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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Surrogacy or Egg Donation Agency

  1. 🩺 Criteria for choosing the right egg donor
  2. 🤰 TOP 5 points to pay attention to when looking for a surrogacy and egg donation agency

To do this, you need to spend time and conduct a study of the largest and most reputable institutions on the market, compare their offers. Feskov Human Reproductive Group has been implementing guaranteed surrogacy programs and egg donation for people from all over the world. The Center's specialists have identified 5 main factors by which you can choose the ideal companion on this difficult and inspiring path.

Criteria for choosing the right egg donor

Conception through egg donation, IVF, and other medical fertility innovations have enabled many couples to create full-fledged families that might not otherwise exist. For example, in the United States, 1.6% of children are born annually as a result of donation and surrogacy.

In recent years, more and more healthy fertile women donate their eggs for the benefit of infertile families. On the one hand, it provides a wide choice of donors for intended parents. On the other hand, it complicates the search for the ideal candidate.

Some people think that the main thing is a healthy donor. But this is a self-evident moment. And what are the other factors for the right choice:

  • medical history - absolute physical and mental health. Usually, donors available in the database of the agency or clinic have already passed all kinds of medical examinations, including genetic screening for chromosomal abnormalities. Being in the database implies regular checks, tests and analyzes. However, before joining the program, the candidate is checked again;
  • external data. It sounds superficial, but it is very important what physical traits the future baby will inherit. Color of eyes, hair, skin, height, BMI, correct facial features, attractive pretty appearance - everything plays a role in the process;
  • education and intelligence depend on the preferences of the intended parents. Choosy people want the candidate to have a high level of education or an advanced degree. If the main thing is not an education document, but a person's potential - then more opportunities for choice immediately appear;
  • donor video or personal remote meeting. Not all agencies can offer this. However, in this way you can better know and feel the ideal person who will give her genes for the future baby as well as assess her adequacy and manner of communication.

Feskov Human Reproductive Group, unlike many other clinics, provides an opportunity to select a donor through personal remote communication. And also, for the convenience to choose, the Center's database contains candidates belonging to different races.

TOP 5 points to pay attention to when looking for a surrogacy and egg donation agency


A guide to the most important factors in choosing the right office:

  1. Experience and history. Over time, more and more families with fertility problems choose gestational surrogacy and donation. Therefore, more and more such institutions appear around the world. The period of time on the market, the number of successful surrogacy trips, the presence in the team of people personally associated with surrogacy and donation will help in the selection process.
  2. Market reputation. The abundance of information and the ability to check it is a modern trend in information technology. Real reviews about the agency or clinic, not only of the intended parents, but also of donors, surrogate mothers, will make it possible to draw the correct conclusions about the decency, honesty and openness of the institution.
  3. The range of services offered, flexibility. This is the ability to provide all the needs arising in the process of donation or surrogacy, an individual approach to patients. For example, personal communication with the donor or donation anonymity, childbirth in another country, surrogacy for single people, guaranteed programs and other services.
  4. A team of lawyers on the staff. Legal representation is an important and necessary point to draw up the necessary documents between all parties to the process (intended parents, egg donor, surrogate) in the correct way and according to the law as well as to obtain the appropriate documents for the newborn. Since every American state or country has its own surrogate legislation.
  5. Emphasis on communication, support and relationships. This is constant friendly communication, coordination of all moments, emotional support, timely response to the emerging needs of all parties, since the high level of contact and the closer relationship between the intended parents and their surrogates / donors make the process smoother and less stressful. Many, even after the end of the program, continue to communicate with families or remember this experience as the most unusual and friendly.

Also, an important point is the feeling of trust in the company, which will be there for at least a year. And it arises after careful collection of information and analysis of the data obtained. When prospective parents are confident in the correct choice, they endure all the hardships of surrogacy or donation more calmly and more relaxed.

Feskov Human Reproductive Group is a reproductive clinic, legal representation and surrogacy agency all rolled into one. Thanks to a professional team, medical innovations, an individual approach and comprehensive guaranteed reproductive programs, the Center is one of the five most successful and oldest companies in the branch!


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