surrogate mother (standard medical care). Pregnancy care in Ukraine until 8th month
  • Insurance for surrogate mother (on 12th weeks of pregnancy)
  • Pregnancy care after 8th month and delivery in Portugal
  • Full compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments    during the pregnancy (after baby birth)
  • Providing new IVF+PGD (NGS) program with surrogate mother services and egg donation in case of pregnancy termination in all terms
Documents registration
  • Legal support (registration a birth certificate for newborn child)
  • Guest services, translation, transportation
Total amount:
60 000€
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  • 01

    Final decision for acceptance of man to program is made by IVF doctor of CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov»; male Customers with high-quality of sperm only.

  • 02

    Medical examinations must be performed in CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» only

  • 03

    Payments according to individual schedule. No additional payments

  • 04

    Conversion to higher-class program is paid additionally +50% to difference of price.

  • 05

    Balance Guarantee offered for married couples only

  • 06

    According to conditions of package, CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» provides service of guarantee live birth of healthy child; in cases of miscarriage independently on term of pregnancy / child death before delivery / child death during delivery, whole program will be done until Customer will have baby.
    Management of multiple pregnancy (twins, obtained after transfer of 1 embryo) is covered by the contract conditions.

  • 01

    No later than 7 banking days from the moment of signing the present Contract

    9 000€
  • 02

    Within 7 banking days before the start of IVF program

    25 000€
  • 03

    During period between 12th and 13th weeks of gestation (embryonic period)

    21 000€
  • 04

    On 32th week of pregnancy (embryo term)

    5 000€
Total amount:
60 000€

International surrogacy program with childbirth in Portugal

The desire to become happy parents has no nationalities or borders. And the Spanish are no exception. But surrogacy is prohibited in Spain. Therefore, couples who have problems with the birth of a child pay attention to other countries with more loyal legislation. However, the Spanish government authorities are well aware of the states that allow surrogacy. Therefore, officials are suspicious of families with newborns entering from such countries. And obtaining documents for children born in these states is almost always problematic in Spain.

Based on this, it makes sense to look for countries for childbirth where such restrictions do not apply. The closest such country to Spain is Portugal, both in terms of geographical location and cultural traditions. Is it possible to find a surrogate mother in Portugal for a service that is acceptable? Surrogacy Portugal is a topic that has attracted attention from intended parents worldwide. Understanding the nuances of surrogacy in this European nation is crucial for those considering this path to parenthood. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of surrogacy in Portugal, addressing key questions and providing valuable insights.

Surrogacy in Portugal – legal specificities

One of the primary concerns for intended parents exploring surrogacy options is the legality of the process. Is surrogacy legal in Portugal? The answer is yes, but with some restrictions. The legal framework aligns with the country's emphasis on ethical surrogacy arrangements. The Portugal surrogacy law emphasizes the importance of altruism in surrogacy arrangements, ensuring that the well-being of the child and the surrogate mother remains at the forefront of the process. Cost of surrogacy in Portugal is a significant factor in the decision-making process for intended parents. Compared to some other European countries, surrogacy in Portugal can be more affordable, primarily due to Portugal surrogacy law. While this limits financial arrangements with surrogate mothers, it can result in lower overall expenses. The legal situation with surrogacy in Portugal has remained unregulated for 15 years. On the one hand, the Government adopts rather friendly laws, and on the other hand, the Constitutional Court cancels these initiatives as contrary to the Constitution.

In Portugal itself, you will not find a single commercial surrogacy clinic. This is because, according to the law (Lein.º 25/2016, de 22 deagosto and Decreto Regulamentar n.º 6/2017, de 31 de julho), only altruistic surrogacy is possible in Portugal. It can be used by Portuguese and foreign heterosexual couples who are married for strict medical reasons (for example, the absence of a uterus). Surrogate mother Portugal refers to a woman who voluntarily carries a child for intended parents. Surrogate mothers in Portugal are motivated by compassion, and a desire to help others create families. Any payment of the price of a surrogate mother in Portugal, as well as intermediary activity, entails punishment and even imprisonment for up to 2 years.

A number of restrictions prevent the use of surrogacy in Portugal:

1. A surrogate mother in Portugal must only be a relative or close friend of the spouses. The process of surrogacy in Portugal is allowed with the help of IVF with the genetic material of at least one future parent.

2. Prohibition of donation anonymity. Upon reaching the age of 18, the child has the right to know all the circumstances of his birth. This leads to a long and costly search for a suitable donor, since not all candidates want to reveal themselves.

3. The spouses must apply for permission to the National Council for Childbirth (Conselho Nacional de Procriação Medicamente Assistida, CNPMA). This body issues a permit to conclude a surrogacy agreement within 3 to 6 months.

