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Egg donor in Greece

    An egg donor in Greece does not receive a fee for his services, only reasonable expenses are reimbursed during the procedure. Participation in the oocyte donation program is anonymous.

    The selection of female egg donors in Greece takes place in several stages: a complete medical examination, tests (including tests for traces of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, the exclusion of STIs), psychological testing and interviews. The age limit is up to 50 years. It is preferred that the candidate has at least one healthy child.

    Despite the loyalty of the legislation and reasonable prices, there are also disadvantages. The anonymity of donation prevents future parents from personally making sure to choose a suitable egg donor in Greece, assessing phenotypic similarities with the future mother. The limited number of oocytes and IVF protocols available to the couple creates tensions: if transfers of available embryos do not lead to success, repeated payment will be required to continue. Not all couples have an unlimited budget, given that in addition to the program itself, it is necessary to pay for accommodation and running expenses.          

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group has developed package services as part of the guaranteed «Egg donation» program. The main undoubted plus for the couple is the coverage of risks. Each package has its own guarantees: minimum - 12-week pregnancy, maximum - the birth of a healthy baby. An unlimited number of donor oocytes and IVF are available: the entire cycle of programs will be repeated without surcharges until a guaranteed result is achieved.

    You can not only choose a donor, but also get to know her via Skype or personally.

    Looking for an egg donor in Greece in a search engine? Find out more about our program! Ask questions our managers on the site - they will be happy to provide you with complete information!


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