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We guarantee you a professional and quality service, we are ready to come to your aid 24 hours a day to respond in a timely manner and to minimize all possible risks and your will with you to achieve your next desired result.

Irina FeskovaIrina Feskova, MD., Ph. D., reproductive endocrinologist, medical director of Clinic of prof. A. Feskov

Why should you choose us:

  1. We have been in the field of reproductive medicine since 1995, since that time we have completed hundreds of successful IVF programs, which allows us to legally guarantee 100% of the birth of a healthy child;
  2. We specialize in human genomics and PGD diagnostics, which allows us to choose a healthy embryo, prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases and choose the sex of the unborn child at your request;
  3. The system of our services is built on complete confidentiality. We have developed and use a reliable personal information protection system for each patient;
  4. We have our own base of mothers and egg donors of the European, Asian, African phenotype that allows you to choose your ideal donor;


Feskov Vladislav

Feskov Vladislav


Chief of the Surrogate motherhood Center of professor Feskov

Feskova Darya

Feskova Darya

Program coordinators

Coordinator of surrogate motherhood programs and the donation of eggs



Law department

Lawyer on Reproductive Rights and Policies in the Reproductive Area


The Kramskys family review

The Kramskys family

We would like to express our gratitude to the center of surrogate motherhood of Professor Feskov for the excellent organization

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Lara review


Our experience with the Centre was very good, they gave us the most important thing in our lives

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We applied to the Center after trying various methods of treatment in other clinics and in other countries; First impression rig

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Do I need a medical condition in order to complete the program of surrogacy?
Feskov Vladyslav

For surrogacy program a medical justification of the impossibility of carrying a pregnancy must be provided. This is due to the law of Ukraine.

? Autor
How goes the selection of your donor base and surrogate mothers?
Feskov Vladyslav

All potential donors and surrogate mothers undergo gynecological and therapists examination and pass the necessary tests.

The main criteria of selection:

 - Good physical and mental health;

 - Performance tests are normal;

 - The absence of contraindications to programs donation and / or surrogacy;

 - Have at least one healthy child born in a natural way.

? Autor
Is surrogate motherhood legal in Ukraine?
Feskov Vladyslav

Ukrainian laws are loyal to the problems of infertile couples. The procedure and conditions of these programs are governed by a variety of regulations, such as the Family and Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "Fundamentals of the Ukrainian legislation on health care," special order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 09.09.2013, the number 787, as well as a number of other regulatory acts. These regulations do not prohibit the passage of surrogacy programs in Ukraine for its citizens as well as citizens of other countries.

? Autor
Who registers the documents to a newborn baby?
Feskov Vladyslav

In order to be sure of the validity of the documents and compliance with all laws better to turn to a professional lawyer.

After the birth of a child the standard procedure of registration of civil status act will be held – the obtaining of a birth certificate. The surrogate mother signs a notary special application form, agrees on the fact that she has no objection to the recording child's genetic parents as parents.

For the getting of birth certificate, our lawyers collect the necessary documents and accompany the genetic parents in the body of civil registration (it is necessarily personal presence in the registry office of both parents).

? Autor
How long will I have to wait for the start of the program?
Feskov Vladyslav

You start a surrogacy program in the moment when you first came to us. Due to the fact that the entire preparation process can be started remotely, at the time of your visit a clear action plan will be formed, and you can use your time as efficiently as possible.

The center of surrogacy Baby in Time has an extensive database of surrogate mothers who are prepared for the start of the program at any time. You do not need to wait their turn - contact us and personal coordinator will answer all your questions.

? Autor
How can I choose a surrogate mother?
Feskov Vladyslav

To make the selection of a surrogate mother the most simple process for you, we offer several candidates that best match your requirements.

All surrogate mothers are women aged 20 to 36 years who have their own child or children. Surrogate mother undergoes a medical examination, which confirms its suitability to the surrogacy program.

The main criteria of selection:

- Good physical and mental health;

 - Performance tests are normal;

 - The absence of contraindications to the surrogacy program;

 - Have at least one healthy child, born in a natural way.

The information about surrogate mother is provided by the phenotype (hair color, height, weight, etc.), blood group, place of residence and activities. Each profile is accompanied by photographs. The coordinator will tell you in detail about each woman on consultation by the selection. If in the end you still doubt about the choice, then you can request to meet with 3 candidates for surrogate mother (in the center or via skype meeting) and personally get acquainted with them.

Surrogate Mother Agency

Parenthood is a blessing; children bring sense to many people’s lives and change them forever. But the joys of pregnancy and childbirth are not accessible to every couple in the world, and some of them see the dreams of having a baby turn to pieces by diseases, inborn infertility, or legal barriers.

