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Transportation of frozen embryos

  1. 🩺 Embryos transportation process

Embryo cryopreservation technology has been used worldwide for over 20 years.

Transportation of cryopreserved embryos is relevant to couples who already have a cryopreserved embryo in the IVF country, while the IVF program with a participation of a surrogate mother is planned to be realized in another country, where surrogacy is permitted by law.

It is known that the pregnancy rate using cryopreserved embryos is 50-70 %, which is 2-3 times higher than in a fresh embryo transfer.

The Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers a unique new service of transporting your cryopreserved embryos for surrogacy programs to any country, where surrogacy is permitted.

Embryos transportation process

Cryopreserved embryos and their transportation to Ukraine from any country in the world

Your cryopreserved embryos in cryounits will be placed in our shipping dewar, which is equipped with a temperature sensor. All temperature variations are controlled by a program manager of the Center for Human Reproduction Clinic of professor Feskov.

Dewar is sealed by the customs service of the country, from which the embryos are exported. Technicians of the Embryology Laboratory receive the dewar at the airport.

This allows controlling conditions of the first trip of your future children.

In the future, your cryopreserved embryos will be transferred into the uterus of a surrogate mother, who has already been examined and prepared for the embryo transfer procedure.

Who needs the cryopreserved embryos transportation service:

  1. Couples, in the country of residence of which the surrogacy is prohibited.
  2. Save your time: the IVF procedure is performed in your country of residence, and then our courier transports embryos to Ukraine.
  3. Save your money: conduct the IVF program to obtain a cryopreserved embryo in your country of residence in those countries where there is a state program for treatment of infertility (reimbursed with your insurance), then our courier transports the cryopreserved embryos to Ukraine for the further transfer of the cryopreserved embryos into the uterus of a surrogate mother.
  4. After unsuccessful attempts in other clinics, you can transport your cryopreserved embryos for the implementation of the program and have success in the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

To do this you need to:

You can get detailed information about the service from the manager by filling out the form on the website.

Or in another way convenient for you

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