Surrogacy service price

news: Surrogacy service price
Dec 18, 2019

If a married couple faces miscarriage, but does not lose hope of becoming parents, they are on the right track. Currently, this problem is easily solved by the surrogate mother services. However, choosing a candidate for this role is not an easy task.  The surrogacy service price can be very high, you will have to pay for the IVF procedure separately (far from always the result is achieved on the first attempt), to pay surrogate mother even in case of an interrupted pregnancy. Pregnancy, delivery, medical examinations, accommodation and meals for you and surrogate mother are additional bills that also have to be paid for many months. And all this without guarantees of result. There is a risk to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars and stay with nothing.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers you guaranteed to become the parents of a healthy child. You choose a package of services and no more surcharges! If the IVF procedure is unsuccessful, we carry out an unlimited number of repeated ones until we succeed, the pregnancy has terminated - we repeat the IVF cycle. The surrogacy service price  is included in the package price. You can get acquainted with a small part of our database of surrogate mothers on our website.

You will receive a paid result depending on the selected package of services: 12-week pregnancy or delivery by a healthy child. PGD diagnostics allows you to exclude chromosomal pathologies of the fetus, additionally there is a service of sex selection of the child and legal support is provided until the newborn receives citizenship of your country. For the duration of medical procedures, we will provide you with a hotel or apartments with three meals a day.       

Becoming parents of a healthy child with a 100% guarantee is easier than you think. Feskov Human Reproduction Group has many successful cases in this sphere.

Check out the surrogacy service price on our website, ask questions through the feedback form. Our specialists will be happy to tell you in detail about each stage of cooperation.


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