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Why is surrogacy prohibited in Europe?

  1. 🩺 Difficulties in the use of surrogate motherhood in Europe
  2. 🤰 Where is it better to look for a surrogate mother
  3. ⭐ The law of Ukraine on surrogate motherhood

Difficulties in the use of surrogate motherhood in Europe

In Austria, Norway, Poland, France and Sweden, surrogate motherhood is prohibited by law.

In the UK, commercial surrogate motherhood is not possible. Married couples who want a child can use the services of a surrogate mother, but they are only allowed to pay for the support of the woman during pregnancy.

In Denmark and Israel, surrogate motherhood is allowed only after the approval of a special commission, which is quite problematic to receive.

In Belgium, Greece, Spain, Finland, this reproductive service is used, but there are no laws that legally allow its use, which means that if there are any disputes between the surrogate mother and the parents of the child, the issue in the legal field will not be resolved.

However, the ban on surrogate motherhood or restrictions on its use in your country does not mean that you cannot use this service in another state. If you find a surrogate mother where it is officially allowed and execute everything legally correct, then your country will recognize your child without any problems.

Where is it better to look for a surrogate mother

Ukraine can rightly be considered the most attractive European country in terms of surrogate motherhood. All conditions have been created in our country so that couples who want to use this service can do it.

Among the advantages of Ukraine are:

  • Healthy genes of Ukrainians and good health of Ukrainian women. They will be able to gestate a healthy child without any problems.
  • Vast choice of surrogate mothers. Reproductive clinics offering this service have a large base of surrogate mothers who undergo a very strict examination, both for medical reasons and relatively unhealthy habits and mental health.
  • Best price-quality ratio for surrogate motherhood. In Ukraine, surrogate motherhood is cheaper than in many other countries, and the quality of services is very high. The newest reproductive technologies are offered at an attractive price.
  • Loyal legislation for the use of surrogate motherhood.
  • A full range of assisted reproductive technologies is allowed.
  • There is an opportunity to legally carry out pre-implantation diagnosis of the embryo and choose the sex of the child.

Ukraine applies the best achievements in the field of reproduction from around the world, uses the experience of the United States and Japan, and successfully implements it.

The law of Ukraine on surrogate motherhood

In Ukraine, surrogate motherhood is officially permitted. This is spelled out by law in the Family Code of Ukraine, which entered into force on 01/01/2004. As well as in the law “On Approval of the Procedure for the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Ukraine” dated 09/09/2013 No. 787, which describes in detail all the peculiarities in the use of surrogate motherhood.

In our country, you can easily find a surrogate mother, who will gestate and give birth to your child without any problems. After that, you can arrange its birth in accordance with all the legal subtleties confirming your parental rights, and return home as happy parents.


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