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Unlimited quantity of IVF attempts with own surrogate mother 17 000 / 28 500€
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Feskov human reproduction group provides the "IVF + own surrogate mother" service. As part of this program, you can independently PROVIDE a woman who will gestate your child. You will need to bring her to our clinic, and if she meets the necessary medical requirements, she will become your surrogate mother.

We created this program to expand the circle of those who can use surrogate motherhood and thus cope with infertility and give birth to a child. This service is primarily suitable for low-income families who have relatives or friends who are ready to offer themselves as a surrogate mother. This program will be also interesting for foreign citizens, who from the legal point of view will be more convenient to use the services of a surrogate mother with the citizenship of their country. So, for example, if you are a citizen of Brazil and want to take advantage of the quality of reproductive services offered in Ukraine (surrogate motherhood plus sex selection and selection of a healthy embryo), you can bring your surrogate mother to our center for the implementation of the reproductive program.

Work on this package is carried out according to the same principles as in our standard packages, however in this case our services start immediately from the Medical part of the program.

Attention! The service Own surrogate mother is compatible only with packages Comfort and VIP!

Both your own eggs, and donor eggs can be used.


Package nameServices:IVF servicesHealthy baby birth GuaranteeRisks coverage (IVF, pregnancy, legal support)Own eggs for IVFEgg donationSpecial order for sex of babyMoney back assistance servicesLegal supportAccommodation & food supplement
Comfort Guarantee 17 000€ Unlimited + Up to 12th week + Unlimited - - - +
VIP Guarantee 28 500€ Unlimited + Up to baby birth + Unlimited + + + +


Peculiarities for the program IVF + own surrogate mother according to the conditions of Comfort package 17000€.

Our cooperation follows simple and understandable rules. You give us a woman who will become your surrogate mother, and we do everything necessary for the onset of pregnancy, so that you could achieve your goal – baby birth.

The IVF stage begins with the stimulation of ovulation and the production of mature eggs from a woman. Eggs can be your own or of a donor. In the second case, we provide a selection from a vast database of oocyte donors, where strict selection is carried out. All women in the base of oocytes are tested for the main genetic diseases. You can choose a donor egg of a woman who has the most phenotypic similarity with you.

The next step in IVF is fertilization, which is performed "in vitro". If the sperm of a man is of poor quality, ICSI technology is additionally involved, in which one viable sperm is sufficient to carry out fertilization. Then fertilized oocytes are placed for 5-7 days in a special incubator. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is performed.

The final part of the IVF is the transfer of a healthy embryo to the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother. After the transfer, special hormonal therapy is carried out for 2 weeks, which allows to save pregnancy. After 2 weeks, a pregnancy test is done, and a week later - the first ultrasound.

The package price includes:

  • Pre-implantation diagnosis of the embryo PGD / NGS.
  • Selecting a healthy embryo.
  • Unlimited number of embryo transfers to the uterine cavity
  • 100% guarantee of pregnancy
  • Fulfillment of all necessary services until the onset of pregnancy

If the program is carried out with your eggs, 2 stimulations are performed, however, age is taken into account here.

Our coordinator and doctor oversee your surrogate mother to the 12th week of pregnancy. Guest services are provided for genetic parents for the period of their stay. However, the full responsibility for the behavior of the surrogate mother falls on you! Attending medical procedures, observing the necessary rules of behavior - you will have to control this yourself. You also organize independently further course of pregnancy, childbirth and legal registration of the child.

Before the start of the program, our lawyer drafts a contract detailing all the important points of your relationship with our clinic and allocating responsibilities.

Peculiarities for the program IVF + own surrogate mother according to the conditions of VIP package

You can also choose the program Own surrogate mother for the VIP package. In this case, you have the opportunity to select the sex of the child and get other additional reproductive services. The VIP package also provides full legal support.

The package price includes:

  • Unlimited number of attempts to fertilize your eggs.
  • Special methods for selecting spermatozoa PICSI, IMSI.
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Selecting a healthy embryo.
  • Selecting the sex of the future child.
  • Unlimited number of transfers of healthy embryos to the uterine cavity.
  • Our support before labor.
  • Support during labor.

However, the entire responsibility for choosing a surrogate mother will still fall on you.

The VIP package provides full medical support of the process before labor. We completely oversee the pregnancy and cover all the risks, if the pregnancy is interrupted at any time.

Legal support includes registration of the birth certificate of the child and submitting documents to the consulate of your state (in the territory of Ukraine)

The advantages of the service IVF + own surrogate mother

The benefits of the package IVF+ own surrogate mother are:

  • Cost-attractive.
  • Ability to use the services of a surrogate mother without a waiting list.
  • Legal convenience, if the surrogate mother is a citizen of your country.

Potential risks that we must warn about

  • The clinic is not responsible for the behavior of the surrogate mother.
  • The legal issue of document settlement after childbirth falls entirely on your surrogate mother.
  • You run the risk of contacting swindlers who can create many problems for you.
  • Refusal of the surrogate mother from the completion of the program and in this case the paid money will be not returned (for the Comfort package).

Our advice

We do not recommend taking a surrogate mother from other agencies, since intermediaries make money to use the services of their surrogate mothers as often as possible and use all sorts of tricks, even pregnancy termination, so that you come again to them for a surrogate mother.

If you still decided to go such a difficult way and choose a surrogate mother from a third-party agency, you should very carefully approach your choice. It is also important to remember that if you choose the Comfort package, we work with only one surrogate mother. If for some reason she refuses to continue the program, you will not have the opportunity to use the services of another woman under the previous contract and you will have to sign a new contract and pay for our services again.

If you choose a VIP package, then we work with you until the result is obtained and in this case a surrogate mother can be changed, if for some reason the first one declined.

If you do not have special reasons to come to us with your surrogate mother, we recommend still choosing a woman to gestate your child from our base of surrogate mothers. Feskov human reproduction group conducts a very strict selection of women with whom we work for these services. If you choose a woman who will gestate your child from our base, then we can guarantee you a successful process of the program and the birth of a child. This is the most convenient and optimal option. Nevertheless, we respect any of your choices and in any case we will try to help you in the birth of a child, to do our work with the highest quality possible and to get the result.


Total amount:
17 000 / 28 500€
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