Package nameServices for fixed amount:Customers medical consultations & examinationsGenetical examination of Customers/egg donorFertility conditions treatment before IVFEgg donor selectionNumber of IVF programs to achieve pregnancyNumber of IVF programs
with own eggs
Number of embryo transfersWaiting list for embryo transfer
(depend on marital status of surrogate mother)
Healthy embryo selection by PGD (NGS)Sex determinationSexselectionPregnancy care / surrogate mother controlSurrogate mother financial compensationsInformational supportNeonatal medical carePartner delivery in private maternity hospitalTwins pregnancy careLegal servicesGuarantee of healthy baby birthCovered risksGuest servicesPostnatal screening for single gene disorders

Cord blood / placental tissue cruopreservationMoney refunding servicesIVF servicesHealthy baby birth GuaranteeFull range of risks coverage (IVF, pregnancy, legal support)Own eggs for IVFSpecial order for sex of babySpecial order for human genomics (perfect human creation)Money back assistance servicesLegal support
Comfort Guarantee 37 500 EURO Stabdard Standard - by photo (limited) Egg Donation – unlimited Attempts are Limited Unlimited 3-7 month + Included additional costs Standard + 1 time per month - Not available Additional payment Standard + Up to 12th week Comfort class standard set of tests - - Unlimited + - + - - - +
VIP Guarantee 48 998 EURO Full examination Chromosomes level Moderate conditions care by photo Egg Donation – unlimited Limited Unlimited no waiting for non-married + Included only sex detecttion Supervisor control + 1 time per 2-3 weeks + Included Included Individual + Up to baby birth Business class advanced set of tests - + Unlimited + + + - - + +
Advanced VIP Guarantee more info Individual Chromosomes + genes level Advanced cases full coverage photo unlimited / video / meet Egg Donation – unlimited Unlimited. Full Guarantee success with own eggs Unlimited Surrogate mother provided ready for transfer + Included as special order Included sex selection Special regimen + 24/7 + Included advanced care Included Advanced + Up to baby birth Lux / advanced business class Individual single gene disorders tests + screening + + Unlimited + + + + + + +

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