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Egg donation in Norway

    IVF medical clinics perform only natural interventions when it comes to fertilizing the mother's eggs with the father's sperm, without the help of donors.

    The prohibition on egg donation in Norway led to the mass pilgrimage of infertile couples to other countries, for example, to Ukraine.

    The level of reproductive medicine in Ukraine is slightly inferior to the level of leading reproductive centers in the United States or Europe. But the prices for medical manipulations are several times lower. You can become parents of a healthy child with ART by participating in the guaranteed Feskov Human Reproduction Group program “Egg donation”. The program includes packages of services, each of which implies an unlimited number of oocytes (donor fees are included in the package price) and IVF. If the pregnancy could not be achieved on the first attempt or pregnancy is terminated, the entire cycle of procedures is repeated at no additional cost until the result is achieved.The result, depending on the package chosen, is a 12-week pregnancy or the birth of a healthy baby.

    The selection of the best embryos for transfer is carried out using the PGD diagnostic method: this allows to exclude the chromosomal pathologies of the fetus, which means that you can be sure of the health of the unborn child.

    If you want to become parents of a daughter or son - Feskov HRG also provided such an opportunity. The service “Sex selection” is included in the VIP Advanced package or is available at an additional cost if another package is chosen.

    The cost of the program includes guest services: for the time of participation in the program you will be provided with a hotel or apartment with 3 meals a day.

    You will find a detailed description of services and prices on our website. Want to learn more about the program? Our managers are always ready to answer any questions!


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