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Historical Changes to Surrogate Laws in Israel

    Under the current law, only Israeli heterosexual married couples and single women for medical reasons could use surrogacy programs to have a baby. According to the Supreme Court decision of February 27, the existing surrogate legislation is discriminatory. It violates the right to equality and the right to parenthood of individual citizens of the country. A panel of five judges unanimously spoke out "for" changes in the law.

    In a year, the Knesset is due to submit a new surrogacy bill, taking into account all the comments. The deadline is March 1, 2021. If the government does not create a new law before this deadline, the existing restrictions will be lifted in court.

    Various human rights organizations have been fighting for 10 years to amend the relevant law and expand the rights of same-sex couples and men without a partner. These attempts always met resistance of some political parties. The last time the Knesset rejected amendments to the law in the autumn of 2018, despite the fact that they were supported by Benjamin Netanyahu himself.

    If in a year the Knesset adopts a new law on surrogacy, then for singles the list of countries where thet can legally give birth to a child using this ART method is expanding. At the moment, this can be done in the Czech Republic, USA and Canada.

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers single people a special guaranteed package for surrogacy (IVF + donation of eggs / sperm + childbirth in a loyal country), including with the choice of sex of the future child. Due to the possibilities of the current Ukrainian legislation, as well as the options provided by the Czech Republic, Canada, Belgium, the USA, we arrange surrogate programs with medical and legal turnkey services. The main task of the future parent is to submit the genetic material, the clinic takes care of the rest.

    Thus, a person receives all the advantages of both Ukrainian medicine and service, and the American, Canadian, Czech, and, in the future, possibly the Israeli health care system. As well as the legalization of the baby born by a surrogate mother.


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