Private surrogacy arrangement cost

Private surrogacy arrangement cost depends on the country, on the experience of surrogate mother and other conditions. A difference can be tens of thousands of dollars. Paying from 20 to 100 thousand dollars, I want to be sure that the surrogate mother will not change her mind and will not want to leave the child to herself, will not threaten to change the terms of cooperation under the threat of blackmail, she will regularly attend examinations and follow the instructions of doctors. Therefore, focusing on the lower private surrogacy arrangement cost, consider these risks.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group studied the needs of couples having problems with childbearing and developed guaranteed programs based on the information received. Becoming their participants, after a while you are guaranteed to become the parents of a healthy child at the price of one attempt in  foreign countries. Private surrogate price also do not bother our customers - the surrogate fee is included in the price of the program. Feskov HRG surrogate mothers are proven and reliable: future parents are 100% protected from legal disputes regarding child custody.

Package programs involve the purchase of a range of services with a guaranteed result: a 12-week pregnancy with a healthy baby or the whole range of services, including delivery, without additional cost. If the pregnancy is terminated or the IVF is not successful, we will conduct a second cycle of procedures at our own expense and this will not affect the  private surrogacy cost . The number of repetitions is not limited, you are guaranteed to receive a result paid once.

The package price also includes legal services. In the very near future, you and your child will be able to freely return to your native country, having a full package of documents for registering a newborn.

If you are interested in private surrogacy costs, conditions and terms - ask the manager questions about the programs  on the site - we will gladly answer you.


private surrogacy surrogacy cost



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