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The First Meeting: 5 Helpful Tips for Surrogates & Intended Parents

  1. 🩺 Nobody canceled the preparation
  2. 🤰 Trust in the process
  3. ⭐ Ease and tact

In the database at Feskov Human Reproduction Group, you can select a VIP surrogate mother of any phenotype, with experience, recommendations, and even with the possibility of personal acquaintance. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you relax and make your meeting as enjoyable as possible.

Nobody canceled the preparation


A little preliminary preparation for the event is important. When contacting an agency or clinic, the parents-to-be and the surrogate mother can familiarize themselves with information about each other in order to get a general idea of people and their goals in this process.

It will be helpful to write down a few questions and ideas for yourself about what to discuss at the first meeting. They can be serious or more frivolous. If the meeting takes place via a video call, you should check the Internet connection and the necessary equipment to avoid missed calls and technical problems.

Trust in the process


Some Intended Parents believe that they need to come right away with a list of requirements for a surrogate mother. Their fears and concerns are understandable, but rushing to talk about finances or medical issues can complicate future relationships.

Serious agencies or clinics, like our Reproduction Center, consider specific preferences for a surrogate mother long before the first meeting. Accordingly, a woman is selected who is most suitable for this particular family, who shares many of the most important goals in this process. In addition, her condition will be constantly monitored by medical personnel so that the baby in her belly is healthy, as well as to ensure the safe birth of the baby.

Ease and tact


To build trust, communication etiquette is essential. You should be conscious of how and what to talk about. Curiosity is normal at first, but it is advisable to maintain a casual conversation. Since this first meeting is not to test each other. Both surrogate mothers and intended parents are carefully selected before joining the program.

The following topics will help keep your communication in a relaxed way:

  • family history;
  • general questions about lifestyle;
  • hobbies, interests;
  • what led to participation in the program.

Sincerity and natural behavior always win over.

Listen and hear


Some people, when they are nervous, begin to talk incessantly, not always on the topic, not paying attention to the interlocutor. For this, you should be remember that the main purpose of this meeting is simply to get to know each other. If the conversation becomes unnatural or difficult to move forward, you can ask prepared questions that will allow the other party to open up and, in turn, share their stories.

Mutual exchange of hopes and expectations


Communication is a vital component in any surrogacy journey. An open and honest relationship between the surrogate and the parents-to-be creates the foundation for the success of the entire event. That's why, this is the perfect time to lay the foundations for productive, successful interactions.

How often will meetings and conversations take place? What will be the form of communication? Will it be video calls or personal visits? It's great if expectations and hopes for these and other issues coincide. But, if you have to compromise, then that's okay too. The main thing is that the conversation ends with a clear idea of what awaits everyone in the future.

Guaranteed surrogate programs from the Feskov Human Reproduction Group will help with any fertility problems. In our Center, even people without a partner using program for singles, can expect that in 9 months they will take their own newborn home and become happy parents!


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