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Cost of egg donation in Spain

    The question of the cost of egg donation in Spain is not applicable, this is a voluntary step by a woman who wants to help a childless couple. The donor is compensated for reasonable running costs and loss of income during the procedure.

    Couples of any sexual orientation in a registered marriage or partnership can use surrogate services.

    Egg donation in Spain and the price of the service are regulated on the basis of agreements between the parties. An infertile couple pays for the cost of the clinical procedures, as well as the costs of the surrogate mother. The cost of IVF with egg donation in Spain in a greater degree consists of medical expenses.

    The cost of egg donation in Spain also depends on the type of in vitro fertilization. The cost of egg donation in Spain using your own egg and sperm will be about 6.5 thousand euros. With someone else's material, the procedure will cost about 8.5 thousand euros. An unplanted embryo is not a reason for a refund.

    Spanish law does not guarantee the rights of future parents. A surrogate mother may refuse to give her newborn, it is impossible to influence her legally. A married couple is not protected by law. By becoming customers of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group, you will exclude such precedents. Ukrainian law excludes any claims of surrogate mothers for contractually born children. Our lawyers accompany happy parents right up to obtaining newborn citizenship.

    The medical part of the program guarantees the birth of a healthy baby and covers risks: PGD diagnostics helps to select only healthy embryos without chromosomal pathologies, and in case of unsuccessful IVF or termination of pregnancy, the procedures are repeated without additional payments. 

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