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  4. 💊 How to start egg donation. Stages of egg donation
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Recently, more and more zones on the world map become red (Fig.) - these are countries where problems of infertility are observed. According to WHO approximately 10% of all couples of reproductive age are infertile, and primary  female infertility reaches 3%. At the same time, the highest level of secondary infertility is observed in women of the African phenotype, up to 12% of all women.

In general, at the global level, the number of infertile couples in 2010 was estimated at 48.5 million [PloS Medicine]. Many negative factors lead to the fact that annually up to 4.5 million couples face infertility. According to experts, female infertility in a couple is the most frequent cause.


40% of couples have infertility due to the male factor. The largest factor is the female factor, almost half of the cases (50%). And the rest is a mutual factor in the couple.Feskov V.A. Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of ASRM, ESHRE, UARM

Causes of female infertility

Consider what types of infertility women can have and their causes. Modern medicine distinguishes the following sources of female infertility:

  • endocrine disorders (inherent, stress, infection, etc.) = up to20 %
  • pathology of the fallopian (uterine) tubes (infections, congenital) =  30 %
  • pathology of the ovaries = 10–20 %
  • uterine pathology (childbirth, abortion, surgery) = 10 %
  • pathology of the cervix = 5 %
  • endometrial damage =  5 %
  • immunological incompatibility and other reasons = 5–15 %

Regardless of skin color or type of problem, couples want to become a complete family and have a baby. We found that most future parents “feel connected” when they find a close egg donor. Our doctors note the high desire of future parents to make the child look like them. This is a natural desire. People seek to this for psychological and social reasons. Therefore, in the last decade, in the donor base of egg cells, attention has been paid to the donor race and its phenotype. But due to cultural reasons, black women did not donate eggs, or they did so in a limited number of cases. Therefore, potential parents were looking for an African or black egg donor and had to wait a very long time.


Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to help you with whatever you need.


How to find an African egg donor?

Currently, the problem of finding an African egg donor is not sufficiently solved. So in the European countries and in the USA the number of couples with reproductive problems is higher than the offer of egg donor bases. Maybe you want to find a black egg donor with longer or curly hair? If you are looking for an African egg donor with a lighter skin color or darker, pay attention to its height, IQ, then such a search has always been difficult.

African egg donor base or clinic?

The most common solution for finding an African egg donor is to contact the egg donor database. Often clients turn to a human reproduction clinic, and the clinic turns to a donor base. The most reliable result is when the clinic has its own egg donor base. There are several reasons for this:

  • if the clinic and the base are located in different countries, it is necessary to solve the issue of egg transportation;
  • when participating in the donor base process, the responsibility to the client is distributed between the clinic and the base, which will be more difficult if each person acts in their own legislative base;
  • candidates undergo a strict medical examination due to the interest of the clinic;
  • sometimes the egg base can be presented by several small representative offices, which can easily close or move, and the clinic will not going anywhere.

 The ideal option is universal. For example, the clinic of prof. Feskov, who has a large own bank of egg donors, can also turn to an external egg database if the recipients wish. Due to this, the waiting time for the start of treatment can be minimized. You can choose a donor by a photo with a description of the phenotype and physiological parameters. We know that the geography of origin is very influential, and in different cultures there are many legacies and religions that also need to be taken into account. Therefore, the selection will also take into account the place of origin of donors. For example, if a client comes from North Africa, then the donor will be selected from the same region in order to preserve the characteristic external features. Our staff will help you choose egg donor profiles to find the perfect match.



