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Frozen egg donor

    A frozen egg donor undergoes a standard procedure before participating in the program: a full medical examination, tests (including traces of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, STIs). A woman should have at least one healthy child, not have hereditary diseases and other contraindications. The preferred age range is 20-35 years.

     Taken out oocytes undergo a process of vitrification or cryopreservation without loss of their functions. This procedure allows you to use them if the couple plans more than one pregnancy or plans to undergo an IVF procedure in any country of their choice.

    Biological material is placed in a donor egg bank, the services of which are used by infertile couples. Once a suitable frozen egg donor has been selected, the vitrified oocytes are defrosted and fertilized. In the future, the embryo is placed in the uterus, where it should implant for subsequent bearing.

    Donor egg bank has several advantages:        

    • Wide selection of biological material from women of different phenotypes;
    • High oocyte survival rate;
    • Serious selection of female donors.

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides transportation of cryo-frozen oocytes to Ukraine for the entire cycle of medical manipulations to create and transfer a healthy embryo. We offer guaranteed IVF programs, the result of which can be a 12-week pregnancy or the birth of a healthy baby (depending on the chosen package of services). Guest services are included in the price of the program.

    You will find the cost and detailed description of the services on the website.

    Ask our managers  questions about transportation and IVF programs — we will be happy to tell you more.


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