Surrogacy in Greece: is it legal? Cost of Surrogacy in Greece

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  3. ⭐ Surrogate mother in Greece: who is she, where to find her, the cost of surrogate motherhood in Greece at the stage of concluding a contract
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Along with the question of whether surrogacy is legal in Greece, people ask questions about the legality of donating oocytes and sperm, as well as embryos. All these procedures are also legal. In the case of embryos, the law does not require a mandatory genetic relationship to at least one parent.

Surrogacy clinics in Greece provide a really high level of service, comparable to the world's leading clinics. At the same time, in Greece, the cost of surrogate motherhood is an irrelevant issue, since only altruistic surrogacy is legally allowed. However, there are also some nuances here, including the way in which surrogacy services are provided in Greece. So that future parents understand what they will have to face, we have compiled a complete description of the experience of surrogacy in Greece.

Greece: the cost of surrogacy as a procedure

Despite the altruistic nature of the surrogate mother service in Greece, future parents will still bear the costs. As compensation for the service of surrogacyinGreece

  • All expenses incurred during pregnancy;
  • Lostwages.

are supposed to be paid to a surrogate mother.

The total amount of compensation for surrogacy in Greece, however, must not exceed €10,000.

Total cost of the reproductive surrogacy programin Greece varies on average from $30,000 to $80,000 depending on the volume of services. The affordable cost of surrogacy in Greece is one of the main factors that attract reproductive tourists from all over the European Union.

It is important to note: despite the absence of fees for gestating a child and donor biomaterials, the final cost of a surrogacy program in Greece can be high due to the lack of guaranteed programs. That is, if IVF did not lead to pregnancy or the pregnancy was interrupted, future parents will have to repay the costs of the surrogate mother and the cost of medical procedures.

Surrogate mother in Greece: who is she, where to find her, the cost of surrogate motherhood in Greece at the stage of concluding a contract

From the point of view of the law, married or unmarried heterosexual couples and single women under 50 can use the surrogacy service in Greece. A conclusion of a gynecologist about the impossibility of gestating a child is needed.

A surrogate mother in Greece must be a local citizen. She is forbidden to advertise her services, so the independent search for a surrogate mother is extremely difficult. Most often, women who agree to gestate a child are provided by a surrogacy clinic in Greece.

After the surrogate mother is found, one more difficult and slow procedure is needed. The future mother of the child must conclude an agreement with the surrogate mother and submit documents to the court to obtain permission to involve the surrogate mother in the reproductive program. Consideration of the document may take up to 8 months.

The cost of the surrogacy program in Greece includes a large number of payments for each service or medical procedure. The program using donor oocytes will cost closer to $80,000, as it includes reimbursement of the donor's expenses and payment for hormonal stimulation.

The Surrogacy Experience in Greece: A Warning for Future Parents

In general, couples who have gained experience in participating in surrogacy programs in Greece are very satisfied. The situation with the citizenship of the newborn is very convenient: it is determined by the citizenship of the parents. If the parent's home country does not recognize the child as a citizen, he will receive the Greek citizenship. In any case, the documents for leaving will be issued, they are recognized by the European Union.

However, if you want to become parents of a genetically related child, you should not consider Greece as the main option. The fact is that surrogacy clinics in Greece very often offer oocyte donation along with sperm donation (full donation). This allows you to speed up the implementation of programs and not waste time fighting for the birth of a child genetically related to one of the parents. In fact, this is a cynical and inhuman deception. The service described above is essentially adoption, and not surrogate motherhood, in which a woman carries your own child.

Statistics: 70% of couples from Greece, when applying for a second pregnancy at Feskov Human Reproduction Group, find out that they did not have indications for a full donation service. What was presented as a surrogate motherhood service deprived them of the possibility of a child genetically related to the father.

Our technologies allow even a man with a fifth of a testicle to become a father. In fact, there are very few cases when a couple needs a full donation. They have no right to deny you this chance. Therefore, before making a decision, order a consultation from our doctors through the form on the website. If you have at least one chance to become a father, we will offer you to fight for it! Moreover, you may not need donor eggs after your spouse's treatment. And you will be able to give birth to a child that is genetically related to both of you.

Legality of surrogacy in Greece.

Surrogacy is provided for and permitted by Greek law. On 19.12.2002 Law 3089/2002 “Medical assistance in human reproduction” was passed by the Greek Parliament and introduces surrogacy in Greece.

Article 1458 et seq. of the Greek Civil Code (GCC), laws 3089/2002 GCC, 3305/2005 GCC and 4272/2014 GCC allow altruistic surrogacy in Greece. By law, surrogacy in Greece is legal for both married and unmarried couples, as well as unmarried single women. Future parents may be temporary residents of Greece. The woman must be under 50 years of age. To start the procedure, you need the permission of the court.

Thus, the genetic mother, who has received court permission, becomes the mother of the child. If she is married, then she and her husband are considered the parents of the child.

Gender selection in Greece

As for choosing the sex of a child in Greece, this is only allowed for medical reasons. If in your case there is a risk of a genetic disease linked to the sex of the child, you will be allowed to choose sex in Greece. Therefore, if you dreamed of a daughter or son, Greek clinics will not be able to help you.

Surrogacy in Greece: A Safe Alternative

If you want to:

  1. Become the parent of a genetically related child
  2. Select the gender of the child
  3. Arrange the birth of the child in Greece
  4. Not spend more than six months obtaining a court permission
  5. Pay once and get guaranteed results

Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers an international program VIP GUARANTEE Childbirth in Greece. The cost of surrogacy in Greece within the framework of the program is the same as when working with a Greek clinic. You do not need to spend almost a year to obtain a court permission, because the medical part will be carried out in Ukraine with the participation of a surrogate mother chosen by you from our database. According to Ukrainian laws, a surrogate mother has no rights to the child, your parental rights will be protected by the laws of the two countries.

Before giving birth, your surrogate mother, accompanied by our specialists, will go to Greece, where your healthy baby will be born. Our lawyers will issue a birth certificate for the newborn, where you will be listed as the legal parents.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers a guaranteed program. This means that we guarantee you the birth of a healthy baby. For this we use PGD and risk coverage. Risk coverage means that in case of unsuccessful IVF or interrupted pregnancy, we will repeat the program at the expense of the clinic until you have a healthy baby. If you wish, you can choose the gender of the baby –you should discuss this issue at the stage of concluding the contract.

The cost of surrogacy in Greece under our program is included in the price of the service package. No additional fees other than the cost of the program. If you want to make surrogacy in Greece easier, safer and more reliable, contact our manager!


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