But, already in April 2018, the Constitutional Court, in accordance with Resolution 225/2018, canceled some provisions of the Law 25/2016. And also, in July 2019, the amended provisions were again declared unconstitutional. Therefore, it can be said that there is no clear legal framework for the regulation of surrogacy in Portugal. In many surrogacy arrangements, intended parents may require the use of donated eggs. Egg donation Portugal is an essential component of assisted reproductive technologies in the country. Egg donors in Portugal typically undergo thorough screening processes to ensure the health and genetic compatibility of donated eggs.

Surrogacy in Portugal - special offer

On this basis, the Spanish public services have no legal basis to restrict the registration of children born in Portugal.

After analyzing all the data, the employees of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group came up with a unique surrogacy package in Portugal. With the real possibility of having a healthy child in this beautiful, westernmost country of Eurasia, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, avoiding lengthy litigation and insuring against failures at the stage of medical procedures. We offer future parents a guaranteed surrogacy program Ukraine - Portugal "Childbirth in Portugal".

In Ukraine, surrogacy is an official way of treating childlessness, regardless of the parents' citizenship. The laws have created the most comfortable conditions so that genetic parents are maximally protected, and the future of the child has multi-level legislative protection.

Due to the fact that the situation with surrogacy in Portugal is not settled, all controversial issues, for example, embryo transfer, are carried out in the legal field of Ukraine, where such issues are legally approved. The births themselves take place in Portugal and are legally protected by the Direito da Família family code, which is part of the Civil Code «Código Civil» (Article 124, article 15).

The exclusivity of the package of childbirth in Portugal is that, with you, an official contract for the birth of a child is concluded with the international organization FHRG. You choose a surrogate mother from Ukraine, and your child is born in Portugal. The contract contains the services of a surrogate mother Portugal, a separate contract with the clinic for the implementation of the surrogacy program in Ukraine and the delivery of a surrogate mother in Portugal. The obligations assumed by the clinic and the surrogate mother in Portugal and the price are officially regulated by these documents. By combining the medical and legal capabilities of Ukraine and Portugal, a surrogacy program “Childbirth in Portugal” was created in our Center for Reproduction.

Our database contains information about verified surrogate mothers and donors of any phenotype. A unique offer from the Feskov Human Reproduction Group - the possibility of personal acquaintance and communication with selected candidates for surrogate mothers or donors!

At the same time, all payments to a surrogate mother in Portugal (including fees), the cost of donation (if there is such a need), IVF, pregnancy monitoring, guest and legal services are already included in the fixed price. At the same time, the program does not imply any additional payments. We fully cover all risks associated with the process:

  • unlimited number of IVFs until a successful result;
  • termination of pregnancy at any time;
  • death of a child during childbirth.

In all these cases, we restart the surrogacy program in Portugal as many times as necessary, until your healthy baby is born. We guarantee the genetic health of the newborn by transferring only healthy embryos using PGD / NGS methods.

Implementation of the surrogacy program Ukraine - Portugal "Childbirth in Portugal"

In a word, the implementation of the program occurs in several stages:

  1. Conclusion of a legal contract for the implementation of the guaranteed program.
  2. Health check and examination of the couple.
  3. Choice of surrogate mother Portugal and donor (if necessary).
  4. Unlimited number of IVF until a successful result + genetic screening of the embryo PGD / NGS.
  5. Monitoring the pregnancy of a surrogate mother Portugal up to the 8th month.
  6. Transfer of the surrogate mother to Portugal to the clinic of our partners.
  7. Safe childbirth of a surrogate mother Portugal.
  8. Obtaining a Portuguese State birth certificate - Сertidão de nascimento for a child.
  9. Future parents undergo a simplified adoption procedure with the help of our legal team.

Thus, the entire Ukraine - Portugal surrogacy program with a full range of reproductive, guest, legal and other services, with the birth of your child in Portugal, will cost 60,000 - 80,000 €, depending on the accompanying circumstances. This exclusive offer for surrogacy in Portugal is the only one of its kind, bringing together all facets of the process, the result of which will be the return home with a healthy baby! And there is no need to look for a surrogate mother in Portugal for the price of services which is unknown. In conclusion, surrogacy in Portugal offers a legal and affordable path to parenthood for those who prioritize ethical considerations in the surrogacy process. With the right guidance and a trusted partner like the Feskov Human Reproduction Group, you can navigate the complexities of surrogacy in Portugal and work towards the joyous moment of welcoming your child into the world. Contact us today to learn more about your surrogacy options in Portugal.

The team of the Center for Human Reproduction of Professor A.M. Feskov will create all the conditions for you to experience only pleasant troubles and get the maximum benefits from the Ukraine-Portugal surrogacy program "Childbirth in Portugal".

This information is presented for informational purposes and shows the possibilities of using this or that reproductive technology in the territory of Ukraine or another country where our clinic can be represented.

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