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How to find the best prices for surrogate motherhood

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Surrogate motherhood and egg donation are modern reproductive technologies that make it possible to have a child in families that are diagnosed with "infertility". Now when a woman is not able to bear a child, she can use the services of a surrogate mother who will perform this function. If the eggs of a woman are not capable of fertilization, modern medicine suggests solving this problem with the help of egg donation, i.e. use of donor eggs to obtain a viable embryo.

Such services today are offered by a lot of clinics working in the field of reproductive medicine and competing with each other. But it may be difficult for married couples to figure out how to find the best prices for these services and choose a medical institution ready to take full responsibility for the process and achieve results. Moreover, many reproductive centers use special tricks that prevent an ignorant person from understanding where they really offer a full range of services and give the best prices for services.

"Price tricks" used by reproductive clinics

The cost of egg donation, surrogate motherhood and other effective reproductive technologies is quite high, and in order to attract more clients to the clinic they often use tricks - they show a very attractive price for their services. However, very often behind the official attractive cost a lot of additional payments are hidden that are not included in the declared price and are presented to customers after they have chosen a package of services. So in most of the reproductive centers, the packages offered contain a limited amount of stimulation or transfer of embryos to the uterus. As a result, if the procedure did not give the necessary result and the pregnancy did not occur, the couple is in a situation when they need to re-pay the services of reproductive specialists. Thus, clinics try to get the maximum amount of money from clients.

Feskov human reproduction group considers this approach unacceptable. We work as transparently as possible and take responsibility for the process and results.

Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to help you with whatever you need.

Price policy in the Feskov human reproduction group

The main task of the Feskov human reproduction group is to achieve the result - to provide a pregnancy that will lead to the birth of a healthy child, and not "squeeze out" as much money as possible from couples who have asked us for help. We do not want to just get money, but are interested in helping you.

We try to minimize the number of attempts, which is better for the woman's body, but if necessary, we perform repeated procedures. Our center works transparently, offers packages of services with a fixed amount of payment, which includes all the necessary procedures and repeated attempts, if they are needed.

The Feskov human reproduction group has its own base of surrogate mothers and egg donors, where very strict selection is carried out. Unique methods are used to increase the chances of pregnancy. We observe the woman all the time of bearing the child, providing the necessary control of the fetal condition, and we deliver a baby. Our lawyers make the contract in such a way that the interests of biological parents, a surrogate mother and a child are taken into account and they help to formalize all documents.

You can get a detailed price list, see what the cost of each stage of the reproductive program is and what it includes. The cost of surrogate motherhood, egg donation, pre-implantation diagnostics and other components of the program will be written in the contract and you will not have any unexpected additional "necessary" payments.

We are responsible for the whole process. For the years of work of our center we have earned the reputation of a medical institution that works for the result, achieves the goals which are necessary for the client and at the same time conducts the most transparent price policy.

Recommended packages of services with fixed payment

Depending on the package, we offer various levels of risk coverage. For those who want to choose a reproductive program with a fixed payment and not worry about the result, experience and practice show that the best packages are Comfort and VIP. Based on multiple studies of the reproductive technology market, we can say that our package offers have leading quality and optimal prices.

The Comfort package provides an unlimited amount of stimulation of an egg donor and an unlimited number of transfers of a healthy embryo to the uterine cavity of a surrogate mother.

The VIP package includes an unlimited number of IVF + ICSI + PICSI + IMSI programs, an unlimited number of transfers of healthy embryos to the uterine cavity of a surrogate mother, and sex selection of the child. This is a time-tested option that gives maximum insurance against risks and helps achieve a positive result.

At the Feskov human reproduction group you will find a reasonable cost of surrogate motherhood, egg donation and other new medical technologies that help make the birth of a child a reality, get high-quality reproductive help and achieve the desired result.


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