Surrogate mother for a female CEO. How it works?

Why pregnancy can interfere with career

The women-managers can see pregnancy as a hindrance to their careers, basing on subjective and objective reasons.

The subjective reasons include fear of irreversible restructuring of thinking (“From now, all interests will revolve around nutrition, development and other “children’s topics”), loss of qualifications (“Where to find time for self-development with a child in my arms”), role changes (“I was the mistress myself and depended only on myself. And now my routine life is determined by the child) and others.

The objective reasons lie in the labor discrimination that exists to this day (applications with an open date, threats to dismiss a woman “at her will”), inability to transfer powers and establish work processes in a short time.

Any reasons for giving up pregnancy are understandable and respectful. But letting them cross out their plans and desires means stopping being the mistress of their life, depriving them of the right to happiness, complete and overall.

Self-made woman: is it good or bad?

The fashion for total success and high professionalism says that a self-made woman is the best role of the woman, a bright trend, a big victory in the struggle for women's rights for several decades long. 

At the same time, supporters of traditional values sadly note the death of the institution of the family, complain of the ongoing demographic crisis and the “aging” of Europe. In some aspects, psychotherapists agree with them, noting the increased frequency of neuroses in women who have realized in their careers, but miss the opportunity of realization in the role of the mother. 

But the most tangible problem for a woman-manager is the position of the close people: on the one hand, pride in a successful woman-manager, and on the other hand, complaints about the inability to be a full-fledged family with this woman.

The self-made woman: is it good or bad. This is the fact of life, you need to work, applying the most comfortable methods allowing you to have a child and not lose your career.

How to become a mother without losing work

One of the hard skills of the top manager is the ability to delegate functions. It is worth to note that it can be involved not only in work but also in childbirth. In this case, the surrogate mother can be the very same saving link connecting motherhood and career. “Delegation” of pregnancy and childbirth to the surrogate mother will make it possible to go at once to the main and key process: care and raising the child. The top management, colleagues or subordinates will no doubt appreciate the contribution to the continuous and orderly functioning of the company. The close people can show a lack of understanding, but here the second important hard skill comes to the assistance to the woman-manager - the ability to convince.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group is ready to help the women-managers to feel the happiness of motherhood without losing their career. Especially for very busy people, we have the service of remote creation and birth of a healthy child. The first thing to do is to choose a surrogate mother. At the second stage, you need to submit your biomaterials: eggs and sperm at the place of your residence. Our couriers will transport them to Ukraine. Our physicians will create an embryo, conduct IVF with the participation of the surrogate mother, and after a while you will be able to come and take your child home.


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