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Egg donation in Canada

    Significant support is also provided by the government, forming not only transparent legislation in this area, but also creating the most comfortable conditions for all parties to the process.

    The cost of an egg donation in Canada high enough even for wealthy citizens of this state is a real chance to become parents for childless couples from all over the world.

    The total cost of an egg donation in Canada can reach 75 thousand Canadian dollars. Payment is transferred to the agency, direct settlements with the donor are prohibited

    However, the couple will not escape the need to pay for each medical procedure during the prenatal check-ups, delivery, legal services. At the same time, there are no guarantees of success: the number of eggs is limited, and if IVF is not successful on the first try, the total amount may exceed one hundred thousand dollars.

    Feskov Human Donation Group offers to become participants in the guaranteed program "Egg Donation." You receive a complex of reproductive services: selection of a donor (with the possibility of personal dating), creation of an embryo without chromosomal pathologies (by NGS method), pregnancy (up to 12 weeks or before delivery), legal (registration of documents for a newborn) and guest services (accommodation in a hotel or apartments with 3-time meals for the period of medical procedures).            

    We guarantee coverage of risks: if IVF has not become successful or the pregnancy has terminated up to 12 weeks - the repeated cycle of procedures is carried out without additional payments. Depending on the package of services chosen by the couple, there is coverage of risks before the birth of a healthy child and even selection of the sex of the future child! The total cost of the program is almost half  the price of a donated egg in Canada.

    Want to learn more about guaranteed programs? Ask our managers any questions on the site - we will be happy to tell you every detail!

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