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  1. 🩺 Full surrogacy process: how does surrogacy work
  2. 🤰 Steps of the Guarantee Surrogacy process
  3. ⭐ The benefits of surrogacy?
  4. 💊 The nuances of choosing a surrogate mother

Full surrogacy process: how does surrogacy work

When people create a family, their natural desire is to continue in their beloved son or daughter. All that is not happening? In this case, medicine suggests using reproductive technology. Progress in human reproduction and genomics opens up new possibilities for people. Surrogate motherhood packages from Feskov Human Reproduction Group, developed on a «turn-key basis without hassle», guarantee a 100% chance of having a healthy baby!

Steps of the Guarantee Surrogacy process

Spouses who decide to take such a step as surrogate motherhood, in general terms, know how it works. An embryo is created from the genetic material of the parents / donor as a result of in vitro fertilization, transfered to the uterus of a surrogate mother who carries and gives birth to a baby.

But where to start? How is the process going? Let's take it all step by step. It is appropriate to note that it is possible to go through some stages remotely, without physical presence.

  1. Primary / informational. Future parents have already chosen the Center for reproduction / agency, the type of service desired, have signed an agreement. Then you need to come to the state where the medical institution is located. Certainly, meeting arrangements, transfer, hotel accommodation are being prepared. Both the wife and husband are thoroughly examined, tested, visited specialists, choose candidates for the role of surrogate mother/ sperm / eggs donor.
  2. Diagnosis of pregnancy. This stage includes a medical examination of the candidate for surrogacy, extracting of  donor eggs (in the case of donation), IVF, PGD diagnostics of the embryo for chromosomal pathologies, and its transfer to the uterus of the surrogate mother.
  3. The stage of gestation. This is, directly, monitoring the progress of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy, the necessary procedures, tests, insurance and financial compensation for the surrogate mother.
  4. Childbirth. This stage is characterized by the process of delivery of surrogate mother in the right country, the diagnosis of a newborn, the payment of a fee to a woman giving birth.
  5. Solving legal issues. This includes measures for registration of the baby, preparation of papers for departure, the solution of related issues.

    More detailed information about each step can be obtained on the website of our Center for Reproduction.

The benefits of surrogacy?

            Reflecting on the appropriateness of helping another woman in such a delicate matter, future parents naturally would like to know the advantages of this method of reproduction.

            Consider the benefits of surrogacy for all participants in the process. So, future parents receive:

In turn, the surrogate mother also benefits, since, in addition to paying expenses during the process, she is entitled to a reward for her services.

We determined the benefits, but what is included in the preparation for surrogacy? First you need to choose a trustworthy clinic / agency, for this you should consider:

 It is worth noting that contacting a serious reproduction center directly for future parents is the most profitable. Firstly, this is minus agent interest, and secondly, more funds are spent on medical procedures. At the Center for Human Reproduction of prof. Feskov A.M. we perform the required number of IVF cycles, until a guaranteed result, without surcharges. Plus, we have our own professional managers, consultants and lawyers.

The nuances of choosing a surrogate mother

          The next important point that worries future parents is what should be a surrogate mother? Can any woman try herself for this role? There are certain requirements for surrogate mother:

The main thing is for a woman to understand why she is doing this, to be responsible, nice,decent. During pregnancy, she must get rid of bad habits for the body. Our clinic provides surrogate mothers from a database, but, if desired, you can invite a relative or friend. If, after the examination, the woman’s health satisfies the requirements, she will be accepted for the program. In this case, everything will be cheaper.

Legal issues of Guarantee Surrogacy

And what does Ukrainian law say about surrogacy? The legislative framework of our country in the field of ART is well developed. Civil and Family codes clearly regulate the rights and obligations of all parties to the process of commercial surrogacy. After the birth, the surrogate mother is obligated to transfer the newborn to the biological parents, and the genetic parents - to pay her a certain reward for the services. The law is 100% on the side of the parents, so they are immediately registered in the Birth certificate, like father and mother, and receive papers, bypassing bureaucratic red tape.

Thanks to cooperation with offices in Europe and America, our professional legal team has extensive experience in legalization. Therefore, we will take care of everything and arrange all the paper properly.

From start to finish

We briefly reviewed the entire process of surrogacy from the stage of choosing a clinic / agency to the birth and legal registration of the baby. Once the future parents have decided on the Center for Reproduction, you can safely begin the procedure - go to the clinic, pass tests, undergo the necessary examination, etc.

Of course, each stage has its own nuances, but with guaranteed packages from the Feskov Human Reproduction Group, everything is in the hands of professionals of the highest category. Packages are adapted to different budgets and different requests. Their particularity  is that it is enough to pay the amount specified in the contract once and you can revel in the process of conscious parenthood. In addition, all programs of the Center guarantee the absolute success of the event - you will certainly have a healthy daughter or son! We solve all organizational, transport, domestic issues for your comfortable stay with us! After the quick execution of all documents by  our legal team, you go home a happy full family with a newborn!

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