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Surrogacy for single parents: where it is available, what risks it implies. Childbirth for singles in Ukraine - myth or reality?

  1. 🩺 Countries that allow single parent surrogacy
  2. 🤰 Surrogacy for single men
  3. ⭐ Surrogacy for a single parent in the USA
  4. 💊 Single Parent Surrogacy in India
  5. ✔ Surrogacy for a single parent in Georgia
  6. 📝 Surrogacy for a single parent in England
  7. ⚡ Surrogacy for a single parent in Ukraine

In this article, we will consider all the possible risks, and the safest ways to get the surrogacy service for single parents.

Countries that allow single parent surrogacy

An analysis of the reproductive tourism map of recent years allows us to identify several areas that are of steady interest from single parents in search of surrogate motherhood. These are the USA, India, Georgia, England and Ukraine. Let us consider them from the point of view of the availability of a surrogate mother for a single father and single mother.

Surrogacy for a single parent in the USA

The service is available in 46 states out of 50 and is eligible for both men and women, single and married, of any sexual orientation. Thus, single parent surrogacy in the US seems to be the most convenient option. This is partly true: the United States has for many years become the birthplace of children of media personalities who are unable (or unwilling) to give birth to a child on their own. However, there are nuances.

The cost of surrogacy for a single man or woman in the country starts from $30,000 and can be much higher depending on the specific requirements of the client. In addition to the fee, the surrogate mother will be paid for her expenses, medical services, the IVF program and other reasonable expenses. In case of unsuccessful IVF or termination of pregnancy, compensation payments are provided, and new attempts are paid separately. Based on this, the total cost of surrogacy for a single parent in the US can skyrocket if multiple IVF protocols are needed to achieve pregnancy.

Single Parent Surrogacy in India

A few years ago, the country recorded an explosive growth in the reproductive services market. Their low cost attracted childless people from all over the world. However, even in previous years, single parent surrogacy was not available in India. The service was provided only to married couples. The only way to single parent surrogacy in India was through international programs, when the contract was concluded with a clinic in India, and the program was implemented in countries where the service was legal. 

Surrogacy for a single parent in Georgia

Georgia is another iconic country for reproductive tourists. However, single parent surrogacy is also not available in Georgia. For those who want to get the service of surrogate motherhood for a single parent at all costs, Georgia offers international programs with childbirth and legalization of the child in another country.

Surrogacy for a single parent in England

Surrogacy for a single parent in England has recently been legalized. Additional good news is that surrogacy in the UK for a single parent is implemented only on a non-profit basis with mandatory reimbursement of reasonable expenses (food, medical examinations, transport, clothes for pregnant women).

There is a caveat for "single women" in need of donor eggs. They will not be able to carry out the entire reproductive program in the UK, they will have to resort to international programs. In this case, surrogacy in the UK for a single parent is also available on a non-profit basis. The second part of the program “Surrogacy for a single parent in England” (birth of a child + legalization) will have to be carried out in another country, and upon return, you will have to submit the necessary documents to obtain a parental order. In general, surrogacy in the UK for a single parent is a service available to a wide range of people.

Surrogacy for a single parent in Ukraine

As for the availability of surrogate mother services for a single father in Ukraine, the situation is more complicated than for a “single woman”. A woman can enter the program without special restrictions with a minimum number of legal delays, for "single men" it is harder. There are civilized and frankly speaking criminal ways to overcome legal barriers on the way to surrogate motherhood for a single parent in Ukraine. Let us consider a few cases from each side.

Case 1. Fictitious marriage for a Japanese citizen in Ukraine

The reproductive clinic offered the client a “win-win” option to get a surrogacy service for a single man by marrying a "professional bride". After that everything did not go as it was planned: the “wife” gave birth to her child, making the “husband” responsible for the two of them, including financially. At the same time, it turned out that the surrogate mother had contraindications to bearing a child. The story ended relatively well: the child was not affected. But before his father could go home with him, he had to go through a huge number of unpleasant legal procedures.

Case 2. Fake marriages for single parents seeking surrogacy

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed a criminal group that arranged fictitious marriages to receive surrogacy services for single parents. In this situation, everyone was affected: both failed parents, whose marriage was invalid, and surrogate mothers, who were unaware of the fictitious marriage of their clients, and children who did not choose the circumstances of their birth.

Now about civilized ways to overcome legislative barriers on the way to the long-awaited parenthood. Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers international guaranteed programs for "singles" of any gender.

Countries that allow single parent (woman) surrogacy:

Surrogacy for a single man:

  • "Balance Guarantee" with childbirth in the Czech Republic;
  • "Balance Guarantee Childbirth in Portugal" with childbirth in Portugal;
  • "VIP Guarantee Birth in Belgium" with childbirth in Belgium.

Surrogacy for single men

As we have already noted, it is possible to carry out a program with a surrogate mother for a “single woman” relatively freely even in Ukraine. Therefore, we will pay more attention to how to find a surrogate mother for a single father.

Everything is very simple: we have a huge file of reliable and verified surrogate mothers and egg donors. If you wish, you can personally get acquainted with the chosen candidate in order to be sure of her reliability. The cost of surrogacy for a single man in our clinic is included in the cost of the guaranteed program. This means that you pay a fixed cost for the result - the birth of a healthy child. If something goes wrong (unsuccessful IVF or interrupted pregnancy) - no new payments will be required from you. The clinic will pay for as many new programs as it takes to fulfill its obligations to you.

In addition to the package programs offered above, we have the opportunity to arrange surrogate mother’s delivery in the USA for a single man. At the same time, the cost of surrogacy for a single man will also be included in the price of the package.

How it works from a legislative point of view (childbirth in Europe as an example):

  1. Your surrogate mother delivers in Europe. According to their laws, she is the mother of a newborn, according to the laws of Ukraine, she is a surrogate mother. She has no parental rights to the child.
  2. A DNA test is done and documents are issued on the recognition of paternity before the birth of the child.
  3. The rights of the child and the surrogate mother according to the laws of Ukraine are observed, but the child is registered according to the laws of the European Union in a country where surrogacy is allowed or not prohibited.

In the case of childbirth in Europe and the subsequent legalization of the child there, you will not need to visit the consulate, as the birth certificate will be recognized throughout the European Union. These procedures are carried out within the framework of the Family and Civil Codes.

In the event of a fictitious marriage, the case goes into the field of criminal law. Not to mention the problems that may arise in this case with the consulate: you and your child may simply not be allowed to leave.

Therefore, if you want to safely, legally, and most importantly, guaranteedly to become a parent - please, do not use complicated and not quite legal schemes. Feskov Human Reproduction Group has accumulated extensive experience in conducting international programs with full legal support. You can see the video testimonials of our clients who have become happy "single parents". This will help you understand if your expectations match our offer.

It is important to note: Package descriptions for "single parents" cannot contain everything we can offer. For example, we can additionally offer the “Perfect Human” service and eliminate even a predisposition to more than 500 hereditary genetic conditions in your child.

Ask our manager about programs for single parents and find out how easy it is to become a parent with the help of Feskov Human Reproduction Group.


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