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How can I afford surrogacy?

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  2. 🤰 6 helpful tips on how to offset surrogacy expenses
  3. ⭐ How to reduce the cost of the process?

A unique offer from the Feskov Human Reproduction Group is that comprehensive surrogacy programs are offered at a fixed cost, without additional payments, as “all inclusive”. At the same time, we guarantee 100% the birth of an absolutely normal baby, regardless of force majeure.

Surrogacy price


The costs of the process are directly attributable to the government and the clinic. On average, they range from 40 to 180,000 euros. The cost of the process differs depending on the chosen program. A trip in which the intended parents only need a gestational carrier (using their own eggs) will be cheaper than using donor.

Formally, process costs are structured as follows:

  1. Medicine. These are IVF, fertility tests and others, reproductive manipulations, consultations, pregnancy management, childbirth, etc.
  2. Spending on a surrogate mother. This is a fee for services, compensation for pregnancy costs (transport, closing, necessary food, housing), insurance, etc.
  3. Lawyer. Consultations and execution of the required documents.
  4. Surrogacy agency. Mediation and legal activities, consulting, searching for a medical institution, surrogate mother, donor, etc.
  5. Associated costs. Travel, force majeure, deposits, etc.

With the participation of the agency, it will be it that will provide professional management of every step of the parents. At the same time, most often, the service does not include the IVF procedure (or one attempt), it will need to be paid directly at the clinic. And if you consider that IVF is rarely works on the first attempt, then you will have to pay again.

In addition, you will also have to pay a fee to the agency, which varies from institution to institution. Some intermediaries include legal support in their services, and some don't. It happens that agencies practice additional or “variable” costs during a process.

Why is this reproduction method so expensive? Because this is a way that lasts more than a year, during which a lot of different specialists are involved. And also, a significant share of resources is spent on care and attention to the surrogate mother and on innovative reproductive manipulations.

In addition, while traveling for a baby, many unforeseen moments can happen that require additional expenses. Therefore, it is advisable for future parents to have a rough plan, so as not to get discouraged by the amount of information that needs to be taken into account.

6 helpful tips on how to offset surrogacy expenses


Gathering the necessary information about the upcoming expenses, people ask themselves - can they even afford it? Most people who get a baby this way have spent years preparing for the process.

There are some ideas to help parents with spending:

  • ask family members or close friends for help. By being honest with your family, relatives, and friends, future parents can enlist their support. Sometimes, family members will compensate for some of the costs. But even if they cannot provide financial assistance, the emotional support of loved ones is also important for inner peace and confidence;
  • set aside a certain amount monthly. The sooner you start it, the faster the round sum will be. Even a little, but regularly, sooner or later will lead to a result;
  •  choice of a specific program. You can always choose a not very expensive IVF clinic or agency, decide whether to insure a surrogate mother or not, etc.
  • credit or financing from outside. You can always get a loan from banks or lending institutions for treatment. Medical costs, in particular for IVF cycles, constitute a significant part of total costs. Therefore, many intended parents are looking into getting secured or unsecured loans from companies that fund health care. Also, there are state programs for the treatment of infertility, even if not surrogacy, then IVF.
  • insurance. There are various insurance options to cover medical expenses. Based on this, it will be useful for parents to ask their employer about the insurance plan account and what it includes.
  • choice of clinic. Most reproductive clinics offer different packages, so you can always choose the one that best suits your needs.

In addition to finding ways to cover costs, intended parents can explore options to reduce overall costs. 

How to reduce the cost of the process?


For example, the intended parents may have a relative or friend who will agree to be the surrogate mother for the couple. This immediately reduces the cost of the process due to the absence of agency interest, plus, there is no need to look for a candidate for this role. In addition, this way is much easier to pass with a loved one. However, in any case, you will have to conclude an official contract and examine her before IVF.

Also, donation of genetic material from a family member will help reduce the cost. For example, a sister might donate her egg for her infertile sister.

Some parents, in order to save money, prefer an independent surrogacy journey, without an agency. In this case, all the burdens of finding a surrogate mother, clinic, lawyer fall on the shoulders of the couple. And also,coordination of all parties, timely payments and other actions. However, this method is fraught with many risks when you can be left without a child and without money.

The best way to save money, protect yourself and be guaranteed to get a successful result is to come directly to the famous Center for Reproductive medicine, which is the Feskov Human Reproduction Group. From us - unique programs, proven surrogate mothers and donors, a full range of services - from medicine to a lawyer, support at all stages, coverage of risks (in case of force majeure, everything starts all over again without additional payments). And you can do pleasant things waiting for a miracle!


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