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IVF + PGD (NGS): healthy embryo selection
17 000€

First payment — analytical step

  • Examination of couple before IVF (Consultation of reproductive endocrinologist, advanced set of analysis)
  • For man: Examination of genetic material of spermatozoa (FISH test for 13, 16, 18, 21, X, Y  chromosomes, DNA-fragmentation, HBA-test, karyotyping of peripheral blood lymphocytes (chromosome set of 2 persons) G, C banding;
  • Cryopreservation of semen + storage up to baby birth;
  • For lady: Hysteroscopy; ovarian reserve assessment, hormone tests
  • Guest services for genetic parents (accommodation)
5 000 €

Second payment — pregnancy achieving

  • Number of  IVF attempts with own eggs sufficient for pregnancy achieving / provided according individual reproductive  conditions
    IVF+ICSI program + medications for ovarian stimulation
    (recombinant gonadotropins); PICSI+IMSI (selection of quality spermatozoas for eggs fertilization by ICSI) included for all IVF attempts
  • In case of no success of IVF with own eggs - Unlimited number of IVF attempts with egg donor(s)
  • TimeLapse (monitoring of embryos cleavage, selection of high quality embryos for PGD)
  • embryos biopsy + DNA-extraction + cryopreservation + PGD (NGS);          Next Generation Sequencing: whole genome screening, detection of    chromosome set of embryos + sex determination
  • Unlimited number of transfers of healthy embryo(s) after cryopreservation to uterus + application of PBMC.
  • Medications for endometrium preparation are prescribed by doctor included
12 000€
Total amount of package:  17 000€
  • Positive result is determined as pregnancy 12 weeks (embryo term).
  • Free of charge new IVF attempt up to pregnancy will be achieved!
  • Guarantee of genetically healthy baby birth

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Package conditions description:

  1. Pregnancy care before 12th weeks
  2. New IVF attempt in case of pregnancy termination before 12th week free of charge; new IVF attempt in case of pregnancy termination after 12th week is provided after payment of amount 4500 EURO
  3. Andrological treatment services is paid extra (in case of low quality sperm of Genetic father)
  4. Sex selection of embryo to indicate sex of future baby is paid additionally in amount of 10 000 EURO         


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