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Surrogate Mother Agency: Prices and Payment in USA

  1. 🩺 Paying the Mother
  2. 🤰 Legal Fees
  3. ⭐ Agency Fees
  4. 💊 Surrogate Search
  5. ✔ Prenatal Care
  6. 📝 Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
  7. ⚡ Delivery
  8. 🧬 Health Insurance

Given the nature of this process, you should pay a financial price for it. But how much does surrogacy cost in the US? What factors will influence the overall cost of a surrogacy in the US? Read on to discover surrogate mother cost in USA.

Paying the Mother

Since surrogacy uses another woman’s body abilities for services, from conception to delivery, it is necessary to consider their compensation. According to the local laws governing surrogacy in different States across the US, couples wanking children using this method need to bear surrogate mother cost. Moreover, you ought to take care of this surrogate mother payment in full and upfront by depositing it in an escrow account. Thereafter, the couple will make the payment to the gestational mother each month during the entire gestation period. Under this arrangement, you will pay the larger part of the amount before the surrogate mother engages into the pregnancy process. But what is the average cost of paying a surrogate mother in the US? On average, a couple will spend between $40,000 and $60,000. The higher figure in this case is the standard rate across the industry with the lower one being the negotiated cost.

Legal Fees

Are you still interested in using surrogacy to get a child? Then you have to consider legal issues, because surrogacy is a delicate process that requires a strong legal framework to succeed. Legal fees will form a part of your surrogate mother service price because you will need to negotiate and agree on legally binding issues with your chosen surrogate. It is important to document all your agreements, because people often tend to change their minds along the way. If the recent court and legal developments are anything to go by, then it is wise to protect yourself. But how much will it cost you to secure a legal backing in the US? Averagely, you will pay some $ 9,500 to $16,000 to get necessary legal enforcement of your agreement. Below is a breakdown of what the costs will entail:

  • Drafting and negotiating an agreement between intended parents and their surrogate—$3,000
  • Drafting a contract with your chosen surrogate mother—$1,500-2,500
  • Court order birth certificate—$2,500-$5,000
  • Escrow management fee—$1,000

Agency Fees

Since you will need the help of surrogate motherhood agencies in the US to effect a successful surrogacy, it is needed to consider their costs. You will need to budget for this one-time fee to your chosen agency directly. This fee will cover the costs (and profit) of the professional/agent that will handle your surrogacy process from conception until your long-awaited bundle of life and joy comes bouncing into your life. But why would you need to pay all this amount of cash? Ideally, the surrogate mother agency fee will cater to several expenses both within and outside the agency. Some of the expenses the agency will foot are:

  • Connecting you with the surrogate mother
  • Liaison with the clinic that will perform the fertilization, embryo transfer, and delivery of the baby
  • Dealing with egg-donating agents if your case will require you to use an external egg donor
  • Negotiating for better prices with the clinic

So, how much does it cost to get all these services from an average American agency or surrogacy agencies in Ukraine? You will need to part with $12,000 as the standard pricing. However, you can get the services at a negotiated rate of up to $6,000.

Surrogate Search

Also, it is necessary to consider the cost of searching for a surrogate that will facilitate your child’s safe arrival. As stated initially, surrogacy is delicate in many senses, including legal and relational senses. Therefore, it is important to get the right person to carry your child. Even though we have laws that govern the process, it is prudent to avoid unnecessary strife. The reason is that courts could rule in or against your favor. So, wisdom dictates you search for the right person with the right attitude to avoid all these conflicts and undue battles. That is why it will cost you some good amounts of money. On average, you will spend between $20K and $33K to get the right surrogate. The higher rate is the standard with the lower cost being the negotiated one.

Prenatal Care

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and the US also includes prenatal care for your chosen gestational mother. An average prenatal care would cost you anything in the regions of $6,200 to $15,000. It is necessary to note that the lower cost is potentially negotiated while the higher one is the industry rate.

By all laws, you should foot the bills of taking care of your child’s mother. Immediately you receive the good news that your chosen gestational mother has embryo accepted by her body, you are required to pay this amount of money. In some cases, this refreshing news comes after some three weeks following a successful transfer of the embryo into the mother’s womb. When making this payment, it is important to remember that it is non-refundable. This means that if by bad luck the pregnancy aborts or the mother dies before delivery, you will lose the remaining money you had deposited in escrow. However, the payment can be released on a quarterly or monthly basis.

But what will this cost be spent on? Below are some of the things it will be used for:

  • The housing of the gestational mother
  • All prenatal examinations at the clinic
  • Any ultrasound during the pregnancy
  • Traveling expenses
  • Clothing
  • Food and entertainment
  • Personal grooming such as health and cosmetic products
  • Any other need you would naturally take care of if your wife was pregnant

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer

Another cost you have to factor in when going for surrogacy in the US is fertilization and embryo transfer into the surrogate’s womb. You will need to pay the clinic that will conduct the process to take care of the following:

  • Donating of eggs in case the woman in the couple wanting a child does not have fertile eggs;
  • The IVF procedure that will be conducted for the gestational mother;
  • The transferring of the embryo;
  • The cost of medications;


At last, the sweet and bumpy journey of carrying your child comes to an end at the point of delivery, ushering in new cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and the US. When going for surrogacy, you should also prepare to spend another few thousands of dollars on your baby’s delivery. The cost of such a process ranges between $5,500 and $6,500 with the higher cost being standard while the lower one is a bargain. It is also necessary to note that you will need to pay this amount as early as the 30th week of the pregnancy. The reason is that preterm deliveries are common in surrogate pregnancies.

Health Insurance

Lastly, you should consider health insurance into your cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, Europe and the USA. But what is the cost of getting all this? First, you will need to pay around $25,000 for your surrogate’s health insurance cover. Then, you will also pay term life insurance at the cost of $595. In case the mother is a foreigner, you will part with $22,500 for singleton and $150,000 for twins to cover international newborn health insurance.

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine Kharkiv and USA is a critical factor to consider when opting for surrogacy. The cost cuts across many areas that are critical to the entire process from before, during, and after delivery. It is also necessary to note that the costs we have discussed here are negotiable depending on the people you are dealing with. Moreover, some of them will require a prepayment while others are non-refundable.With the estimates we have given, any couple seeking to benefit from surrogacy in USA should be prepared to part with some $150K just to have the joy of being called a parent. But regardless of the cost, the joy that accompanies it is priceless. In case a couple with one of the partners being infertile wants to have a child of their own, surrogacy is one of the options that should be considered.

We hope this information will assist you to make the right planning decisions. As a customer, you must be enabled to make informed choices over the range of services that modern health care facilities offer.


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