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Finding the One: Understanding the Surrogacy Matching Process

  1. 🩺 Peculiarities of the matching process, what to expect?
  2. 🤰 Matching Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents - What is Important to Consider?
  3. ⭐ Ideal matching conditions

And once a match is made, employees are encouraged to develop the strongest and most friendly relationship between all parties. Since this is the beginning of the most grandiose journey in the life of all the participants in the action!

Peculiarities of the matching process, what to expect?

Usually, the waiting time for a suitable match is filled with worry and anxiety on the part of the intended parents and surrogate mothers. This is quite understandable, however, it is better to be in a pleasant anticipation of a fateful meeting. After all, agency employees do their best, with manual matching, to find the ideal candidates.

Coordinators work closely with parties to understand true wants, needs and goals so that alignment is best suited. Before the start of the selection procedure, for peace of mind and safety, all participants undergo a mandatory preliminary check.

Typically, the coordinator will suggest one prospective match at a time. Often, this is the first offer and becomes decisive for both the surrogate and future parents. This means that the employees did their job well. The success of an enterprise is measured not by the time to coincidence, but by the time before pregnancy.

After the expectant mother and the married couple have mutually approved the recommendation, a meeting is held on Skype. So that people can get to know each other and once again make sure of the correctness of the decision. If all goes well, the coordinators confirm that everyone is comfortable taking the next steps together. Immediately after this, planning of the appropriate medical action begins.

Matching Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents - What is Important to Consider?

The selection process, according to average estimates, takes up to 3 months. The duration is due to the eligibility criteria put forward by the surrogate mother and future parents. Sometimes, coincidences happen right away. And it happens that enough time passes so that everyone can find what they need. And that's okay too.

To select the ideal candidate, coordinators ask all the participants of the action a list of questions designed to help in the search. Employees of Feskov Human Reproductive Group harmoniously combine medical and social criteria to guarantee each party a relationship that will bring maximum joy and happiness along the challenging yet inspiring path of surrogacy. Therefore, many patients maintain warm and friendly relations long after the completion of the program. And this is the highest award for a team of specialists!

So, what are the main preferences taken into account:

  • the degree of communication during the process (some need a lot of communication and empathy, some need less);
  • location of the parties (in the same or different countries);
  • how many embryos can be transferred (single or multiple pregnancy);
  • attitude to sensitive issues (termination of pregnancy, selective reduction of embryos).

On the basis of these and many other criteria, a perfect match is based.

Ideal matching conditions

Determining the right married couple and surrogate mom-to-be focuses on the following factors:

  1. Matching on legal formalities. Each state of the United States, as well as each country, has its own surrogacy laws. The legal team selects options in which you can always formalize the process in an appropriate legal way. Even before the surrogate profile is shared with the other party. Lists of candidates that do not meet legal requirements are never provided.
  2. Social conformity, consisting of personality traits and expectations from the process. To make all the participants comfortable, the coordinators hold meetings or phone calls. Thus, desires, goals, style, intensity of communication with each other, expectations, hopes and other exciting moments about the surrogate process are clarified. After the legal team submits its safe match list, another team of employees screen the candidates to make sure the personalities fit together.
  3. Similarity of views on the financial issue. The needs in terms of financial security must be agreed so that there is no misunderstanding later. Feskov Human Reproductive Group has all-inclusive packages with a fixed price, which includes all expenses on the way of the process of cooperation with a surrogate mother. Therefore, the parties are immediately aware of the cyclical nature of all payments and expenses. This greatly simplifies the procedure and promotes a trusting and calm relationship between the parents and the surrogate.
  4. Ethical issues (abortion, selective reduction). Although, according to the law, every woman in the United States and around the world has the right to decide whether to maintain a pregnancy or not, the similarity of views on these issues is important in the event of a force majeure situation.

Proven process of matching for more than 20 years of work of Feskov Human Reproductive Group almost always gives a positive result the first time.

Preparatory measures for the matching procedure

During this exciting time, both prospective parents and surrogate mothers need to maintain a close bond with their coordinators, communicate more openly and not withdraw into themselves. At this stage, it is very important to reveal the personality traits of yourself and your family as much as possible to help employees find the perfect match.

And also it will not be superfluous to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a positive attitude, focus on the success of the event. Submitting family photos to the agency will greatly simplify the search process. Besides, a written description of yourself, your family, the main reasons for choosing surrogacy as a reproductive technique, and what this path means for them.

In order to find a match as quickly as possible, it is desirable:

  • be open and clear about your desires and needs;
  • trust the experience and professionalism of coordinators and other employees of the agency and clinic;
  • keep an open mind and be positive.

The main thing is to trust the process and calmly wait until the specialists of Feskov Human Reproductive Group are doing their job.

How is the first meeting between the surrogate and future parents going?

As soon as there is a potential match between the intended parents and the surrogate mother, the team of the center sends emails with each other's profiles and asks to review them as soon as possible. If both parties are interested, staff will provide assistance in scheduling a Skype call. You can ask interesting, perhaps not too personal, questions the second party, but not turn into an investigator. Although it is clear that you want to know as much information as possible. Be at ease and relaxed. Remember that the person or people on the other side of the screen are also worried and nervous. This meeting is rather an introductory one, solely for making a final decision on whether or not to continue the joint path.

If one of the parties does not find the match to be suitable, employees will select other candidates. However, honest feedback on why the failure occurs will help in finding the next match.

In case of uncertainty about the presented candidate, employees usually advise still to meet on video and talk in person. Since this process is new to most people, it is difficult to know what criteria to use to determine the perfect match. In some cases, in order to make a final decision, you need to see people on the screen and communicate with them.

The criteria for suitable matching are deeply personal to each party. Sometimes, this is an answer to an exciting question, a family story, or just an intuitive sense of the correctness of what is happening and a sudden sympathy from communication.

In any case, employees of Feskov Human Reproductive Group always meet the participants of the action and provide the necessary help and support along the entire path of the surrogate process!


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