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Egg donation near me

    Some do not allow anonymous donation, as parents are required by law to pass information about a donor to their child who is 18 years of age upon request. Donation in these and a number of other countries is non-profit, which also significantly reduces the number of people who want to help childless couples. Or vice versa - where commercial is allowed, prices for this service can be very high (USA).

    Wishes of childless couples, to put them briefly, look something like this: “I would like to find the opportunity to use the“ Egg donation ” service near me (or at least in a neighboring country), where it is possible to choose a donor, but there is no need to inform the child of the circumstances of his birth in the future. It would be great if the female egg donation near me would be affordable. ” All this seems impossible if you do not know about the existence of guaranteed programs. For example, the program “Egg donation” of the Ukrainian clinic Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

    Participation in the program implies a guaranteed result at a fixed cost: depending on the package of services chosen, it can be a 12-week pregnancy or the birth of a healthy baby. The number of oocytes and IVF is unlimited: in case of unsuccessful transfer or termination of pregnancy, the entire cycle will be performed again without additional charges. The donor fee is included in the package price together with guest (accommodation and meals) and medical services.

    The choice of a donor is the right of parents. We have our own large base, including any phenotypes. The law of Ukraine does not oblige you to inform the child in the future of the circumstances of his birth.

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