Map of primary female infertility

How to start egg donation. Stages of egg donation

So you decided to turn to egg donation to become parents. You have chosen a clinic and egg donation program. Your first letters of correspondence took place and you want to know: what next? Here are the standard stages of egg donation, which in some cases can be supplemented:

  1. It all starts with a free consultation with your coordinator and specialist doctor. You will tell about your wishes and expectations, what are your requirements for an African egg donor. The coordinator will explain what awaits you, share experience with participants, and you can ask any questions you may have.
  2. Your lawyer approved the contract and you have already signed it. You should now pass the medical examination. In good clinics, the possibility of remote examination is available - use it. So our clinic has a representative office in your country, where you can transfer your tests without coming to Ukraine. This will save your time and money.
  3. The choice of the African donor for photos / videos / personal acquaintance. You will be given access to the base for the selection of African egg donors. Along with ethnicity, you can learn about education, donor enthusiasm, physical characteristics, health status and see photos of each candidate. We will help you find an African egg donor right for you!
  4. A DNA-matching study is conducted that will exclude hereditary diseases in your unborn baby. It will allow you to find out how suitable the selected African egg donor fits the man’s DNA, creating optimal conditions for the quality of life of the child.
  5. The IVF procedure is conducting. For this, the choice and transfer of the embryo to the uterus is made. To achieve the best results in our clinic, examinations of men PICSI, IMSI, as well as the diagnosis of PGD NGS embryo are done. We carry out an unlimited number of IVF until delivery. At the request of the parents, the gender of the unborn child can be ordered.
  6. Pregnancy is monitored until successful delivery.
  7. The necessary documents are prepared for the subsequent registration of your child in your country.

The schedule of payments in different clinics varies. In the clinic of prof. Feskov, it can be selected as flexibly as possible for customers.

Advices and recommendations. Answers to questions

Our wealth of experience in the field of egg donation allows you to give you tips and lifehacks to find an egg donor safely and easily:

  1. Age restriction for recipients of a donated egg - there are currently no restrictions.
  2. Look for clinics with anonymous egg donation. In most countries of Europe where egg donation is allowed, it is not anonymous and upon reaching the age of 18 you will be required to tell your child about the donation. Recommended countries are Ukraine, USA, Czech Republic. Our clinic is presented and works in these countries.
  3. Work only with well-proven clinics. Look for reviews, check with who you will sign a contract.
  4. Learn more about your donor. Sometimes some clinics, including ours, provide a personal anonymous acquaintance with the chosen candidate. Be sure to take this opportunity. Your choice is for life, this is the future of your family.
  5. There must be obligatory pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Only cooperate with clinics that conduct such a procedure. You have to be sure in the health of your future baby.
  6. Even if you have a very limited budget, try to choose clinics with guaranteed programs. There should be no additional charges in your program. As our experience shows, it is this choice that gives a lower total amount. If you have complicating factors (bad habits, age), then guaranteed programs are the most economical option for cooperation.
  7. The contract with the clinic must be concluded in a respectable European country, and the clinic must have an account with a reliable bank. A good contract will allow you to return the funds spent on treatment at the expense of your health insurance. Our clinic practices this.
  8. Is there a hereditary disease in your family or do you want to remove the risks of future diseases? - Right now you can solve this problem. Our clinic has a unique base for human genomics. Modern gene editing technologies cure severe heredity and your child will be 100% with perfect genetics


Selection criteria for African egg donors

Different countries and clinics have their own conditions and selection criteria for donors. Here is an example of how we select African egg donors:

Oocyte donors are selected based on their age (30 years or less), the candidate has at least one healthy child, and general appearance characteristics. Before adding a donor to our database, she must take part in a medical and psychological assessment. Complete clinical examination of participants, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, hormone testing, testing for genetic diseases (chromosome typing, screening for common genetic diseases, or genome analysis for all clinically significant genetic diseases). All participants receive consultations in which they are informed about the process itself and the nuances of the donor procedure. They also receive psychological counseling. For the entire presence of the participants in our database, we periodically conduct tests for drugs, precursors and smoking.

WE ARE INTERESTED for your egg donor to be BEST, and our cooperation with you impeccable.

We have provided the most independent expert information on egg donation, and we hope that you will soon become happy parents. Our clinic is one of the leaders in reproductive technologies in our country. And, for many years we have been the standard for others. We work with package offers on unlimited IVF, transfer only healthy embryos and guarantee results. We solve all logistics problems, take care of all domestic and household issues, pay for accommodation and meals. Our staff will guide you through each step of the process and help you become the parents of your child.

Remember: regardless of your needs, we are experts in finding egg donors and providing donation services.


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