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Child gender selection

Unlimited quantity of attempts of IVF + PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis). Guaranteed birth of healthy child of certain sex. 59 000€
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    Package cost

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    Choice of child sex

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    Cover of risks up to childbirth

  • 4

    Special approach to choice of surrogate mother and pregnancy follow-up

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Analytical step
  • Examination of man before IVF
  • Andrological examination, sperm tests: FISH, DNA-fragmentation, HBA-test, hormone tests, biochemical examination)
  • Cryopreservation of semen
  • Staying in hotel/accommodation, 3 times meal per day
Pregnancy achievement by IVF, selection of a healthy embryo + embryo transfer
  • Unlimited number of IVF+ICSI program + embryos biopsy & cryopreservation, enough for creation of healthy embryo of desired gender
  • PICSI, IMSI (special methods for spermatozoa’s selection)
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics full genome screening by high resolution-NGS. Detection of chromosomes structure and quantity abnormalities + X and Y chromosomes.
  • Surrogate mother providing + endometrium preparation
  • Egg donor(s) selection and providing (European phenotype)
  • Unlimited quantity of embryo transfers only healthy embryos (sex/gender of future baby determined by genetic parents!)
Medical monitoring of pregnancy + delivery in Ukraine
  • Pregnancy management, transfer & living expenses for surrogate mother
  • Pregnancy care and delivery in Ukraine
  • Insurance for surrogate mother (on 12th weeks of pregnancy)
  • Providing new IVF treatment in case of pregnancy termination at any gestational age
  • Full compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy
Documents registration
  • Legal support (registration of documents for newborn child)
  • Guest services, translation, transportation
Total amount:
59 000€
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  • 01

    Final decision for acceptance of man to program is making by IVF doctor of CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov»; IVF attempts with own eggs providing according age and ovarian reserve conditions

  • 02

    Medical examinations must be perform in CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» only; “Gender Selection guarantee program” accepts only Costumers with the conditions of sperm quality “enough for IVF” according examinations performed in CHR “Clinic of prof. Feskov”

  • 03

    Gender of future baby is guaranteed in contract between clinic and genetic parents. 100 % birth of baby with selected gender

  • 04

    According to conditions of package, CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» provides service of guarantee live birth of healthy child with exact sex selection; in cases of miscarriage independently on term of pregnancy / child death before delivery / child death during delivery, all program will be done until couple will have baby.
    Management of multiple pregnancy (twins; obtained after transfer of 1 embryo) is covered by the contract conditions.

  • 05

    Payments according to individual schedule. No additional payments

  • 06

    The service is provided according the Balance package approach

  • 01

    Initial medical examination of Customer, living costs. No later than 14 banking days from the moment of signing the present Contract.

    9 000€
  • 02

    Within 7 banking days before the start of IVF program

    30 000€
  • 03

    During period between 12th and 13th weeks of gestation (embryo term).

    10 000€
  • 04

    Within one banking day from the date of the child’s birth.

    10 000€
Total amount:
59 000€

Surrogacy Gender Selection: Options and Considerations

In the realm of assisted reproductive technologies, intended parents often have questions and preferences when it comes to question “can you choose gender in surrogacy?”. This topic sparks both curiosity and complex ethical discussions. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of surrogacy gender selection, including its cost, legality, and options available to aspiring parents.

Surrogacy gender selection, often referred to as "baby gender selection" involves choosing the gender of a child before the embryo transfer into the surrogate mother's womb. This process utilizes techniques like Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) to identify the gender of embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Is baby gender selection Legal? The legality of baby sex selection varies from country to country. In some regions, such as the United Kingdom and many parts of Europe, gender selection for non-medical reasons is typically prohibited. However, when it comes to surrogacy, the laws may be more permissive, allowing intended parents to choose the gender of their child through IVF and subsequently have a surrogate carry the pregnancy to term.

Choosing Baby Gender: Cost and Considerations

The baby gender selection cost depends on several factors, including the country where the procedure is performed, the clinic chosen, and the specific services included in the package. In the UK and Europe, where this technology may be limited, gender selection cost could be higher. Conversely, in countries where surrogacy is more accessible and gender selection is permitted, the overall expenses may be more reasonable.

When deciding whether to choose the gender of your child through surrogacy, it's essential to consider various factors. Some prospective parents have strong preferences based on cultural or family dynamics, while others may have medical reasons for selecting a specific gender.

For those considering surrogacy and baby gender selection, Feskov Human Reproduction Group is a reputable clinic with years of experience in assisted reproductive technologies. Their team of specialists is well-versed in the complexities of gender selection, and they offer guidance, support, and transparency throughout the process.

Gender Selection Europe and UK

If you are located in the UK or Europe, where gender selection laws are stricter, Feskov Human Reproduction Group can provide you with options in countries where this technology is more accessible. Their expertise in international surrogacy allows them to connect you with surrogate mothers and clinics in regions where your preferences can be met.

Surrogacy gender selection offers intended parents the opportunity to have greater control over family planning. While it is essential to consider the legal and ethical aspects, many aspiring parents find comfort in knowing they have options. Feskov Human Reproduction Group is dedicated to helping you navigate this journey, providing the support and information needed to make informed decisions about gender selection and surrogacy.

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