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Private surrogacy Australia

    In Australia, only a non-profit surrogate motherhood is allowed: that is, paying a fee to a woman who was bearing a child for your couple is a crime for which a huge fine or even imprisonment is established. Responsibility lies with all participants in the process. A number of states have a legal framework for the prosecution of Australian citizens who have entered into a surrogate motherhood agreement abroad. However, no convictions have been handed down in the commercial surrogacy case over the past few decades.

    The cost of reproductive programs involving a surrogate mother is very high: examinations, medicines, legal services and other aspects are paid separately.

    There are no legal guarantees for both parties: a surrogate mother may change her mind about giving a newborn. Parents, having paid for the program, can be left with nothing.

    There are no guaranteed programs: in case of an unsuccessful IVF procedure or termination of pregnancy, repeated embryo transfers are carried out at an additional cost. The final private surrogacy Australia cost might be unaffordable.           

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers a guaranteed delivery program in any country in the world. Using PGD diagnostics, we will choose an embryo without chromosomal abnormalities and conduct an unlimited amount of IVF until pregnancy. If you need a surrogate mother in Australia, we offer the service “Departure of a surrogate mother for IVF or transfer of embryos to any clinic in the world”.

    Legal services are included in the price: our specialists will draw up all the necessary documents for the newborn and will provide support until the child obtains the citizenship of your country.                                                                                   

    If you have any questions about the program, the specialists on our website will be happy to answer them.


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