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Surrogacy in Canada: A Guide for Parents-to-be

  1. 🩺 Legislative aspects of surrogacy in Canada
  2. 🤰 The cost of a reproductive program involving a surrogate mother
  3. ⭐ How to be guaranteed to become parents in Canada not overpaying

Legislative aspects of surrogacy in Canada

The cost of a reproductive program involving a surrogate mother

How to be guaranteed to become parents in Canada and not go broke

However, this often turns out to be much more expensive than in countries where commercial surrogate motherhood is legal. In addition, there are several other legislative features that can greatly complicate the life of happy parents. We will tell you about all the features of surrogacy in Canada in this article.

Legislative aspects of surrogacy in Canada

Citizens of the country and foreigners in an official marriage and partnership, including same-sex couples, can become parents in Canada with the help of a surrogate mother. Non-commercial surrogacy is legally allowed in the country. The surrogate mother is only compensated for reasonable expenses related to pregnancy (transportation costs, medical services, food, clothes for pregnant women). All expenses are reimbursed in strict accordance with the cheques. If the surrogate mother is forced to leave work for medical reasons, the future parents will compensate her for the loss of wages, as well as the costs of medical services and medications.

If expectant parents need donor eggs, it will cost about 75 thousand Canadian dollars.

It is strongly discouraged to show sweeping gestures of gratitude to the surrogate mother in the form of gifts of any value. From a legal point of view, this is a violation of the altruistic principle of the service, which is punishable by a fine of 500 thousand Canadian dollars and / or 10 years in prison.

A child born in Canada receives a citizen's passport, which allows him to freely visit most of the countries of the world, insurance, and subsequently - a state educational loan for admission to a university. Certainly, these are significant bonuses.

But there is also an important feature: according to the laws of Canada, upon reaching the age of 18 years by the child, parents are required to inform him about the surrogate mother’s and / or oocyte donor’s participation in his birth.

The cost of a reproductive program involving a surrogate mother

Assisted reproductive services in Canada, which include examinations of prospective parents and surrogate mother, embryo transfer (IVF), pregnancy monitoring, delivery and postpartum care, will cost an average of 57,000 Canadian dollars. IVF cost - C$ 10,000-15,000, if additional treatment is needed, the price increases to C$ 20,000 per cycle. If pregnancy does not occur after the first embryo transfer, you will have to pay for each cycle again. After what transfer it will be possible to achieve pregnancy, it is impossible to predict, therefore, the total cost of the reproductive program may exceed C$ 100,000. At the same time, it is not allowed to choose the gender of your child, genetic testing of the embryo cannot be carried out to exclude hereditary diseases. A separate large expense item is childbirth in Canada. An already expensive service can become several thousand more expensive in case of a complicated course and the need for a cesarean section.

The services of lawyers in the process of registration of parental rights by biological parents will cost tens of thousands of Canadian dollars.

Thus, the benefits of non-commercial surrogacy in Canada are offset by the lack of guarantees of the result after one cycle, the high cost of each procedure and service, the need to disclose to the child the circumstances of his birth.

How to be guaranteed to become parents in Canada not overpaying

There is a way to become parents in Canada with a 100% probability at a fixed price, while the child will be absolutely healthy, receive a passport of this country and all the bonuses due to him, and after 18 years you will not need to talk about the participation of a surrogate mother in Canada in his birth. All these conditions are included in the package of services guaranteed by the Feskov Human Reproduction Group "Childbirth in Canada".

In a simplified form, the implementation of the program looks like this: you pay fixed amounts of the cost of each stage of the program and expect the result in the form of the birth of a healthy child, whom you can choose the gender. The health of the newborn is guaranteed through the use of the PGD method when creating embryos, which is not available if you use surrogacy services in clinics in Canada.

No additional payments or repeated payments in case of unsuccessful IVF, abortion or death of the child in childbirth - in all these cases, Feskov Human Reproduction Group will repeat the entire cycle at its own expense as many times as needed to give you a healthy baby of the selected gender.

We have a huge database of surrogate mothers and egg donors (any phenotype, including exotic ones) with extensive experience and strong motivation to help people feel the happiness of parenthood. You can get to know them by video or in person. Our surrogate mothers have Ukrainian citizenship, which means that their activities are regulated not only by the terms of the contract, but also by the legislation of Ukraine, where surrogate mothers will return after delivery. This is an additional guarantee of the protection of the parental rights of our clients.

You do not need to worry about the costs of accommodation and food during the medical stage in Ukraine and while waiting for the delivery of a surrogate mother in Canada. Comfortable apartments or hotel with three meals a day, transport services and the help of a personal coordinator are included in the price of the program.

After the birth of your child, Feskov HRG lawyers will help you obtain a birth certificate (where you will be listed as biological parents) and Canadian citizenship. Legal services are also included in the cost of the program.

The result of the guaranteed "Childbirth in Canada" program is your healthy baby with a Canadian passport.

The terms of the program may be discussed, if you have special wishes - we will try to implement them, if you did not find the service you need in the program description - it can be added especially for you. Ask our managers questions, discuss each stage of the program - we want you to know that it is more than real to become parents in Canada and not go broke.


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