Feskov human reproduction group is a surrogacy and egg donor agency that gives couples in hope and to make the long-cherished dream of holding a baby in their hands come true. We stand apart from many other surrogate mother agencies due to complete dedication to service quality and relentless work on making perfect matches between parents, donors, and surrogates. Valuable experience of our medical specialists and hundreds of happy parents speak for themselves – Feskov human reproduction group is definitely a place where intended parents become accomplished, happy people.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group

Flawless service of our surrogacy center is guaranteed by its founder and head – an internationally acclaimed professor of reproductive medicine Alexandr Mikhailovich Feskov. He has over 33 years of experience in infertility treatment, IVF, and surrogacy services.

Mr. Feskov is a member of ESHRE and Ukrainian Reproductive Medicine Association’s board. Mother Surrogate is thus a family business in which numerous members of the Feskov family continue Mr. Feskov’s undertakings and give hundreds of families the happiness of parenthood.

Mother Surrogate is not only a gestational surrogacy agency. Our list of services includes:

  • Guaranteed IVF treatment with own eggs!
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics – next generation sequencing (NGS) - genetically healthy baby Guarantee
  • Future baby sex selection
  • Surrogate motherhood services for single parents
  • Egg donation - individual advanced egg donor / special phenotype egg donor selection
  • Egg donation guarantee of pregnancy ongoing
  • Legal support all over the world coverage

For your convenience, we have developed a set of packages with services to guarantee your result of our cooperation and your satisfaction with our joint work on your parenthood.

By choosing the comfort Guarantee package plan, clients receive benefits and advantages of guarantee IVF programs and surrogate mother services with non-additional payment during pregnancy achieving.

The VIP Guarantee package allows intended parents to receive full genetic screening of the embryo's genetic material to be perfectly confident about their baby’s health.

A more economical variant is available through the Low-Cost Guarantee plan for intended parents on a budget.

Visit our surrogate website to compare plans and select the one to your liking. But getting excellent service and long-awaited results is possible with all our programs and plans: unlimited number of IVF attempts in cases of unsuccessful implantation and unlimited stimulation for egg donors are included in all of them (coverage level of program varies from package to package depending on its price).

How We Work

The key task of our surrogacy agency is to provide full cycle of services up to healthy baby birth including selection of best egg donors and match them with the intended parents, arrangement of an individual legal service plan, guest services, all of which are aimed to guarantee full comfort to our clients. After that, medicine takes the lead. We initiate the process based on your demands and expectations to make the perfect fit and contribute to your cloudless, happy parenthood.

All clients coming to us enjoy a wide range of benefits:

  • Excellent quality of medical, legal and guest service
  • Individual approach to every participant to ensure that the process fits their expectations and desires
  • We speak your language! Our professionals speak Italian, Spanish, English, Russian, French, German, Romanian, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, and Ukrainian, so you will always be understood.
  • The full range of legal services up to registration of passport for baby in your country of residence
  • An opportunity to determine the baby’s sex
  • Ability to get personally acquainted with the egg donor
  • Surrogacy and IVF services rendered in private clinics of Feskov human reproduction group in Kharkiv/ Kiev /Prague
  • Transportation of cryopreserved eggs and embryos
  • Thorough selection of surrogate mothers
  • An opportunity to have an individual sperm donor
  • Umbilical blood and placental tissue conservation
  • Baby birth process in a high-level private maternity hospital.


  1. From the list of surrogate agencies available in Spain, I selected Mother Surrogate for the company’s reputation and successful IVF percentage. I never regretted the choice, as our joint path to my baby boy was fantastic! I witnessed a very warm attitude of staff, full understanding and respect for my wishes and expectations, and here I am, with a beloved son in my hands.
  2. We have been attempting to find a surrogate online for two years, but postponed the decision every time because we were not sure about the safety of this venture. With Mother Surrogate, we finally fulfilled our dream and became a full family with lovely twin kids, thank you!
  3. I can’t express how grateful I am to your company for assistance, since my husband and I were in despair about the inability to conceive. It is hard to find surrogate mothers on your own nowadays, as the Web is full of frauds. But with this agency’s help, we finally got our gift – our baby girl Alexia.

How to Find Surrogate Mothers Online

Many of you might wonder how to find a surrogate mother in your area, so that it is safe, you receive a guarantee of child’s safety, your funds’ security, and the mother’s health. Surrogacy in Ukraine is an excellent alternative to going through the process in your home country, since pricing of this service is much higher in Europe, while quality is similar, sometimes even higher here. So, if you ask yourself a question “how to find surrogate mothers online?”, we are here at your service – fill in the form below and contact us to start the journey that ends with meeting your baby.

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