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Egg Donation Costs

    The laws of different countries have different approaches to egg donation: in Austria, Germany and Switzerland – it is prohibited, in the UK and Greece - they allow only non-profit (no fee is provided, only reasonable expenses and lost income during the procedures are compensated). In a number of countries (the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia), the law obliges parents to provide full information about a donor at the first request of a child, and in the USA the egg donor price depends on the characteristics of the donor and can be several thousand or several tens of thousands of dollars.

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group has prepared an offer for future parents: to participate in the guaranteed program “Egg donation”. The service packages provided by the program include: unlimited number of oocytes and IVF, NGS for selection of embryos without chromosomal pathologies, the choice of a donor and the opportunity to get to know her (by video link or personally), determine or even choose the sex of the unborn child.

    The cost of egg donation includes a complex of accompanying medical services, repeated IVF protocols without additional payments (in case of non-achievement or termination of gestation) until a 12-week pregnancy is reached or before delivery (depending on the chosen package).

    You can see a small part of our database on the site: all candidates have undergone a complete medical examination, have their own healthy children, they have no bad habits and hereditary burden.

    If you want to learn more about guaranteed Feskov HRG programs, ask  our managers all your questions. We will be happy to share the details!


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