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The Feskov Human Reproduction Group does its best for you to have a long-awaited baby in your family.

Modern technology can help in cases when the woman's uterus is not able to bear the child, and there is no possibility of using the woman's eggs for conception. In this case, we suggest using a donor egg and the services of a surrogate mother.

Our clinic works individually with each patient and selects the optimal action plan for each specific case. We will consider the peculiarities of your situation, take into account all the necessary medical parameters, help you choose the right donor egg and a surrogate mother. Together we can overcome all obstacles and realize your dream of the birth of a child.

The guarantee of the result is the achievement of pregnancy or the birth of a child, depending on the level of the selected package.

The service is included in packages such as Balance, VIP and DeLuxe

What is surrogacy with egg donation

There are a lot number of reasons why a woman can not bear and give birth to a child herself. Nowadays, this problem can be successfully solved with the help of surrogate motherhood.

The Services of Surrogate Motherhood (including the use of a donor egg) and IVF Guarantee allows the couples to become parents even with serious reproductive problems.

At Feskov Human Reproduction Group we use gestational surrogacy, i.e. a surrogate mother is not the genetic mother of the child she is bearing.

There are a number of congenital and acquired pathologies with which a woman can not use her own eggs to conceive a child. This may be the absence of oocytes, their inability to be fertilized, the presence of genetic abnormalities that do not allow the conceiving of a healthy child and other pathologies. The solution to this situation for a couple is the use of an egg from a healthy female donor.

In such cases, the program involves: a married couple who wants to become parents, an egg donor, a surrogate mother.

The result of joint efforts and medical procedures (IVF) is the birth of a child.

How does Surrogacy with Egg Donation work

In fact, everything is ready for your program:

All you have to do to start a surrogacy journey is to fill out a form on our website.

Surrogacy with egg donor process

    At the initial stage, only a man is examined in the clinic, which will determine the state of health and assess the reproductive potential. Based on the results of the research, the doctor determines the parameters of your reproductive system and the readiness to produce healthy spermatozoa.
    In addition to standard analyzes and examinations, an in-depth study of the genetic material of the spermatozoon is carried out. It is important to investigate the chromosomal stability of your gametes. This will allow to get a healthy embryo in order to reach a high percentage of pregnancy.
    We offer a selection of oocytes from a vast base where all donors have been rigorously selected, examined for common genetic diseases and meet other necessary criteria.
    Parents always want to know whom their child will look like, so many people want to see who will give the donor egg. We understand this your wish and provide photos with egg donors. So you can choose a donor who has the greatest phenotypic similarity with you. Besides, when using the father's semen, half of the genes will be "native", which guarantees the likeness of the child.
    All women enrolled in the base undergo a special selection and all necessary examinations, which include a number of tests, consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist, a therapist, a psychologist. Among the criteria for our selection of surrogate mothers are their physical and mental health, the presence of at least one naturally born child, normal results of the analyzes. A surrogate mother undergoes laboratory tests for the absence of bad habits, and all these analyzes are repeated monthly until the surrogate mother is in the base and is waiting for the transfer of your embryo.
    After the conclusion of the doctors, a surrogate mother, who is in our database, is tested every 3 months for the absence of sexual infections (STDs), HIV, RW, HCV, HBV, alcohol / drug / tobacco control of bad habits.
    A women's questionnaire contains information on phenotypic characteristics, blood group, place of residence, occupation and photo. Together with us you can find a surrogate mother that will best meet your requirements and be suitable for medical reasons.
    We understand that the choice of a surrogate mother is a very important step for you, so we provide an opportunity to talk with several contestants before making the final choice and proceeding to the next stage of the program.
    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a modern reproductive technology that allows conception to be carried out in conditions where disturbances in the reproductive system prevent it from being done in the usual way. IVF technology includes four consecutive steps.
    To obtain a larger number of eggs ready for fertilization, special preparations stimulate the ovulation of an egg donor. The IVF protocol can be long and short. With a long protocol, the woman's own hormones are completely blocked, and stimulation is carried out by the introduction of artificial hormones. It begins with the 21st day of the menstrual cycle and includes 12-17 days of the use of proper preparations, after which follicle-stimulating hormones are stimulated from the 2nd or 3d days of the cycle. The short protocol coincides with the natural cycle of a woman and takes into account her hormonal background. It begins with 2-3 days of the menstrual cycle. In this case, follicle-stimulating hormones are used, the stimulation with them lasts 8-11 days. For each woman, an individual IVF protocol is created: the doctor takes into account the donor's age and other important indicators to determine the dose of gonadotropic drugs. With the use of ultrasound, regular check of the growth of the endometrium and the condition of the follicles is carried out.
    A puncture of the follicles is carried out, with the help of which the mature eggs are extracted from the donor. Puncture is usually performed in a transvaginal way under the supervision of ultrasound, with the woman receiving intravenous anesthesia. At the same time, the sperm is taken from the man.
    Obtained eggs are fertilized by the husband's sperm "in vitro". If the quality of sperm is low, ICSI technology is used, for which one viable sperm is sufficient to make fertilization successful. In this case, the sperm is manually introduced directly into the cytoplasm of the egg. Fertilized eggs are placed in a special incubator for 5-7 days. It maintains the right temperature, CO2 level, humidity and other indicators that create conditions close to natural in the uterine cavity.
    With a special catheter, a viable embryo is placed in the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother. Within 2 weeks pregnancy is supported by hormones. After that, a pregnancy test is done, and the first ultrasound is performed in a week.
    The Feskov Human reproduction Group offers a set of medical perinatal services that will provide monitoring of the baby's life. Our coordinator will conduct the pregnancy and keep you informed of what is happening. Every 3rd week throughout the term of pregnancy, ultrasound will be done, and you will receive photos of an ultrasound monitor and a surrogate mother's photo. At week 12, screening is done - a color video from the ultrasound machine, which our coordinator will also send to you.
    If you wish, you can come to the clinic and, together with the surrogate mother, go to the ultrasound to see how your future baby grows and develops (touch the tummy, wave your future baby while he or she is in the womb of the surrogate mother). You will be immersed in the process so that you can feel really pregnant. And if you want to hide from your friends and acquaintances the way your child is born, we are ready to offer you a bandage free of charge, which will give your figure appropriate pregnancy contours.
    If there is a need for invasive prenatal diagnosis, a videoconference will be organized and, if necessary, an interpreter will be provided.
    After 35 weeks, a forecast is made for the estimated date of delivery. Childbirth can take place in Kiev, Kharkov, USA, Canada, Austria or in other EU countries.
    After the birth of the baby, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group will provide you with the services of a nurse who will not only be near the child, but will also teach you how to communicate with him or her properly. Our doctors will also be there, and if necessary, you can show the child to pediatricians who will inspect and give the necessary advice.
    The Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides full legal support. You can get legal advice at the first stages of the program. We will help you in processing documents for your child after his or her birth. If necessary, you will also be provided with an interpreter and assistance on all issues that concern the baby.

What include in service Surrogacy with Egg Donor

Additional services

With us you can use the most advanced reproductive technologies at affordable prices and make your dream of a child's birth a reality!

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