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What is IVF

IVF (In vitro fertilization) or, as they say in common people - “conception in vitro,” is fertilization outside the female body. When biological material is taken from future parents, and the fusion of eggs and sperm takes place under the supervision of embryologists in the laboratory. After 5-6 days, viable embryos formed in this way implant in the uterus of a biological or surrogate mother. In the case of surrogacy, an outside woman goes through all stages of pregnancy and gives birth to a child for spouses.

According to medical statistics, 29-36% of patients become pregnant from the first attempt to conceive "in vitro". Doctors say that up to 4 attempts at in vitro fertilization can be done without compromising health. If all of them were unsuccessful, it is worth considering other options for becoming parents - for example, egg donation or surrogate motherhood.

How does IVF work

For the birth of a child via the IVF program, we only need one thing, which is the quality of the egg and sperm.

Of course, couples who seek help do not always have high parameters of their reproductive potential. Success depends by 20 % on the readiness of the embryo implantation site, the uterus, and by 80 % on the quality of the embryo.

The effectiveness of the IVF program in the Feskov Human Reproduction Group is due to the following parameters:

Today, the IVF program allows not only overcoming infertility, but also fulfilling the following of your wishes:

  1. Choosing the future child’s sex. Ukrainian legislation allows choosing the sex of the baby using preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
  2. Choosing the healthy embryo: the full genomic screening, identification of the complete chromosome set.
  3. Overcoming monogenic diseases: definition of carriers of monogenic diseases in the embryo for the further selection of the healthy embryo for transfer.

IVF process

Process stages step by step through an IVF cycle

This IVF method, like any other treatment, begins with a thorough medical examination of the couple, passing the necessary tests, and specialist advice. Only after this, the doctor will know the exact root cause of infertility in order to choose the most suitable type of IVF:

Consider the in vitro fertilization procedure in stages:

  1. Analytics or collection of information. As mentioned above, this is a medical examination of spouses. They include: examination of specialists, ultrasound, blood tests, smears for infections, for men - a spermogram.
  2. Stimulation of the ovaries. Within two weeks, a woman takes special hormones that stimulate ovulation. Therefore, several full-fledged eggs mature in her ovaries.
  3. Puncture or selection of oocytes. When the eggs are ready, they are taked out from the ovaries using a puncture under the control of an ultrasound scan.
  4. Immediate conception in vitro. Embryologists fuse female reproductive cells with male reproductive cells in special solutions using modern medical equipment. If the process was successful, after 4-6 days, fresh embryos are obtained. One is used, and the rest are cryopreserved in an ultrafast manner. Such frozen embryos are left in reserve for the following IVF procedures.
  5. Preimplantation genetic screening. The embryo undergoes a biopsy to make sure that there are no abnormalities in the development of diseases transmitted at the gene level.
  6. The embryotransfer into the female uterus. If the embryo meets all the requirements, it is transplanted into the uterine cavity.
  7. Stage of diagnosis of pregnancy. After all the manipulations, the desired pregnancy comes. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out additional hormone therapy to support the resulting miracle.
    The process of waiting for a baby after "conception in vitro" does not differ much from a natural pregnancy. And the childbirth passes as usual. But if a surrogate mother bears and gives birth to baby for a couple, then the next stage will be:
  8. Surrogate mother prenatal care
  9. The birth process and the transfer of the baby to biological parents.
  10. Legal support and legalization of the newborn by law.


After that, happy parents with the baby return home.

Additional research in IVF

Such a procedure is quite expensive, especially if you have to carry out several attempts. Plus, the cost is affected by additional reproductive actions, namely:

The Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers customers packages with comprehensive services and warranty. This includes unlimited IVF attempts, human genomics, information about the baby’s gender, legal formalities and other services for which you don't need to pay extra. Each couple has the right to receive the necessary treatment and services according to their capabilities and wishes, from Balance to Deluxe.


With us - you are sure to hold your own baby!

How much does IVF cost

The IVF procedure includes a number of standard medical procedures, the cost of medications for ovarian stimulation and endometrium preparation, and the cost of additional procedures,that increase the chances of pregnancy. The price of one IVF procedure in the USA varies from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000.


Prices in the European Union are about $ 6,000 - $ 8,000 per IVF attempt.

We at Feskov Human Reproduction Group have developed guaranteed treatment programs so that you will not be upset by every unsuccessful attempt, but will confidently move towards a victorious result.


This means that we carry out IVF treatment programs for a fixed fee until the desired result is achieved, which means either pregnancy or the birth of a child, depending on the level of the chosen program.


To learn more about IVF programs with a guaranteed result, see the pricing page.

Get a free advice of a fertility specialist of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group on the IVF program options.

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